Angry IP Scanner Review

Angry IP Scanner is a cross-platform free program with easy installation. Launch it from a USB memory stick or download as a zip file – its portable nature makes this an excellent tool.

The program utilizes several “fetchers” to obtain information from host devices, including their ping time, IP address and hostname. Furthermore, plugins may also be added for enhanced scanning capability.

User-friendly interface

Angry IP Scanner is an open source program that enables users to easily scan network devices and services. Designed with ease of use in mind, it can be installed on various operating systems with its features allowing administrators to gain insight into what services are running on their network, what’s exposed to the internet, as well as IP address and port scanner options available through this application.

User interface of IPWarrior is user-friendly for even inexperienced users, featuring a menu bar and toolbar with icons representing major functions of the program, along with a search function to quickly locate what you’re searching for. Furthermore, IPWarrior detects any unwanted IP addresses you might be hosting that you can then delete with one click.

This program offers various types of scans, including Ping scans, UDP and TCP scans as well as response time measurements and other details for each host. Furthermore, its Preferences menu allows you to tailor each scan based on what details should be included or excluded during its execution.

Another helpful feature is the ability to easily save frequently used scans in a Favorites list for easy access, making running those same scans just a few clicks away – perfect for regularly monitoring a business guest network! You can even right-click results to initiate HTTP, FTP or Server Message Block (SMB) connections directly with hosts listed therein.

Plug-ins for the Angry IP Scanner program offer additional capabilities, such as ping list filters and customizable openers, NetBIOS information (computer name, workgroup name and Windows user login IDs), NetBIOS information collection services (computer name, workgroup and currently logged in user) as well as many others. Since it does not know what information it should gather itself, making the scanner extremely flexible and extensible.

The Angry IP Scanner program can be freely downloaded and installed on macOS, Linux, and Windows computers that are connected to either private networks or the internet. Downloads come as application bundles that can be double-clicked to launch or dropped into Applications in Finder; its jar file versions are compatible with Java Runtime Environment but you may require updating its version first.

Scanning options

Angry IP Scanner provides users with a host of scanning options to help tailor their scans according to the needs of their network. They can set timeouts and thresholds as well as specify ports they wish to scan; additionally they can use this scanner to identify active hosts and services; plus save scanning configurations making setting up scans much simpler!

Network administrators require an effective tool that allows them to rapidly detect devices and services on their network while providing comprehensive details about each one. A device-detection program gives users a list of devices with information such as their MAC addresses and open ports, making monitoring network connections much quicker allowing administrators to quickly troubleshoot problems while optimizing network performance.

There are other network scanners on the market, but most do not match Angry IP Scanner in terms of user friendliness and extensibility. Designed to meet the needs of novice and veteran network administrators alike, it helps improve network security by identifying devices vulnerable to attack as well as maintain performance by detecting devices not currently utilized by detecting those that remain unused in a network.

Angry IP Scanner stands out as one of the few truly free IP scanners. Users can access it through its official website and download it without incurring a cost or needing to make changes to their operating systems; simply double-click or drag and drop its installer onto their Applications folder for use. Plus, its core is Java, with bundles including its runtime installed along with it!

This tool can be utilized in many ways to oversee and control a local network, from monitoring uptime, finding spare addresses for new hardware, preparing inventory reports and troubleshooting network issues to security assessments. However, its usage must comply with legal and ethical guidelines; any misuse can lead to breaches in privacy and data security.

Exporting scan results

Angry IP Scanner is an advanced network scanner that enables users to save scan results as CSV, TXT or XML files, making them easily exportable into other programs or systems for future analysis and saving them time by not needing to customize scan parameters each time they use the software – an invaluable feature for IT professionals who must scan large networks quickly.

This program employs advanced algorithms to conduct network scanning quickly. Furthermore, it utilizes system resources effectively while optimizing performance with multiple threads – producing an efficient network scanner which detects all devices on any network quickly and accurately. Furthermore, there’s both an user-friendly GUI and command line interface provided with this software – giving average people access while tech savvy individuals may prefer using command-line to gain greater control of their scan.

Mediator pattern was used to implement its scanning component, routing messages between user interface and various parts of the program. As a result, this architecture makes the program loosely coupled, meaning additional features could be introduced through plugins if required – something essential in network security tools.

Angry IP Scanner can be an invaluable tool for monitoring uptime, finding available services, determining whether or not a host is still alive, showing open ports on hosts that might still be active, creating inventory lists of hardware and software, planning upgrades, inventorying hardware/software inventories and so forth. However, before beginning its use it’s essential to understand its limitations: this tool was never meant for public networks so prioritize testing it on a small part of your private network to avoid unexpected results.

The software will ping hosts and display their status with color coding; red signifies dead hosts while blue denotes live ones. Furthermore, it will also display open ports on each host as well as their default gateway address and identify MAC addresses or senders of HTTP requests.


Angry IP Scanner is a cross-platform, lightweight program that doesn’t require complex installations to access IP addresses in any range or port. It works by pinging each address to verify if it’s alive, resolving its hostname, determining its MAC address and scanning ports; plugins allow users to gather even more data about each device; while retrieving NetBIOS information such as Computer Name, Workgroup Name and Windows User can also be done in addition to scanning Web servers with customizable openers provided by this program.

Angry IP Scanner’s portability makes it an invaluable asset to network administrators who must monitor and detect security risks on their networks. With its user-friendly graphical interface and simple operation process, any novice user can learn how to operate this handy program quickly and effortlessly. Furthermore, its compatibility across many platforms – Linux, macOS and Windows are just some examples – means it should work flawlessly for network monitoring needs.

Users can save their scan results in multiple formats – CSV, TXT and XML files are supported – including CSV, TXT and XML files as well as HTTP, FTP and Server Message Block (SMB) connections to specific devices. Users can even right-click an IP address result and initiate a connection directly; this feature is especially handy for network administrators as they can save a scan and repeat it regularly without needing to customize its parameters each time around.

Angry IP Scanner software features several methods of scanning open ports, though it lacks the depth of something like Nmap. However, its main feature is to present results in column formation for ease of viewing as well as allow additional details about individual scan results to be seen by clicking individual results and selecting them individually for more in-depth examination. Furthermore, you can rename its output file.

Angry IP Scanner can be downloaded directly from its website and installed on computers running Windows, Linux or macOS. It comes pre-compiled for all three platforms with separate executable or jar files available for each. Depending on which platform users are running it on they may require an appropriate Java Runtime Environment version before being able to use Angry IP Scanner; otherwise the program’s binary format enables it to work across any platform with a compatible Java interpreter.

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