Allway Sync Review

Allway Sync is file and folder synchronization software designed to work reliably even when file timestamps differ significantly. Allway Sync is free software without spyware, adware or malware components.

Allway Sync customers can switch over to GoodSync without incurring a cost by creating an account on the GoodSync website with their Allway Sync email address and signing up using that same email address for their subscription and storage needs. They will get 12 months subscription as well as 10GB of storage free.


Allway Sync is an advanced file synchronization software with advanced features. Equipped with an innovative synchronization algorithm that efficiently syncs data between various devices and platforms (including desktop PCs, laptops, USB drives, remote FTP/SFTP servers and different online data storages ), Allway Sync offers smooth synchronization that’s both reliable and user-friendly; making it ideal for anyone seeking reliable folder synchronization solutions.

As well as offering basic backup functionalities, this software can sync data across multiple computers on a network and offer basic synchronization features. To do this, it utilizes a unique algorithm which detects files which have changed between two folders and then copies only those files which have changed; ensuring data stays in sync even if systems have differing system clocks.

Allway Sync stands apart from similar tools by not employing any form of malware or spyware and is safe to download and run on any PC. Not intended as a replacement for Windows’ built-in backup functionality, Allway Sync works alongside it to detect deleted files with previous versions and automatically perform scheduled backup tasks through its integrated scheduler feature.

Synchronizer features an easy and user-friendly interface where you can easily create numerous synchronization jobs with a range of options such as inclusion/exclusion filters, file versioning and error handling. Furthermore, this software makes synchronizing with an external drive or removable device simple – ideal when travelling abroad! Furthermore, any issues needing resolving prior to proceeding with the synchronization process such as duplicate files being overwritten will be flagged before continuing with it – including duplicate detection or later files overwriting old ones.

Allway Sync is free for personal use with a limit of 40,000 files in any 30-day period, though if your synchronizing needs exceed this amount it is advised that a pro license be purchased. Existing Allway Sync users may switch over to GoodSync by creating an account on GoodSync’s website using their email address that was originally registered with Allway Sync – doing this will earn them 12 months of personal storage and 10GB free storage as a welcome gift!


Allway Sync works quickly by analyzing and comparing two folders’ contents to identify any files which have been modified, created or deleted – then syncs them quickly based on file timestamps alone. Plus it features bi-directional synchronization, meaning even if system clocks lose sync your data will still remain secure!

Allway Sync’s free version can only process 20000 files within any 30-day period, while the pro version offers greater capabilities such as the ability to synchronize more than two folders at the same time and backing up to remote FTP/SFTP servers or online data storage servers.

Allway Sync’s key strength lies in its versatility: it works with virtually every folder imaginable – including shared network drives – archive formats supported include encrypted archives. Furthermore, setting up multiple synchronization jobs with their own schedule and settings couldn’t be simpler!

Allway Sync is an extremely reliable solution that works on all Windows versions (64-bit included). It runs in the background using very few system resources while not depending on an accurate system clock for data sync and loss prevention. Furthermore, Allway Sync tracks changes made to files and folders in an organized database which significantly enhances its speed.

Allway Sync can also be configured to start automatically at startup and operate as a service, starting up long before any user logs onto their computer. This ensures Allway Sync is running and working exactly when its needed by users.

Allway Sync is an ideal solution for anyone who wants their files accessible on multiple computers at the same time, while keeping their backup secure with remote locations or online servers. Furthermore, Allway Sync makes folder synchronization on removable devices (USB keys or flash drives for example) fast and straightforward – it makes life simpler! It is simple and fast in its operation!


Allway Sync offers advanced security features to protect data, including file-level encryption and directory-level encrypting capabilities. This makes Allway Sync an excellent choice for users seeking to keep confidential files secure from prying eyes, with its intuitive user interface providing easy access to multiple synchronization sources like Windows folders, USB drives, network shares, FTP/SFTP servers online as well as archived or encrypted file systems and so forth.

Allway Sync’s bi-directional synchronization feature is another impressive attribute, providing seamless collaboration when working across multiple PCs or working in case of disaster recovery. When updates to documents occur in one location, those updates will immediately reflect in their counterpart file in their backup location – perfect for collaborative editing! In case a file needs to be backdated for some reason. Furthermore, Allway Sync offers backup functionality so you can easily retrieve older versions if disaster strikes!

This software also can assist in managing deleted files and folders by copying them to a temporary folder before replacing the originals in their destination locations. This prevents any files being lost due to connection failure or power outage; additionally, when folders no longer exist they will be unlisted from synchronization targets and removed accordingly.

Allway Sync supports all major file systems, such as NTFS and FAT32. It can be installed on desktop PCs, laptops, external hard disks, USB sticks, U3-enabled devices and other popular storage media, including desktop PCs, laptops, external hard disks, USB sticks and U3-enabled devices. Furthermore, Allway Sync can synchronize between two desktop PCs, between a desktop PC and laptop and between an desktop and Mac via a Sync Gateway; simultaneously synching more than two folders at once; as well as supporting an array of online data storage services like iDrive and Amazon S3. Allway Sync’s innovative algorithms make Allway Sync an ideal choice both home users as well as business users alike!


Allway Sync is an all-in-one file synchronization solution suitable for personal and professional use, offering users the capability of synchronizing data across various devices such as desktop PCs, laptops, USB drives and various online data storages. Furthermore, its customizable rules enable users to tailor the synchronization process based on various criteria.

The software’s powerful synchronization algorithms ensure files are updated at the same time on all connected devices, providing teams working remotely with a means to store multiple copies of a document in different places at once. Additionally, this versatile tool offers real-time synchronization, conflict resolution and file versioning functionality – making it an invaluable asset for individuals as well as businesses alike.

Allway Sync stands apart from traditional synchronization tools in that it recognizes modifications or deletes made to files and propagates them appropriately to all synchronization folders. Furthermore, Allway Sync can detect which of two identical files was modified first even if their modification dates aren’t exactly equivalent across all partner folders.

Allway Sync allows users to set personalized rules based on criteria like file size and modification date, as well as creating multiple synchronization jobs that run at set intervals automatically. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface makes the software simple for novice users.

Allway Sync is free for personal use and offers up to 40,000 files synchronized every 30-day period, along with advanced features like file backup/restore functionality, remote FTP/SFTP/WebDAV support, data compression/encryption support. Allway Sync also offers customizable configuration options for synchronization jobs, including integration with cloud services and cross-platform compatibility – making it the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. Allway Sync’s license can be used to install it on any one computer or removable device and includes upgrades, patches, and premium technical support throughout its lifespan. Furthermore, Allway Sync supports backup files on multiple devices simultaneously.

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