AnyTrans Review – Transfer iPhone Videos to Your Computer With AnyTrans


AnyTrans is an all-in-one content manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod users. It enables them to transfer a wide array of media files back and forth from iOS devices as well as back them up automatically.

Apple allows for device restoration and migration using iTunes-style interface. Furthermore, this tool also enables users to preview and extract specific data from backups – helping prevent accidental restores from blind restores.

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

AnyTrans is an ideal solution for photo and video backups, providing both an effortless 1-click transfer process as well as selecting which photos and videos should be saved. Furthermore, its wide support of file formats (HEIC/JPEG included) makes storing copies without losing their quality easy.

AnyTrans comes equipped with additional utilities that help manage your iPhone from your computer, including converting HEIC files to JPEG format and creating multiple photo and video folders – something particularly helpful if your storage capacity has reached capacity on your iPhone. Furthermore, AnyTrans can create slideshows of all of your favorite photos for PC or Mac viewing.

AnyTrans makes taking advantage of AnyTrans’s features easy. Simply connect your device to your computer and open the program; its main screen displays an image of your iPhone along with categories for apps, music, messages, photos, etc. To the right of its image is a transfer button that quickly moves content between devices and computers.

On the left of the image are several other categories to manage: phone switcher that will help transfer your data between devices, cloud services for your iCloud account and an apps tab that offers a concise way to manage downloaded applications, such as backing up and moving them; as well as helping reinstall those not available through App Store; this tool provides invaluable help for anyone experiencing an app malfunction or simply wanting a backup of their favorite application.

Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer

AnyTrans is an iPhone/iPad transfer software that enables users to transfer 14 types of files between iOS devices and computers, including those running iOS 12. Unlike many apps in this category, AnyTrans doesn’t require Apple ID credentials or additional tools in order to start working; additionally it features Home Screen Manager which gives real-time images of home screens as well as an online HEIC to JPG converter.

Another crucial feature of this software is the ability to back up all data on an iOS device without using iCloud or iTunes – giving users complete control over their data and making transfers between devices simpler than ever – particularly helpful if switching over from an old phone and want all their information with them! This functionality makes for seamless transitions when switching devices without losing anything from their past life!

Once your iPhone is connected to a computer, AnyTrans will instantly display all its data categories and their respective files for you to select and transfer. Simply choose what files you’d like moved and click “Transfer”, the process takes no time at all – plus this software provides greater privacy-oriented protection than iTunes and iCloud since no additional permissions are needed for transferring information between devices.

AnyTrans is also capable of helping restore backups and creating custom playlists more effectively than iTunes or iCloud could, by saving all relevant music metadata like artwork, ratings and play counts. Furthermore, AnyTrans is known to preserve video quality when moving video clips between iPhone and computer.

Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer

AnyTrans makes it simple and fast to transfer iPhone videos onto a computer using USB, with just the tap of a finger! Just connect your phone to any available USB port and follow the prompts; Windows PC users must enter their passcode before selecting “Trust this Computer,” to verify they trust it as they access their device’s data through this program. After this step has been taken you can import videos.

Transferring videos offers several different options when it comes to importing new files; whether that means all new or specific ones, and which folder(s) on your PC you would like them saved in. Alternatively, click on the green folder icon at the top right corner of the program window if a new folder should be created.

The software also supports transferring other types of data, including music, photos, notes, voicemail files, applications, contacts and calendars. Furthermore, there is a built-in media downloader which allows users to quickly pull videos from various online sources – although large transfers can take some time.

AnyTrans provides another useful feature – its ability to create backups and restore them across iOS devices or computers – enabling more flexible data saving than is permitted by iTunes or iCloud. Furthermore, you have control over which files should be transferred; you may only select specific types and leave others untouched in your backup. Furthermore, AnyTrans is constantly being upgraded with new features, making it an excellent solution for moving videos between iPhone and PC.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer

AnyTrans offers an all-in-one platform to manage various iOS content types, such as contacts, photos, videos, music and apps. Its intuitive UI makes getting used to this software quick and painless; users can backup or restore data directly onto or from their devices as needed.

AnyTrans allows consumers to wirelessly transfer files between their computer and iDevices using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, eliminating the need for USB cables and providing faster file transfers. Additionally, this software supports more file formats than what iCloud currently supports; however, please keep in mind that not all iDevices support all types of file formats.

To transfer contacts from iPhone to computer, users will first need to ensure their iCloud account is up-to-date and export their contacts using iCloud Settings app on their phone and “Contacts”. From here they can select those they would like exported and click on “Export Contacts”, whereupon their files will be exported as vCards and saved safely on their computer.

Once vCards have been exported from an iOS device and imported onto a computer, they can easily be imported into contact management software such as Microsoft Outlook or text editing tools such as Notepad for easy importation into these programs or tools. The process should only take minutes! In addition to transferring files between different platforms (for instance between iOS and Android), AnyTrans also enables consumers to migrate their data between them using its free download and usage capabilities.

Transfer Messages from iPhone to Computer

AnyTrans is a comprehensive platform for managing iOS content that also integrates iTunes and iCloud files, offering users the ability to manage photos, music videos and ringtones alongside messages contacts apps as well as backup and restore functionality more versatile than what Apple or iTunes provides. Users are able to preview and select which data needs backing up including full backup of messages including attachments; third-party messaging applications like WhatsApp may also be protected this way.

This software features several tools accessible directly from its home page, including a phone switcher, media downloader and screen mirroring feature. When connecting an iPhone or Android device, the software displays information regarding its tech specs and storage capacity; after connecting their phone they can move their desired files onto their computer using the left sidebar.

AnyTrans’ ‘Media’ section allows consumers to easily organize all of their cloud music, playlists, music files, ringtones and voice memos onto one or multiple iDevices for transporting.

Move music, videos and ringtones easily using our built-in video downloader! Upload videos directly from popular websites like YouTube, DailyMotion or Instagram directly into our unified media library for easy storage and retrieval.

AnyTrans is an amazing tool designed to make moving between iPhones, iPads, and iPods incredibly straightforward. Additionally, this app offers backup and restoration for iTunes/iCloud content on all iDevices – perfect if you want to upgrade or switch devices altogether! AnyTrans is also great if you are considering switching over from iOS devices to Android ones or vice versa!

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