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Allway Sync

Allway Sync is an efficient backup and file synchronization program with an array of features that provides seamless synchronization and verification, portable U3 versions as well as USB versions available for purchase.

This software can easily synchronize between desktop PCs, laptops, external hard drives, USB flash drives and remote FTP/SFTP or WebDAV servers – and Macs via Sync Gateway.


File synchronization software has come a long way over time, offering various features to synchronize files across various devices (desktop PCs, laptops and external storage such as USB sticks or U3 enabled devices) as well as across networks.

Allway Sync is an award-winning program that boasts uncompromising reliability and an intuitive user experience. You can use Allway Sync to synchronize data across desktop PCs, laptops, removable drives and FTP/SFTP servers, as well as various online storage solutions such as Google Docs, Dropbox or Amazon S3. Allway’s advanced synchronization algorithms guarantee accurate bidirectional updates.

Its unique interface does an outstanding job of delineating which folders will be synchronized, with dedicated fields for selecting source type from a drop-down list and entering target folders either through browsing or typing them directly into an input field. While its user-friendly and intuitive nature make for an enjoyable experience overall, newcomers may experience difficulties configuring advanced synchronization settings.

Allway Sync’s unique approach to synchronization enables it to identify actual file changes rather than simply using system clocks as a barometer of which version of a document is the newest, helping avoid conflicts between folders synchronized under it and keeping older file versions for possible data loss situations. Furthermore, users can bind folders or directories directly with drive characteristics for added redundancy.

Another key feature is the option to create a backup copy of an original file before making changes, making this feature especially helpful when working collaboratively on documents that could lose their most recent versions. Users can select specific files and folders they would like copied as well as set an interval when each backup should be created.

Allway Sync goes beyond traditional synchronization to provide data backup and restore across multiple devices, including mobile phones. Furthermore, its synchronization functionality can clone Dell laptop hard drives as well as transfer data between Windows 7 and 10. While its use for personal purposes is free of charge, any commercial use will incur a premium payment fee.


Allway Sync offers some of the most attractive pricing structures for file synchronization software on the market. Personal use is free, while processing more than 40,000 files within any 30-day period requires upgrading to a pro version; furthermore, its Pro edition comes equipped with free 12 month subscription and 10GB cloud storage via GoodSync.

Allway Sync is an innovative file synchronization/backup utility with robust features that uses proprietary algorithms to ensure data stays current and protected across various digital devices. Installable on any computer, and portable enough to run off of USB drives; Allway Sync also synchronizes multiple folders as well as files simultaneously.

An intuitive interface makes this software suitable for novice users. After being downloaded and installed on your computer via an easy wizard-style setup process, just press “Browse” and select two or more folders you wish to synchronize – then simply click “Synchronize.” It then analyzes each folder’s content to identify any files which need updating as well as those which should be deleted from within it.

Allway Sync offers an online support section with solutions to common problems and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). There are also email tech support options, although it may take a bit longer before receiving a response; no phone support is provided however. However, their money back guarantee ensures if you are unhappy with the software it can be returned within 60 days for a full refund – something few other synchronization programs offer!


Allway Sync offers unsurpassed reliability in an intuitive user interface, using advanced synchronization algorithms to seamlessly synchronize data among desktop computers, laptops, USB drives and remote FTP/SFTP servers or online data storage solutions such as CloudFront/Google Storage etc. Additionally, Allway Sync supports file compression and encryption, file compression/encryption as well as can synchronizing Mac data with PCs via its Sync Gateway feature.

This application operates in one-way mode and can synchronize two folders at the same time, copy files over networks using an intermediate removable drive and even synchronize multiple jobs simultaneously with individual synchronization parameters for each job. As a result, it offers an excellent solution for moving data between work environments and home environments.

Allway Sync’s security is unparalleled: encrypted data transfers use an RSA key for encrypted transfers; only authorized users are able to access synchronized files. In addition, an all-encompassing database stores synchronization records so you can recover them in case of disaster.

As soon as a file is modified locally, its modification time stamp is also updated on its destination side – potentially leading to files on the synchronization server to be considered more recent than their local versions. When this occurs, a synchronizer can detect this discrepancy and correct timestamps accordingly.

Allway Sync’s ability to synchronize locked files is especially helpful when used for applications like PST and database files, though please be aware that Allway Sync does not work with shared drives or NAS devices.

Allway Sync’s website offers solutions for common issues and an FAQ section, while email tech support may take time before responding. Alternatively, GoodSync offers more features and works on all devices; additionally if you switch from Allway Sync to GoodSync you’ll get 12 months of Personal and 10GB Storage free! It’s a great way to save both time and money!


Allway Sync can be found both as an installed program and on a USB flash drive (Allway Sync ‘n’ Go). Both versions offer file synchronization functionality. Installed program can run on desktop PC and laptop while Allway Sync ‘n’ Go can be used by plugging it in and launching its application from there – either way both versions offer access.

Installation is straightforward with Allway Sync; the program automatically finds and configures programs on your system that work together, without installing any dll files and thereby remaining free of malware or viruses. Furthermore, Allway Sync’s resource consumption remains low making for an effortless experience!

Allway Sync uses Windows Task Scheduler to run its synchronization jobs, which consist of series of tasks executed at predefined times and can be set to start automatically, manually or on demand. Jobs may also be set to run at specific intervals such as daily. Jobs may also be set to start automatically or manually whenever Allway Sync starts or when on demand is selected as well as encrypted files with password protection kept secure in an encrypted metadata file; their contents remain confidential even if Allway Sync is uninstalled from the system.

An extremely helpful feature of Copy Locked Files is its ability to synchronize data in case of network failure or when files are being used by another process or program. If necessary, this feature can also be disabled so as to not copy deleted files and folders as well.

Within the Settings menu you can customize the behavior of Allway Sync to suit your individual needs. For instance, you can decide whether to delete _SYNCAPP folder after every synchronization; also allow Allway Sync to check and remove duplicate files as well as configure its handling of hidden files and folders.

Allway Sync can be easily downloaded from its developer’s website, where there is a dedicated FAQs section with solutions to common issues and email tech support (although you should expect some delay).

Allway Sync is a robust and user-friendly tool designed for automated backup and file synchronization. Backed by a 30 day money back guarantee, Allway Sync can be used by commercial, business and government customers as well as individuals for non-profit activity – non-profit customers even qualify for a 12 month subscription and 10GB of storage free!

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