AllPlayer Review

AllPlayer for Windows computers combines various multimedia features into an attractive multimedia package. It supports many audio and video formats, provides intelligent subtitle functionality and can automatically download missing codecs when necessary.

Other features worth noting include an advanced speech synthesizer program which reads subtitles, making this ideal for foreign movies. Furthermore, there’s an integrated AVI file fixer named ‘AVI Doctor’ included.


This program supports many popular video formats, such as MP3, MP4, MKV, MOV, WMV, DivX/XviD/AVI. Additionally, audio CDs and DVD movies can be read directly into memory from discs; and has its own database with movies which can be watched online; video menus similar to typical DVD titles can also be created using this software.

Dubbing, which allows for subtitles in movies to be read out by an artificial speech synthesizer that mimics human voices, and customizable subtitles settings which let users adjust size and placement, are among several distinctive functions that set this player apart from others.

LiveUpdate is another key feature that ensures you can always watch videos in the best quality, saving both time and energy with automatic detection of missing codecs and download. This convenient function saves both energy and time ensuring you enjoy videos at their full potential quality.

Finally, ALLPlayer allows for file transfer between computers and mobile devices for streaming content or sharing videos with friends. Furthermore, this software comes equipped with a remote control for ALLPlayer, VLC or Windows Media Player as well as popular services such as Netflix or YouTube.

ALLPlayer is an advanced multimedia player offering many features and options that make it suitable for casual users as well as experienced professionals alike. Its intuitive user interface and powerful tools offer an enjoyable user experience; its versatility means it fits seamlessly into any environment; alongside popular formats it also supports rarer ones while its built-in download manager keeps your player updated with the latest codecs.


AllPlayer provides standard media player features, but stands out in one area – subtitles. This software automatically downloads and synchronizes subtitles for movies – an invaluable feature for anyone who enjoys foreign films or content in different languages.

Subtitles can be easily customized to meet the viewer’s personal tastes by adding them in a window over the video and choosing their display format, size and position settings, additional settings options or even creating dual subtitles simultaneously. AllPlayer also comes equipped with an inbuilt speech synthesizer which reads out aloud subtitles as you watch movies without an external text-to-speech application or screen reader – providing another convenient way of watching movies!

This program supports all major audio and video formats, such as DivX, XviD, DVD, WMV, MP3, FLAC, APE, AVI, MKV, 3GP QuickTime RMVB Divx files. In addition, its live update feature helps find missing codecs more quickly so it’s easier to play any file type. Other features include multiple monitor support or TV playback simultaneously; S/PDIF support with Dolby Surround audio support as well as Parental Controls – making life simpler overall!

AllPlayer stands out with its Intelligent Subtitle system, which keeps subtitles visible for as long as necessary to make reading them easy and enjoyable for viewers who may be less familiar with a film’s plot and characters, or who have trouble reading due to eye problems. Furthermore, AllPlayer includes an AVI doctor to preview torrent files and repair broken ones; library manager; radio feature which lets users stream music videos or podcasts; as well as an AVI doctor that previews torrent files to repair broken files; library manager and radio feature to listen in on music, news or podcasts!


Playlists are collections of media items that can be played either sequentially or randomly via the playlist shuffle mode, creating and maintaining desired musical environments or offering opportunities to explore music from different genres without constant upkeep.

To create a playlist easily and efficiently, use the Music Library’s Create Playlist command. This opens a dialog where a playlist name and format can be entered; M3U should generally suffice; for international titles PLS may be preferable. Finally, save it by pressing Save at the end of this dialogue box.

Playlist Navigator features a context menu for every playlist that shares many commands with the Library Context Menu: adding, playing, removing and selecting all. In addition, this menu also provides playlist-specific commands such as Playlist Shuffled, Queue Next and Queue Last.

Player.seekToNextMediaItem and similar methods ignore shuffle mode when searching the playlist; rather, they follow its normal order instead. Shuffle mode can be enabled or disabled at any time and changing the view for one playlist will not impact other ‘default’ playlists unless its main panel view changes as well.

Duplicating a playlist can be accomplished using either the Duplicate Playlist button, or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Opt-Command-. Duplicating copies all tracks within it to a new, empty playlist; in addition, all settings related to that playlist will also be copied over. Unlike importing files, however, sharing a playlist doesn’t override video permissions – they remain valid as before.

AVI Doctor

AllPlayer is one of the premier programs for watching movies with matching subtitles, supporting all known media formats and RAR archives, with an integrated LiveUpdate function to update codecs when there are problems opening any particular movie file. As well as popular formats like DivX, XviD and MP3, FLV, MP4, 3GP, MKV, M2TS, MPG, MPEG RMVB WMV QuickTime MOV are supported as well as many lesser known ones thanks to ALLPlayer’s codec download feature (ALLPlayer must first be installed). Furthermore the smart subtitles feature keeps subtitles visible until required and automatically searches for matching ones; two monitors or monitor and TV output as well as Dolby Surround SPDIF and 3D audio are supported too.

This program comes equipped with an in-built video conversion utility to convert new formats like x264 and MKV files to formats compatible with DVD/DivX players, PSPs, iPods and iPhones. Furthermore, its preview incompleted Torrent video files feature and an AVI Doctor is also provided to repair damaged AVI documents.

AllPlayer is available free for Windows 7 & 10 users to download and use, with some ads appearing on its interface; this should not pose any difficulties to most. Based on ffmpeg technology, AllPlayer makes for an ideal alternative to more heavyweight software like VLC – it allows users to watch HD videos, stream radio stations, capture snapshots from videos played back live, adjust color settings as needed and more – its user interface being user-friendly so the program can even run on tablets and smartphones!


ALLPlayer is an ideal multimedia content player for watching films and television series in any format, offering a comfortable interface, multiple playback options and an intelligent subtitle function that automatically downloads and synchronizes subtitles for an engaging movie-watching experience – ideal if you enjoy viewing films in foreign languages!

AllPlayer media player is compatible with many video formats, such as AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, 3GP and MKV. Furthermore, the program comes equipped with a codec search feature to locate and download missing codecs for smooth playback; MP3, AAC, OGG WMA FLAC audio files can also be played back effortlessly through this player; movie information/cover art display as well as screen size/aspect ratio adjustments can all be customized as part of its features.

AllPlayer allows you to stream audio and video from various websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Dailymotion, supporting all major streaming protocols like RTSP, RTP and RTMP. Furthermore, this software enables remote volume control from a remote location as well as brightness/contrast adjustment as well as selecting either high definition or standard definition and customizing playback speed settings.

ALLPlayerShare is another wonderful feature of ALLPlayer that enables you to share videos up to terabytes in size with friends easily. Simply send them the link, and they can immediately begin watching it – perfect for sharing large video clips or entire movies with family members!

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