AOMEI Backupper Review

AOMEI Backupper is an inexpensive and simple PC backup/restore, clone/sync software with many additional features, offering disk, partition and file backup as well as bootable rescue media creation.

Backup and imaging operations completed without incident, while cloning an SSD was successful as well.


AOMEI Backupper is a comprehensive data backup program with numerous features and functions. It offers several different backup types – system, disk/partition and file – along with recovery options such as one-click recovery, bootable rescue disc, image clone and image clone – plus various recovery strategies including one-click recovery, bootable rescue disc, image clone and image clone. In addition, the program contains tools to protect and ensure smooth functioning of your computer, such as disk wipe tool to erase sensitive files or eradicate malware, hidden emergency partition similar to those found on large PC vendors; hidden emergency partition similar to what’s found on large PC vendors; file sync features which allows synchronizing folders locally as well as cloud drives.

AOMEI Backupper performed swiftly and without issues during our tests. Imaging, file backup, and clone operations all ran quickly on an SSD drive; while its good use of space on our test drive made this an invaluable program for users with limited storage space for backup drives or cloud storage services. Unfortunately, though, the free version only offers limited storage management features; regular users could quickly see their storage capacities being depleted as more full system or file backups are undertaken with this application.

Thankfully, the professional version of this program unlocks several features to address this concern. For instance, users can choose which cloud service they would like for online backups when paying for this version of the software. Users are also able to merge incremental backups and use batch scripts for backup and recovery – features which make for an extremely flexible data backup solution for businesses looking for flexible data protection options. AOMEI Backupper comes equipped with several other helpful tools, including a disk explorer and the capability of running pre- and post-backup scripts. Furthermore, a business license for AOMEI Backupper allows users to register the program across multiple computers within an organization – an ideal option for IT support teams.


One of the best ways to prevent data loss is to make regular backups of your system, disks or partitions. That way, should something go wrong with your computer, you can restore your data quickly and easily. But backing up can take time; that’s where AOMEI Backupper comes in – its goal is to make backup easy for everyone with large files – it also supports multiple operating systems and devices; its advanced features include disk and file level backups as well as disaster recovery and partition management – plus much more!

AOMEI Backupper software is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems, and includes both free and premium versions (AOMEI Backupper Professional for $50). Furthermore, free versions such as AOMEI Backupper Standard may have less features than paid editions but still provide valuable assistance when backing up large amounts of data.

AOMEI Backupper is an ideal choice for people who wish to back up their computers and servers easily and reliably. The program is user-friendly and offers various features – such as file-level backups and automatic synchronization – making it simple and stress-free. Plus, its 90-day money back guarantee is the longest available backup software product on the market!

When compared to other backup and restore programs, AOMEI Backupper may seem expensive, yet it still makes a great choice for users seeking a reliable Windows backup solution compatible with most hard drives as well as multiple backup/restoration formats.

AOMEI Backupper boasts an exceptional support team. Their customer service department can be reached 24/7 via phone and email, while the website offers a searchable knowledge base and FAQs; customers can also find documentation, videos and tutorials that help them address their issues. AOMEI Backupper customer support also comes in several languages for added convenience.


AOMEI Backupper is an excellent all-round choice for anyone seeking reliable and feature-packed software that can perform basic data backups and restores. While its free version may be somewhat limited, paid versions offer additional sophisticated functions including PXE boot tool support, disk cloning capabilities, and cloud backup services.

This software features an easily navigable “Home” tab with options for performing system backups, restoring files and folders, and cloning partitions. There’s even an unique Universal Restore feature which enables you to restore backups on computers with dissimilar hardware without reinstalling Windows; plus there’s the clone feature which helps recover from an unbootable operating system by copying its hard drive onto another empty, working hard drive or SSD.

Backups can be created on a local disk/USB drive, network shared location or NAS/RDX/SAN device. We found backups to be quick and effective despite using higher levels of compression; additionally, the software proved highly intuitive and simple to use even by those without prior knowledge in backing up data.

One drawback of the software is its lack of built-in cloud backup, which may be deal breakers for certain business users. However, this limitation can be partially overcome as most popular cloud backup services are supported and you can connect your own account rather than being forced to trust the company’s own service.

AOMEI Backupper is an excellent option for anyone in search of an affordable backup and restoration solution, compatible with all versions of Windows, including older editions like XP. While its free version offers plenty of features that might go unused by single users, the Professional and Workstation packages provide all-encompassing backup and recovery functionality at a very reasonable price; additionally multiple license purchases at once qualify for discounts that save more money.


AOMEI Backupper is a highly-acclaimed Windows backup and recovery software, offering protection to both home users and enterprise IT professionals alike. Be it ransomware, hardware failure or accidental deletion – with features like dynamic disk cloning, image management and customizable backup management features as well as many layers of protection and flexibility the program ensures data safety and recovery for its users.

Although AOMEI’s free version can only support up to four devices at once, its paid option offers unlimited backups that are easily managed from a central control center – making it simple and fast to protect and restore an entire network of computers from one location. Plus, its robust backup solution boasts features like file synchronization, scheduling backups and remote access!

AOMEI provides one of the most beneficial features available to users with its system backup feature, enabling users to back up all software and applications installed on your operating system partition (usually C: drive) without rebooting your computer. This function can save both time and money for businesses by eliminating risks related to missing vital files or information.

Real-time file sync allows the app to seamlessly update backups in real-time and save you time, helping prevent data loss in case of hardware malfunction or power outage, which are common among businesses. Additionally, this safeguard protects you in case employees misplace or delete important files or folders, helping keep your business running efficiently and ensuring employees do not delete critical documents by accident.

AOMEI’s backup and recovery software offers more than a user-friendly interface; its documentation section features detailed screenshots to guide you through common use cases. Furthermore, its FAQs page may be intimidating for beginners looking for backup solutions.

AOMEI Backupper stands out by being capable of backing up and restoring Windows systems and partitions – including their partition where Windows itself resides! Making it an invaluable asset for small businesses. Furthermore, this app supports various forms of backup such as full, incremental, differential backups as well as real-time file synchronization/cloning capabilities.

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