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Avast Cleanup is a PC cleaning tool that enables users to delete junk files, free up space and disable unnecessary software applications. Furthermore, Avast Cleanup helps optimize performance by scanning and repairing broken registry entries.

Avast Cleanup can be downloaded for a 30-day free trial period with a money-back guarantee if not satisfied.

Clean up junk files

Avast Cleanup Premium is an impressive tool, helping users clear out junk files, remove bloatware and optimize computer performance. However, the tool’s price makes some people skeptical and they wonder if there are alternative tools which perform similar functions at lower cost.

JUNK FILE CLEANER: Scan and delete unwanted files and folders, such as downloads, old Windows files, system logs, dump files and duplicate files with one click. It can even detect duplicates automatically to eliminate them with no manual work involved – great for speeding up startup time of your PC by eliminating temporary programs and optimizing registry!

System Junk File Cleaner: Removes files and folders that are no longer needed by your operating system, such as backup and Windows log files, dump files and temporary programs that could slow down PC performance when under heavy loads. It can also identify redundant dlls and fonts taking up unnecessary space on disk.

REGISTRY JUNK CLEANER: Removes inactive or hidden files that take up space on your hard disk, such as leftover files from uninstalled software. Furthermore, this program detects and fixes registry errors to improve PC performance.

BROWSER JUNK CLEANER: Clean your browser cache and history files – up to 700MB worth – while also uninstalling annoying toolbars or cookies and disabling web tracking services that might violate your privacy.

Automated Maintenance: Schedule daily, weekly or monthly automated cleanups to remove residual files, disable risky applications and optimize the PC. In addition, these cleaning sessions can detect bloatware removal as well as clean system logs to increase boot speed of your PC.

Discover More About Avast Cleanup Avast Cleanup can be used to improve the performance of a MacBook by clearing away junk files, uninstalling unnecessary applications, and setting sleeping apps to sleep. In addition, it speeds up boot up time while freeing up space on hard drives while helping detect and resolve problems such as broken shortcuts and outdated drivers – as well as providing advice on how to further optimize laptop performance.

Remove bloatware

Upgrade PC performance and free up space by uninstalling unnecessary applications that came preloaded from the device maker. PC makers often preload desktop and laptop computers with toolbars, app trials, advertising software and other unneeded programs that take up valuable disk space while also using CPU power and RAM without your knowledge – this bloatware may take over!

Bloatware may act similarly to adware in that it can hog memory and even steal personal information from your device. Our junk removal tools allow us to identify and uninstall unwanted programs from your PC – leaving more space and faster speeds in its place.

Many of these programs serve as revenue streams for device makers, enabling them to make money through advertisements and features that don’t benefit you directly. They may also present security risks as they’re often not updated and contain malware; furthermore, junkware clogs up your machine, wastes space on hard drives, and consumes CPU power and RAM resources which makes starting or running applications slower.

At Avast Cleanup Premium, our proprietary technology can identify and delete these programs quickly. Avast Cleanup scans your PC to rid it of bloatware from over 200 popular apps, browsers, and Windows itself; clears app cache and deletes temporary files for improved performance; detects out-of-date software with one click updating, helping avoid bugs, crashes, or other issues; clears app cache and deletes temporary files to improve performance further; detects out-of-date software quickly with another one-click update; detects out-of-date software updates it easily; helps avoid bugs, crashes or issues; detects out-of-date software quickly with one click update allowing easy updates; detects out-of-date software updates automatically with just one click; also detects out-dated software with one click updates allowing it to easily upgrade it easily for improved performance; finally helps avoid bugs, crashes and issues altogether!

Avast Cleanup offers an effective range of optimization tools designed to keep your computer performing at its peak for longer. Keep it running efficiently by keeping programs up-to-date by detecting and fixing out-of-date programs, get notified when there are app remnants or battery usage problems and can enable Automatic Maintenance without much effort; simply select this feature in Settings!

Put apps to sleep

Many programs run in the background, consuming resources when not actively being used. Avast Cleanup can detect such programs and put them to sleep automatically without interfering with your usual functions.

Avast Cleanup can also reorganize files on the hard disk for faster access and startup times, as well as delete redundant or low quality photos (or duplicates) to free up space while making original pictures appear better.

Avast Cleanup also features the capability of detecting bloatware such as unnecessary toolbars or preinstalled software that came preinstalled with your device when you purchased it, then remove or relocate them to the trash so as not to slow down your device further.

Avast Cleanup’s latest version offers features designed to strengthen its already powerful capabilities. One such innovation is their patent ‘Sleep Mode,’ which temporarily stops background activity while keeping apps fully functional for use – giving priority to apps currently being utilized so your device can perform optimally.

Avast Cleanup optimizes your Windows Registry, the cornerstone of your operating system. It seeks out and repairs broken entries which may have come from old programs or be created as part of regular PC use – something Avast Cleanup detects quickly. This can have serious ramifications on performance for both newer programs as well as those installed decades ago.

Finally, this program can assess your battery consumption and help you save power. It can identify apps and services which use more battery life while offering useful tips to decrease their background use.

With Avast Cleanup, you can customize its functionality as well. From language settings, notifications and privacy preferences, to background usage limits which let you determine which programs can run in the background, to Smart Optimizations, Auto Updates and Battery Monitoring being enabled or disabled – these settings can all be changed from your device’s menu and options screen – as well as whether or not Avast wants your device usage data transmitted back into its cloud storage service.

Speed up your PC

Everyday use causes your PC to amass an increasing collection of useless files – these include old applications and games no longer installed, programs downloaded from websites which install free trials of other software without your knowledge, as well as old system files which take up space on your hard disk and gradually slow it down until either it crashes or runs out of space.

Avast Cleanup helps stop these problems by clearing away unneeded files, uninstalling bloatware and suspending programs that are no longer running. In addition, Avast Cleanup performs automatic maintenance checks as well as providing various optimization tools that will revitalize your computer.

With Avast Cleanup Premium, you can select which file categories to automatically maintain, saving gigabytes of space by safely deleting system junk and browser data. Furthermore, Avast Cleanup allows you to choose which applications sleep to enhance device performance while freeing up memory resources.

Avast Cleanup Premium can also help maintain peak PC performance by automatically killing background and startup programs that slow it down, such as background-intensive games or background applications that may slow it down. By analyzing all software on your PC and identifying those which impede its speed, Avast Cleanup Premium helps prevent slowdowns from reoccurring in future and keeps it cleaner and more responsive than before.

Your computer may be running slower due to broken registry entries that accumulate over time, Avast Cleanup Premium can identify and fix them during its regular maintenance scans.

Avast Cleanup is an outstanding program that can transform an outdated, slow PC into a much-improved machine by freeing up gigabytes of storage space, increasing speed, and providing other optimization tools. In comparison to similar programs like CCleaner Pro, Avast Cleanup stands out with some unique features that make it an excellent choice for optimizing their PCs – not to mention offering a 30-day money-back guarantee and being available for Windows, Mac and Android! Don’t waste away your computer’s potential; download Avast Cleanup today and unleash its full potential!

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