Among Us Game Review

Among Us

Social deduction game People Among Us has seen an exponential surge in its popularity since it first launched back in 2018. First released as an app in 2018, its appeal among gamers quickly spread, particularly through Twitch streaming services and other popular streaming services like Youtube.

Free to play and compatible with Android and iOS devices, the game offers players XP, beans and pods which they can use to unlock cosmetic items for their character.


Among Us is an asymmetric social deduction game requiring deception and strategic thinking to complete successfully. Although free to play, players may opt to purchase in-app items such as hats and pet skins from in-app purchases. Gameplay is fun yet challenging; some prefer full detective mode while others take an approach more casual.

This game can be enjoyed both online and offline, supporting up to 10 players at once. When hosting their own private game using a six-character code or publicly with anyone joining. In private game mode, users have full control of customizing their character as crew or impostor and choosing their role within the crew or impostor group; additionally they have full customization over game settings and tasks for an enjoyable gaming experience.

Players in this game will need to complete assigned tasks and determine who might be an impostor. Their crewmates could win by finishing all tasks assigned and finding all impostors; or by delaying impostors until timer expires and blocking their path to victory.

Crewmates and Impostors can meet in the meeting room to share information, discuss any suspicious activity they suspect occurs between teams, use sabotage as a distraction tactic against opposing team and cause chaos – it is one of the key components to the game that allows both teams to use to influence its outcome.

“Among Us” boasts remarkable social and psychological mechanics that create an engaging experience for players. The game uses strong asymmetric elements that generate tension through imperfect information or “yomi”, the Japanese concept for reading someone else’s thoughts. Yomi adds yet another level of suspense as players worry about who the impostor might be or whether they will get away. Even upon death, story engagement remains high as players remain invested in who might be hiding among us and whether or not they will get caught.


“Among Us” is an online party game where players assume the roles of colorful, armless cartoon astronauts. Since its initial launch in 2018, this popular party game has experienced exponential growth due to memes and Twitch streams from gamers and celebrities – especially after Congress member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez streamed herself playing it live to over 435,000 viewers!

Players in this game can customize their characters using cosmetics. These cosmetics allow players to change the outfit, hat, or pet of their characters – with some items free while others incurring in-app purchase charges – as well as purchase options available with in-game currency or through in-app purchases. Furthermore, there’s an in-game chat feature which is used for organizing and discussing the in-game action.

Halloween-themed costumes are among the most beloved in Among Us, automatically added to the customization screen as soon as it hits October. But even players who don’t care much for that season can still dress their characters differently: perhaps opting for black skin with a cat hat to look like either a witch or loyal companion?

Customizing one’s character in Innersloth’s game can be done via accessing the laptop in the waiting room located in the upper left corner. Once there, select from among a variety of outfits and hats on offer before returning to join a local or online game with this outfit applied directly to their character; additionally they can select whether or not to add their pet (if they purchased them). Players can report other players for hacking, inappropriate chatter, harassment, cheating or any other forms of misconduct as recently added by developer Innersloth for moderation capabilities within their game code of Conduct to allow moderation capabilities as well.


Fall Guys meets The Thing in this action-adventure film. Up to 10 crew members work on board a spaceship together, but one or three impostors infiltrate secretly and attempt to kill everyone on board without being noticed and expelled by tribal council style meetings held among their ranks.

Meetings can be an extremely useful tool for crewmates in Among Us, provided they’re used correctly. Meetings force players to stop what they’re doing and discuss what is currently going on within the game, which may reveal who may be acting suspiciously and who could possibly be innocent.

One primary purpose for convening a meeting is to report someone has died and discover who killed them, but other situations may call for meetings as well.

Whenever there’s any suspicion that another player could be an impostor because their task bar doesn’t move after leaving a room, calling a meeting may be worthwhile as telling your crewmates may help prevent any surprises later when their body shows up unexpectedly and prompt them to vote you out without good reason.

There may also be instances in which calling a meeting becomes necessary, such as when another crewmember attempts to gain entry to an off-limits area. A meeting can serve as an effective tool to notify your colleagues so they don’t attempt to enter and potentially cause problems or kill each other.


In order to succeed at Among Us, having an alibi is key. Avoid being caught doing anything that might compromise your cover story such as passing through a vent or awkwardly standing by bodies. Also ensure someone vouch for you by saying they saw you around or watched you complete tasks; this will help avoid getting caught and expelled by crewmates.

Social deduction game The Unbearable Lies Within is a social investigation game in which players assume the roles of members of a spaceship crew trying to identify murderous impostors. Each player is randomly selected as either an Impostor or Crewmate, with Impostors seeking to kill other Crewmates or cause major sabotage (depletion of oxygen or initiating reactor meltdown) before their crewmates can stop them.

Signs that an impostor may be present include their failure to complete tasks as promised while appearing to pretend otherwise and hiding behind radar dishes or in other parts of the ship’s communications array.

Keep in mind that all characters move at an equal speed in Among Us, making it impossible for crewmates to lose any individual without deliberate running around or jumping off a cliff. That said, successful impostors know how to keep crewmembers on edge and fearful that any move they make could reveal something about the killer – after all, nobody watches mystery movies where the killer is easy to identify!

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