AllPlayer Review


ALLPlayer is a media file player designed for watching various types of media files. It features an innovative built-in system of subtitles and advanced audio controls, along with decoding codecs.

This program comes equipped with a speech synthesizer application for reading back subtitles, while its AVI Doctor feature can repair damaged avi files.


Watching foreign films requires subtitles; however, sometimes when you find compatible ones they don’t display correctly or they go out of sync. This can be very annoying if it happens during a film you are already watching!

AllPlayer is a media player specifically created to make watching movies simpler. It supports most formats – DVDs, CDs and online streaming websites alike – as well as supporting audio codecs from different genres. Furthermore, AllPlayer boasts several unique features that set itself apart from similar programs.

The main feature is being able to add your own subtitles to videos, either through text files or online search results. Once added, they can then be styled and positioned according to video playback – even choosing font face, size and color customizations so as to personalize their look as per viewing speed! Furthermore, timing adjustments allow for seamless reading experience!

AllPlayer stands out from other players by including not only an integrated subtitle system but also additional functions not found elsewhere. One such function is called IQ text which automatically detects the length of subtitles to ensure they remain on screen long enough for you to read them. Furthermore, AllPlayer comes equipped with an inbuilt speech synthesizer app enabling you to watch movies featuring subtitles read aloud in human voices (dubbing).

This tool is an essential for anyone wanting to watch foreign films with comfort. Its functionality rivals that of professional video editors, while being easily usable from USB flash drives makes it even more desirable. Furthermore, its speed makes it all the more appealing; and with no significant resource requirements needed for operation it offers an elegant user interface and many keyboard shortcuts.

Audio and video effects

AllPlayer supports a range of audio and video formats, such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, FLV, 3GP, MKV, RMVB, MOV, AAC and OGG. It can also play DVDs and CDs from sites like YouTube as well as online video from YouTube itself. AllPlayer can automatically download and display subtitles automatically with multiple options available for customizing size, position, encoding etc. It can even adjust audio levels so they are neither too loud nor soft; additionally it can download subtitles in multiple languages including ones which have been translated by users themselves!

This program supports many formats not normally supported by other programs, including RAR files, DV videos and webcams. It even supports two monitors simultaneously so you can see different parts of a video on each monitor! Image adjustments, subtitle editing/adding can all be accomplished effortlessly; missing codecs downloaded easily as well as configurating keyboard shortcuts are easily accomplished as well as additional information displayed during video playback such as duration frames per second CPU usage and number of times watched – this program truly offers everything needed!

Downzen offers this application as a free download for Windows 8 and 10 users alike, and is fully compatible. Suitable for users of any experience level, its many simple and advanced features offer an immersive multimedia experience for all. Furthermore, its developer continues to upgrade it based on user feedback and technological advancement, making it one of the most flexible media players currently available.

This media player provides a one-stop solution to all your multimedia needs, supporting a wide variety of video formats, DVDs and online content. Furthermore, it has the capacity to sync multiple subtitles onto videos for an enhanced multimedia experience and offers customizable skins and plug-ins as well. In addition, its playlist creation and categorization tools help organize playlists according to categories for easier navigation while its parental control features can limit access to certain videos.

Support for DVDs and audio CDs

Are you in search of an application capable of playing most video and audio media formats? Look no further than ALLPlayer! Not only can this software play DVDs and CDs, it also supports subtitles with its database-backed synchronization feature making viewing video content much simpler for people with disabilities or hearing impairments.

This software is extremely lightweight, consuming minimal resources to run. With an intuitive user interface that will feel familiar to anyone who has used a media player before, its search box makes finding videos easy even with an extensive library. Plus there are other useful features like free Internet radio streaming capabilities and parental controls which restrict access to age-inappropriate material.

Play all known media formats such as DivX, XviD, AVI, FLV, MKV MOV RMVB WMV QuickTime MP3 AAC OGG etc and DVDs and audio CDs without issue! Support multiple hardware codecs for higher quality playback; LiveUpdate will keep updated to the latest codec versions automatically; search out subtitles automatically when necessary!

Notable among its features is its ability to convert and record live web streams, perfect for sharing important events or milestones with loved ones. Furthermore, the program enables sharing directories filled with photos or videos even if they span terabytes in size with friends.

Movie fans will appreciate that this program can handle both DVD and HD DVD discs, preview videos from webcams, DVs or even TV tuners, play RAR files and includes an integrated speech synthesizer app, ideal for watching films with subtitles read out via text-to-speech software.

Intuitive interface

AllPlayer is an all-purpose multimedia player designed to fulfill multiple functions for its users. This application can play any type of video file, audio track, image file or subtitled subtitle from various sources while automatically installing missing codecs when required.

Allplayer boasts an intuitive user interface reminiscent of mobile phones, making all its functions accessible when needed. Thanks to built-in codec support, Allplayer can play any media file format including 3G2, MPEG for mobile phones, Matroska (MKV), FLV and WMV formats – including 3G2 Mobile MPEG Format (MPEG4) FLV or WMV files.

AllPlayer is not only capable of playing CDs and DVDs; it can also preview images from web cameras or TV tuners as well as listen to radio stations. Furthermore, this software enables users to create playlists organized by genre, title or artist as well as adjust playback speeds of titles as well as configure keyboard shortcuts for important functions.

AllPlayer stands out with its ability to download movies directly from popular video hosting websites if users possess valid accounts, convert audio/video files into different formats, support Dolby Digital/SPIFF outputs and much more.

AllPlayer is a simple-to-use and free program for Windows that is capable of playing various media types. With first-class functions and minimal system resource consumption, AllPlayer makes streaming easier than ever!

This multimedia player offers an attractive alternative to Windows Media Player, thanks to its modern and user-friendly interface that’s more familiar on mobile devices. Not only can it watch videos with subtitles in multiple languages; it can also download any missing codecs for files requiring them. Unfortunately, however, this tool doesn’t support Blu-ray discs – an issue for some.

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