Allway Sync (64-Bit) Review

Allway Sync

If you own multiple computers, USB keys or other digital storage devices, it is crucial that all copies of your files remain updated across them all. Synchronization software provides the solution by keeping multiple copies up-to-date and in sync in real time. Allway Sync (64-bit) is an advanced folder synchronization app designed to ensure your folders remain up-to-date and accurate no matter where they reside on your hard drive. Synchronizer excels at doing this thanks to innovative synchronization algorithms capable of updating multiple folders simultaneously with the latest content found within them, unlike one-way synchronization applications that simply copy files from source to target without tracking updates made in either.

This program is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that makes viewing, creating, editing and scheduling sync jobs simple and intuitive. In addition, you can choose from various backup and synchronization options available – for example synchronizing files and folders via remote FTP/SFTP servers, or backing up data to an encrypted archive file.

Another way to synchronize data securely and with privacy in mind is using cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive, or local folders on your computer or external hard drives like Allway Sync with its innovative synchronization algorithm to update data simultaneously across different platforms while keeping files encrypted for privacy purposes.

Allway Sync can be set up as a system service and start before your log on, making it ideal for business environments where all necessary applications must be ready when employees arrive at work. Simply select “Start application in AlwaysUp shortly after Windows boots”. Alternatively, uncheck “Show tray icon” if you would prefer Allway Sync run as an isolated session 0 without its notification icon displaying in AlwaysUp.

Allway Sync is free for personal use and can handle up to 40,000 files within any 30-day period. However, heavy users or those looking to synchronize data across multiple computers or online services may require purchasing a Pro license.

Allway Sync is an efficient folder synchronization app designed for simple operations that works across various digital data storage devices. However, for advanced and powerful data protection on multiple platforms GoodSync may offer greater support with all popular file systems as well as its own cloud storage solution.

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