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AnyTrans is a comprehensive iOS data transfer and management solution with more control than iTunes and Finder, including media content management (Music & Playlists, Photos & Videos) along with Backup & Home Screen Manager sections.

By using the One-Click Backup feature, you can quickly back up all of the contents on your iPhone in just one step. Furthermore, it provides a comprehensive iCloud management solution and backup solution, enabling you to back up iCloud contents directly on the computer.

Video Converter

AnyTrans is an intuitive cross-platform data manager with an intuitive user interface and comprehensive capabilities for data management. From file transfers and media control, to advanced backup capabilities and device cloning features – anyTrans is the ultimate toolbox for data management! Clone your device instantly so you can transfer all apps, music, photos, messages and contacts between devices effortlessly!

This software offers comprehensive solutions to iPhone, iPad and iPod users. It can transfer music videos podcasts TV shows iTunes U audiobooks PDFs between iOS devices and your computer easily; create backups of data to restore whenever necessary; as well as provide a powerful video downloader capable of grabbing online videos such as those found on YouTube and Vimeo.

AnyTrans is available as both a free and paid version, the latter offering you 30 objects daily transfer capability and eliminating this limit altogether. In both instances, AnyTrans from iMobie provides powerful iOS management features.

AnyTrans is a comprehensive program for managing the data on your iDevice. It offers an intuitive media manager interface and categorization, and easily transfers collections or individual songs. Furthermore, AnyTrans also acts as a reliable app manager that transfers and backups apps onto your computer while also helping transfer home screen layouts between iDevices as well as managing documents that update, uninstall or reinstall them – plus even has a mirroring function so that you can watch what is happening on your device! Finally, AnyTrans offers an incredible media manager interface which categorization and transfers files or songs between devices as well as app management features like transfering and backing up apps onto PC and home screen layout transfer between devices!

Audio Converter

This program provides an impressive set of tools to manage all sorts of media files on an iOS device. It provides a more advanced alternative to iTunes and built-in solutions provided with Apple’s operating system; and allows users to transfer, download, edit and create ringtones; backup/restore device data as well as manage your iCloud contents.

AnyTrans has a sleek and intuitive user interface, featuring three distinct sections on its home screen displaying different categories: top section main functions; middle library of computer/iPhone/iPod devices and iPod; bottom one contains various libraries (computer, iPhone/iPod). Furthermore, AnyTrans allows screen mirroring so users can organize homescreen icons accordingly; clean gray app icons from unloaded apps (if applicable); create backup copies of whole or selected home screens as needed; screen mirroring feature supported; as well as screen mirroring support to mirror content to devices/computer/iPhone/iPhone device/iPhone/iPod devices/iOS platform//iPhone/iPod devices/library etc.

The program can transfer music, playlists, audio books and more between iOS devices and computers seamlessly – surpassing iTunes sync limits to make accessing melodies easy! Furthermore, you can create and send playlists directly to iTunes; additionally it backs up and imports purchased music more comprehensively than what iTunes provides.

AnyTrans can download online videos and play them offline, create new ringtones from MP3 files and add them directly into the library, as well as backup/restore iOS game data including achievements/credits etc.

AnyTrans is more affordable and features-packed compared to its counterpart, iExplorer. This makes it an excellent solution for managing different kinds of media files – something well worth giving a try!

Phone Switcher

AnyTrans is an all-in-one tool designed to facilitate managing iPhones, iPads and iPods with ease. Among its many features are media downloaders and screen mirroring; helping users take control of their mobile devices efficiently.

The program works similarly to iTunes, making it simple for anyone to learn its use without much difficulty. Its layout also assists this learning process as there are specific categories for photos, music, videos, apps, notes and voicemail files on an iPhone.

AnyTrans is an intuitive program for moving data between iPhones. Unlike iCloud which relies on backups for its transfers, AnyTrans works completely independently from them and transfers everything all at once – plus it even lets you clone it with all its previous information intact!

AnyTrans is equipped with several useful features, including the ability to transfer photos, contacts, and data between iPhones; access and organize iCloud backups; create customized music playlists for offline listening; import data from other iOS devices, Android phones, Mac computers and even PCs; import from other sources including other iOS devices, Android phones and PCs as well. Moreover, its backup manager allows for simple one-click configuration backup storing with one click; you can later restore data when needed or back it up entirely in case it gets lost or broken so your files remain safe in case something goes wrong with it all – giving you peace of mind knowing everything will be secure and protected should your files won’t get lost or broken up when it comes time!

App Manager

AnyTrans is an all-in-one solution for managing iOS content management needs, including backup / restore data, transfer music / photos / files between devices; managing iPhone apps; creating custom ringtones; and more – all this packed into a lightweight yet user-friendly package!

To start using AnyTrans, connect your iPhone or iPod touch using a USB cable, and allow its contents to load onto your PC. When completed, all its files and folders will appear in the right panel of AnyTrans; simply click any category link for easier navigation to the relevant files or folders.

AnyTrans is much more flexible when it comes to data transfer and management than iTunes, enabling daily, weekly or monthly backups for any iOS device you own, restore from an iCloud backup on any other iOS device, as well as moving files between two different iPhones without going through iTunes.

Another key advantage of this software is its ability to help manage social media messages. You can back up, restore and transfer messages from WhatsApp and other messaging services on your phone – particularly useful if switching over to iOS device.

AnyTrans is equipped with several key features, including Video Downloading, Screen Mirroring and Ringtone Creation in just a few steps. Furthermore, AnyTrans is the only iOS management tool which enables easy app rearrangement on home screens via drag-and-drop rearranging functionality – plus, its rebuild function in case of system crashes can help rebuild iTunes libraries as well.

One-Click Backup

AnyTrans is a fantastic file transfer program for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that’s also capable of much more. As a complete solution for managing all your iOS files – as well as iTunes library files and cloud content such as iCloud storage space – AnyTrans is also an efficient backup solution capable of backing up to either computer storage devices or cloud services for safekeeping of data.

No matter where you are, AnyTrans is capable of wirelessly and silently backing up your iOS device – its backup solution being far superior to that offered by Apple as it backs up your entire device rather than select files only. Furthermore, its customizable path feature means storage space needs aren’t an issue when creating backups that can later be restored back onto any other iDevice at any given point in time.

AnyTrans is not only capable of backing up, but can also transfer files between iOS devices and the computer, providing another layer of flexibility when working collaboratively on work files from Mac to iPhone or iPad. Furthermore, its software can assist when switching phones by copying over all content onto its newer model.

The app boasts an intuitive user experience that’s simple enough even for novice users and grandparents alike to use with minimal training or instruction. Operating it only takes seconds, with all information about your iOS device clearly displayed through color coding (photos are red while apps are green) to help guide navigation. In addition, previewing contents of backups before restoration takes place is available, along with downloading media directly from over 900 websites to stream it directly onto iDevices and even cloning devices! Although free for basic users to try, advanced users may upgrade with additional features available through purchase of premium version which includes additional tools.

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