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AnyToISO is an efficient tool designed to manage various disk image file types with its uncluttered Windows interface that makes using it quick and straightforward.

It supports BIN, MDF, ISO, PDI and CDI disc image conversion and extraction. Furthermore, you can burn them into DVD or CD disc images via command-line usage.

Free version

AnyToISO is an ideal way to quickly convert multiple image files to ISO disk images, including NRG, PDI, IMG, BIN RAR ZIP 7Z archives. Plus it lets you make ISO images from physical CD/DVD discs as well as folders stored on your computer!

This software is easy to use and immediately produces the data you require without slowing down your system. A progress dialog keeps you informed on each conversion’s status; save results to either ISO or folder, select file size and even compress output for optimal storage efficiency.

AnyToISO stands out by supporting multiple operating systems – from Windows XP and later versions to the most up-to-date Windows 7 OSes – on both 32- and 64-bit editions of each OS. This makes it a very useful asset in anyone’s toolkit who frequently deals with image files.

AnyToISO is different from other programs because it supports all sorts of image formats (NRG, UIF, DMG, ISZ, BIN DAA DPD CDI IMG etc.) It also offers command line support and has complete command-line functionality.

This tool features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it suitable for both novice and expert users alike. Furthermore, its size makes it manageable while offering an attractive price/performance ratio.

AnyToISO is a shareware program developed by CrystalIdea Software, Inc and belongs to the Miscellaneous category. The Lite version is free but cannot handle files larger than 870 MB. For full version use you’ll need a license key; bulk orders or volume licensing discounts may apply if purchasing multiple keys at once. Licenses last one year but can be renewed automatically with technical support available and updates provided regularly by developer.

Lite version

AnyToISO is an easy to use tool designed to convert archive files to ISO images quickly and simply, perfect for those seeking an easy way to burn their own ISOs from folder content, or convert existing disc images. Available as free download and operating with almost every file format (including ISO files) including ISO files. Furthermore, AnyToISO supports most popular CD/DVD burning software and provides support for creating your own ISOs from folder content as well as creating ISOs from existing disc images.

Simple and user-friendly design make this program intuitive to use and understand. No confusing options or complex processes to deal with; conversion process occurs lightning fast. Simply select folder or file you wish to convert, click button, and watch as progress dialog updates you as conversion occurs.

AnyToISO’s Lite version is an ideal option for users who only require to convert smaller files and CDs. It supports all popular CD/DVD image formats (NRG, MDF, UIF, DMG, ISZ, BIN PDI CDI IMG) as well as archived formats like ZIP RAR XAR PKG DEB along with complete command-line support.

AnyToISO is designed with an intuitive and straightforward user experience in mind, making it an excellent tool for those new to disc image processing. Compatible with both PCs and Macs, and developed by CrystalIDEA Software Inc.

AnyToISO Lite is a free program that lets you convert files to ISO disc images. However, its capacity is limited to files no larger than a regular CD (870 MB). To work with DVD/Blue-ray images effectively and remove file size restrictions completely, upgrade to AnyToISO Pro instead. Not only will this provide greater technical support as well as remove any file size restrictions.

AnyToISO Lite comes in multiple languages, including English, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese. You may download and use it without charge but please be aware that no guarantee applies – use only it on your personal computer and for its intended purposes.

Professional version

AnyToISO is a software application developed by Crystalldea that converts disk images to ISO format, making installation of software easier without using physical CDs and saving both time and effort. This tool makes creating ISO files from different formats easy; its interface makes this even simpler; you can even use this same tool to burn them onto a DVD!

It can convert NRG, MDF, BIN, IMG, DAA CDI and UIF disk image formats as well as CD/DVD/Blue-ray discs and folders easily and simply. With its user-friendly interface suitable for users of all experience levels and multiple language support available on its user dashboard it makes for an ideal solution for handling CD/DVD/Blue-ray media storage needs as well as managing different hardware specifications and operating systems.

AnyToISO is an ideal free way to create ISO files from folders. It supports creating ISOs for all Windows versions via virtual drives or directly from disk, supports XAR, DMG and PKG file formats and even offers its Lite version as an efficient means for converting files into ISO formats.

AnyToISO features an intuitive user-interface and offers many customization options that enable you to quickly create any file type you desire – be it bootable ISOs of your favorite games, copies of existing Windows installation disks or copies of old discs for backup purposes. Furthermore, its operation works smoothly across most major OSes.

Crystalldea has designed this program, available on both Windows and macOS operating systems, for complete command line support, multilingual interface support and reasonable prices – you can purchase licenses for up to two computers while discounts may apply for large purchases. The most recent release was version 3.9.7 on 4 December 2023 – featuring full command line support with multilingual interface capabilities as well as complete command line support and full command line support for efficient control. This powerful and reliable program comes equipped with command line support as well as multilingual capabilities and full command line support as well as multilingual interface capabilities; with discounts offered for large purchases of multiple licenses purchased.

Supported formats

AnyToISO is an agile tool capable of handling numerous file extensions. These files may contain configuration settings, project data or logs; additionally it supports ISO disk image format as a standard way of distributing Windows operating systems and development tools.

A disc image is a file that stores the contents of an optical disc such as CD or DVD, such as software installations or presentations. These images are often used for software distribution or archives storage; however, most CD and DVD burning programs only support specific image formats; anyToISO is an easy and free solution that can convert your files to ISO files prior to burning them on disc.

AnyToISO is capable of extracting and converting many file formats into ISO format, including audio CD BIN/CUE formats as well as NRG and PDI video DVD formats. Furthermore, it works with archive formats like ZIP/RAR/7Z to make this an indispensable tool for those using multiple forms of media.

Once installed, AnyToISO is simple to use: once right-clicking folders in Windows Explorer converts them to ISOs with minimal effort; conversion time can be monitored in real-time through its AnyToISO interface window; additionally it creates bootable USB drives containing files extracted or converted using its interface.

AnyToISO is one of the main advantages to AnyToISO in that it can convert any kind of image file. This feature comes in handy when receiving CD or DVD media from friends who might have created them using programs that don’t support ISO file formats.

This program boasts an intuitive graphical user interface that’s both enjoyable and user-friendly, thanks to its small file size (4.2MB on Windows) which ensures it remains manageable compared to similar freeware products.

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