AOMEI Backupper Review

AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper is an effective, affordable and comprehensive third-party software solution designed to backup and secure your data. With features such as file and disk backup, cloning, PXE boot support and real-time/two-way folder synchronisation among many others AOMEI Backupper provides reliable protection of your valuable files and documents.

The Standard edition offers an assortment of practical tools and settings, while the Professional version elevates it even further by offering 24-hour technical support (in contrast with one-time licensing for Standard). Full dissimilar hardware restoration is also supported.

System Backup

AOMEI Backupper’s System Backup feature enables you to easily and quickly create backup copies of all software and applications installed on the C: drive of your computer for safekeeping in case any software or hardware issue should cause its malfunction. The process is extremely user-friendly; no reboot is necessary, nor will other programs be affected during its backup operation. Once finished, restore it back immediately to save any potential data loss!

AOMEI’s backup capabilities are extremely comprehensive, offering disk, partition, file, and cloud backups. Their backups are simple to run using either their built-in AOMEI Backup Wizard or command line tools (only supported in Professional edition). Operations are fast and efficient with clear explanations for any errors encountered during backup operations and warning prompts provided to prevent unnecessary actions during the process.

Other features include the ability to back up drives to different locations such as USB or NAS devices, RAID volumes or even UEFI bootable media. All major functions are easily accessible through an intuitive user interface with clear labelling to avoid confusion.

Cloning functionality can also be invaluable, enabling you to easily clone a disk, partition or entire operating system in an efficient and hassle-free manner. Simply preview both source and destination disks before initiating a clone; furthermore you can choose advanced settings like Edit Partitions, Sector by Sector cloning or SSD Alignment for optimal clone processes.

Disk Backup

AOMEI Backupper offers several disk imaging and cloning features, such as disk cloning – where an existing disk or partition is copied directly onto another disk – System Clone (copy of operating system and related partitions), Partition Clone, which copies only a specific partition – for easy computer relocation or upgrades. These tools can help ensure data integrity during transition or upgrade processes.

Backup to any storage device recognized by Windows, such as internal hard drives or external USB devices. The program supports RAID technology for creating redundant copies of essential data. Furthermore, this software allows you to split large backup files into smaller chunks for easier storage and recovery – as well as secure them through encryption for an added layer of protection.

Backups can be scheduled to run automatically at set intervals and provide email notifications of completion or failure. Furthermore, using bootable media feature create a USB disk or DVD that will help restore your system in case of emergency.

Restoring process is also fast and error-free compared to competing software. One thing worth keeping in mind, however, is that image files saved using AOMEI’s proprietary format are stored locally – although this shouldn’t be too much of an issue if users wish to keep backups separate from AOMEI.

AOMEI Backupper is an efficient backup and cloning tool with some notable restrictions, providing easy use and offering a range of features suitable for home and small business users. The paid version unlocks even more functionality such as advanced backup plan settings that automatically create full and incremental backups while simultaneously deleting old backups, and the ability to restore to dissimilar hardware.

Partition Backup

AOMEI Backupper allows users to take advantage of its partition backup feature to create an image file of any partition they select, which could later be used to recover all the data stored therein, including operating system, programs and any other types of information installed onto their hard disk.

Cloned partitions can be useful for various reasons, including the ability to restore software no longer available from its developer or copy it over to another disk/drive, making data transfers simpler between computers.

This utility supports multiple dynamic disk types, making it possible to backup and restore partitions including simple spanned, striped and mirrored partitions as well as increasingly common UEFI boot drives and GPT disks in business environments.

AOMEI Backupper Standard goes beyond traditional backup solutions by including an optional file synchronisation feature, which enables files to be easily synced across folders on a single computer or even multiple machines, keeping important documents updated with all changes reflected across both copies of each file.

AOMEI Backupper also features the ability to back up to NAS devices, providing businesses with an additional layer of protection and accessibility at all times. Furthermore, its scheduler makes the program an excellent solution for providing regular backups that automatically keep pace with files changing over time.

Although AOMEI Backupper Standard does have some restrictions, it still provides an impressive array of backup, disk cloning and file synchronisation functionality that’s free for personal (non-commercial) use. Furthermore, its excellent support documentation, FAQs and tutorials can be easily found through its online AOMEI Backupper Support Portal.

File Backup

AOMEI Backupper features both basic file backup options and more advanced business features, including accessing an AOMEI cloud account for additional storage (if users have purchased an AOMEI subscription). Documentation for specific features is extensive with screenshots depicting their use; additionally there are specific FAQs covering Purchase, Technical, and Product Upgrade inquiries.

Software designed for backing up files to local and network locations, external disks, NAS devices and virtual machines (VMs). With options to compress backups to reduce space requirements and secure their images with encryption to prevent unauthorized access, regular or one-off backups can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly and email notifications will notify users if their backup has succeeded or failed.

When it comes to file restoration, AOMEI Backupper offers an advanced restore tool which enables users to selectively select files and folders from either a backup set or the entire system. Furthermore, this program can restore disk images back to original disk format or clone disks to another location, with advanced options like sector by sector cloning and SSD alignment for optimal performance.

Software such as this can even synchronize folders so any changes made in one will reflect in another folder – an especially handy feature if your computer is used to work on documents, store pictures and music, etc.

File Sync

AOMEI Backupper goes beyond basic backup, restore, and cloning to offer file synchronization features as well. It can easily sync files between computers and various external devices like USB drives, NAS boxes or cloud storage accounts.

To create a file synchronization task, navigate to the Sync tab from the left sidebar and choose two locations to connect. Add folders from either location by clicking “Add Folder,” while specifying their destination path from either your local path or selecting from a dropdown for network shares and NAS devices as your destination path. When ready, click Start Sync and begin the synchronization process!

Once a sync job is launched, AOMEI Backupper will monitor changes to selected folders and automatically reflect them in real-time to the destination path. However, this process will overwrite existing destination copies with newer copies; to preserve previous versions of files you must delete them manually from this path.

Two-Way Sync allows for any additions, modifications, and deletions made in both directories to be immediately reflected in both directories – ideal if working across multiple computers where both need to be updated simultaneously.

The software allows you to schedule a synchronization task and even prevent your system from shutting down until its completion. Furthermore, you can specify when this task will be run – typically Monday-Sunday every week – with an extensive log detailing its progress. In addition to these notable upgrades and optimizations, Aomei has also introduced numerous smaller improvements and optimizations into this release.

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