Angry Birds Game Review

Angry Birds

Angry Birds video games feature various species of birds with special abilities. Some birds can scavenge for food while others can fly endlessly looped routes.

Rovio Entertainment has expanded the Angry Birds franchise with merchandise and television shows, as well as short animated cartoons for Nicktoons.


The game features many birds with special powers that help the player complete levels. Red can squawk when tapped, Chuck can shoot three copies of himself into midair, and Blues multiply into 3 when tapped; these special abilities make these characters invaluable tools in dismantling structures built by pigs.

There are also multiple secondary birds with unique skills. Hal, for instance, is an amusingly inept toucan that can go backwards when tapped; when combined with Willow from Western-Crowned Pigeon Painter fame she spins around just like a frisbee! Dahlia, on the other hand, is an intelligent scientist capable of teleporting through walls while also using her knowledge to sling ice blocks against pigs for our team!

Angry Birds has earned widespread acclaim from gaming publications and critics for its innovative gameplay, incredible graphics, and compelling plotline. Additionally, the series has even garnered recognition from various gaming organizations with multiple awards being granted and nominations received for it.

Though Angry Birds started off as a mobile video game, its developer’s care in character development has catapulted it to one of the most beloved titles ever. Players love these relatable, likeable characters as they work as a united team against evil pigs in battle!

Red is the leader of his group and could be considered an outcast among them due to his cynicism. Yet despite this he remains responsible and takes great care with any eggs he finds on Piggy Island.

The Blues are the youngest members of their flock and are full of mischief. Jim is gentle-hearted while Jake can often be found pulling pranks. Jay stands out as being especially confident.


The gameplay of Birdz 2 is straightforward: players must launch birds at structures constructed of various materials such as concrete, glass, wood and cardboard surrounded by green-colored pigs who represent enemies in this game. Some structures contain TNT or dynamite crates which can help break up obstacles that block birds’ flight path; additionally there may be power-ups available that assist players in completing levels successfully.

Angry Birds’ immense popularity has inspired numerous spin-offs, from PC and video game console versions, merchandising featuring its characters, an animated TV series (Angry Birds Toons) as well as two movies (The Angry Birds Movie and its sequel; both available for rental on iTunes), to merchandise featuring them being sold and two films that explore them further – one estimate puts downloads for one version at over 3 billion, making Angry Birds one of the most downloaded mobile games ever.

Rovio has not only released their primary game series but has also made available variations with different themes or limited-time releases for seasonal events and limited-time releases. Furthermore, these games have also been integrated into third-party social networks and augmented reality apps.

A 2012 game called Angry Birds Space sees regular birds travel into space to rescue their eggs from evil green pigs, boasting a darker art style and including new features such as Mighty Eagle (which replaces the slingshot and launches a large sardine can to cause destruction) and Golden Duck card which rains down rubber duckies.

There are also Angry Birds-inspired games designed to encourage physical activity. One such title, released in February 2012 and connected with Facebook, called Angry Birds Friends, allows players to compete weekly tournaments featuring most of the original cast – plus Wingman as an alternate character who replaces Mighty Eagle on tournament levels.

Angry Birds POP Blast was released in May 2019, an arcade bubble shooter. It boasts multiple levels and regular updates are provided with more levels being unlocked regularly. Furthermore, players can collect themed hats while leveling up their birdies and earning rewards in the form of pigs as rewards – the game also includes global leaderboards to compare scores between people around the globe.


The graphics in this game are vibrant and colorful, featuring animated birds with lifelike movements that give an illusion of depth. Furthermore, the slingshot’s design allows the player to control both its angle and power of launch for maximum fun!

Angry Birds’ gameplay is highly addicting, giving a satisfying sense of satisfaction when levels are completed. The game has an enormous following of fans and has been widely credited with revolutionizing mobile gaming – its success having led to several sequels and spin-offs.

Graphic design is an integral component of video games, and the characters in Angry Birds utilize simple shapes that form easily recognizable silhouettes. Each bird’s silhouette highlights its behavior in the game such as speed or piercing power; for instance Red’s pointy shape signifies its ability to ricochet off surfaces while Blues form clusters of three birds that can be launched rapidly while Terrence has bulk which suggests his heavy destructive power.

While critics of Angry Birds initially found its graphics simplistic, recent updates have significantly enhanced gameplay quality. Now more intuitive than ever with various powers and upgrades that alter appearance of birds, slingshot, levels etc; Zoomed out view also helps players stay focused without accidentally launching birds off-screen!

Angry Birds Friends is a new mobile game in the Angry Birds franchise that was released on November 9th 2016. The game offers different types of pigs and birds along with new challenges. Available for iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire devices.

Rovio developed a 3D space simulator called Angry Birds Space that quickly became one of the most downloaded freemium games ever, while in 2020 an animated feature film entitled Angry Birds Movie was also released.


Angry Birds features various musical genres in its soundtrack, from rock, classical, and dance music to orchestral pieces by Ari Pulkkinen who won 2009 Video Game Music Award for best original score with “epic”. Additionally, 17 tracks ranging in duration from 15-3 minutes make up this soundtrack.

On 27 January 2011 Rovio released their official soundtrack album of Angry Birds movie for public release, including new songs and remixes of existing ones as well as an updated version of its main theme song “Sound of Da Police”. Notably included on this release are songs “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, “Fight”, and “Sound of Da Police”, with two classic pieces: “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, “Fight”, and “Sound of Da Police”. Also featured on this release are slow dramatic pieces such as “Angry Birds”, while other tracks by Rovio include London Philharmonic Orchestra performances alongside game music played directly by Rovio.

Angry Birds is a mobile video game developed by Finnish game developer Rovio that has become one of the most successful free-to-play titles ever, garnering more than four billion downloads across all platforms and inspiring numerous spinoffs, merchandise products, and films based around it.

At the core of the game is an attempt by anthropomorphic birds to destroy structures containing the pigs who stole their eggs. Players control a flock of these birds using a slingshot and must fire birds at these structures to destroy them and retrieve the golden eggs scattered about. Over 700 levels are broken up into episodes; each episode provides unique obstacles for players to overcome while power-ups provide additional help when crossing different hurdles in each level.

Angry Birds has seen worldwide popularity due to its simplicity. Numerous media sources, including The Economist, have noted its potential transformative power on society. Notable figures including former Prime Minister David Cameron and author Salman Rushdie are known to play this mobile gaming title.

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