ApowerMirror Review


ApowerMirror is a free program that can wirelessly stream the screen of any Android or iOS phone to a desktop, making it useful for file presentations, media projection onto large-sized screens and more.

Controlling mobile devices remotely using mouse and keyboard is also possible with this product, while multiple device mirroring is supported simultaneously.

Screen mirroring

Screen mirroring is an innovative technology that allows you to wirelessly display an exact replica of the display from your mobile device onto another device, be it another phone, computer or tablet. You can share an entire device, application or window. Often used in classrooms to facilitate collaborative learning and presentations; screen mirroring also makes watching movies or videos difficult on small screens more accessible.

Mirroring is most commonly achieved using either USB cables or Wi-Fi connections, although both options work effectively for most users. USB requires both devices to be on a common network while Wi-Fi offers more flexible connection that may better suit home or office environments. Some people may prefer one over another but both methods serve their respective users well.

Once ApowerMirror is installed on your computer, simply connect your phone either through USB or Wi-Fi and choose to mirror its screen on your computer screen. Enjoy viewing content on a larger display; its simple user interface makes the process quick.

ApowerMirror supports multiple mobile devices, such as iOS and Android phones and tablets, TVs, Chromecast devices and gaming consoles, streaming video/audio services (so you can watch videos on TV while listening to music through computer) as well as streaming services that stream both video/audio from different locations simultaneously. Please be aware that for optimal use the display must be actively active – not sitting idle.

ApowerMirror stands out from its competition with its Game Keyboard feature. This allows you to access your favorite mobile games directly on PC using mouse and keyboard control – such as PUBG Mobile Legends! Even your esports matches can be watched using this feature!

ApowerMirror can act both as an Android emulator and mirroring service, providing you with the opportunity to access Android applications and games on a bigger screen while taking advantage of a larger keyboard and mouse – something particularly helpful for gamers looking to enhance their gaming experience.

Audio mirroring

ApowerMirror features an easy and user-friendly interface, featuring clear icons for each function and when hovering over them a tooltip will appear describing what it does. Furthermore, ApowerMirror supports both USB and Wi-Fi mirroring; multiple devices are supported, making this program ideal for businesspeople needing to display presentations or meetings within an office environment.

ApowerMirror can also be used to play mobile games on a larger screen. Compatible with iOS and Android platforms, this software enables gamers to stream audio directly from their device for gameplay on an enhanced experience. Furthermore, ApowerMirror also records videos and takes screenshots on devices which is ideal for sharing gameplay with others.

ApowerMirror stands out from other mirroring programs by being easy and fast in connecting. You can connect any device via USB cable or Wi-Fi; even better, the app automatically detects devices. Furthermore, ApowerMirror features include controlling devices and capturing screen shots from them from your computer screen.

This program can provide high-quality audio when streaming videos, games and other content on a computer. Furthermore, its settings enable you to tailor your experience – for instance you can adjust brightness, contrast and saturation settings of the screen for optimal viewing experience as well as audio output/volume settings to ensure crisp sound output.

Before using ApowerMirror to stream your phone screen onto PC, you must enable USB debugging mode on your device. To do this, head into Settings and choose “About Phone,” tap Build number seven times then “Activate Developer Options,” before opening ApowerMirror app on device and selecting “Tap to Connect.”

ApowerMirror is a powerful mirroring software designed to seamlessly link your smartphone with Windows or Mac computers, offering features designed to maximize productivity and safety for user. Plus, its free trial period gives users plenty of chances to see if ApowerMirror fits their needs!

Control from PC

ApowerMirror is an Android mirroring software with several features to suit users’ needs. From presentations and photos on larger screens to playing games with friends, this app lets you stream the screen of an Android device directly onto a PC using its intuitive design and stable connection. Furthermore, its support of various input methods on computers enables users to type messages using either their mouse or keyboards is another added bonus of this application.

This program works with both USB and WiFi connections, meaning that your phone can connect without needing additional drivers. When first opening up the app, a window will show two options for connecting: using a cable or wirelessly through WiFi connection – choosing either option requires you to enable USB debugging while setting up WiFi doesn’t require special setup steps.

Once you’ve installed the software on both devices, mirroring their screens takes only minutes. All that is required to begin mirroring them is connecting both to a common Wi-Fi network and installing the ApowerMirror app on your phone – once these two have been linked together you can begin streaming audio and video from your phone onto the computer screen – perfect for presentations or training purposes, plus recording its screen live!

ApowerMirror provides another powerful feature by allowing you to mirror your iPhone or iPad onto a PC using either USB or WiFi connections – regardless of iOS version support! Multiple devices may also be connected simultaneously and displayed.

To stream an iPhone or iPad onto a computer, connect its USB cable and open ApowerMirror app on both phones. On ApowerMirror interface you will see PIN code that can be entered by smartphone users to begin streaming their screen live.


ApowerMirror is an app designed to mirror your phone’s screen to PC. Installation takes only seconds and once complete you can begin using it immediately. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Android devices supporting Miracast or AirPlay (and even some Smart TVs and projectors!), ApowerMirror makes viewing phone content on larger displays much simpler!

The program can stream video, photos and other media files directly from a cell phone to PC for user enjoyment on larger screens. In addition to streaming media files directly, Powerpoint presentations, PDF documents and papers may also be displayed – as well as recording your phone screen to create tutorial videos and presentations! Sharing data easily between friends and family.

ApowerMirror can serve as a digital whiteboard for students taking online classes. By projecting your smartphone’s screen on to a laptop or TV screen, ApowerMirror makes sharing notes and highlights from lectures easier for both you and your classmates, helping to improve study efficiency. Furthermore, its multi-player feature makes sharing game footage simple! ApowerMirror also works well as an entertainment streaming device and is great for game enthusiasts looking to share their gameplay with others.

Advanced functions allow you to control your mobile phone from a computer using mouse and keyboard, including WhatsApp and SMS text messages. Furthermore, it records all actions on your mobile screen and captures screenshots – making it an invaluable asset for gamers and vloggers.

ApowerMirror features an easy and intuitive user interface, with all functions clearly laid out for you to see. It’s fully customizable to meet your preferences; and short cuts allow access to features like screen recording, file transfer and photo capturing. Plus it features an auto save feature to automatically save files and screenshots to your computer; all without the risk of malware or spyware!

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