Ashampoo ClipFinder

Ashampoo ClipFinder

Ashampoo ClipFinder makes web video use simple. With its simple search functions for popular video portals and 3D interface, browsing your search results becomes a pleasure.

Ashampoo ClipFinder also features integrated download capability and allows users to flag their favorite clips for later use. Ashampoo ClipFinder is free for testing purposes but requires registration key registration for future use.

3D Video Wall

Ashampoo ClipFinder makes browsing and viewing search results simpler than ever with its 3D Video Wall, which displays them in an elegant 3D video wall rather than as a flat list of thumbnails. Furthermore, Ashampoo ClipFinder also offers multiple skins so you can customize its appearance according to your tastes – another way of personalizing this software!

Ashampoo ClipFinder boasts an outstanding search function that enables you to navigate search results quickly and effortlessly, using multiple keywords or selecting languages as necessary to narrow them. Furthermore, Ashampoo ClipFinder allows users to download videos and MP3 files directly from the web and organize results with custom categories for easier accessing when desired.

Ashampoo ClipFinder can handle a range of file formats, from AVI and MP3 to WMV and MKV. Furthermore, its fast downloads maximize performance without straining system resources; so you get maximum use out of your computer without compromising performance or quality. Furthermore, Ashampoo ClipFinder is free for personal use without ads; however if you want the full version upgrade you will have to purchase it separately.

Connect provides an easy way to unlock and update your software while also offering technical support, exclusive news articles and discounts on Ashampoo products.

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD makes web video the way it should be: search up to fifteen video portals at once or individually, view videos directly and convert and save them onto your hard disk in just one click – nothing makes finding, viewing, saving and managing web video easier! And unlike similar programs, Ashampoo ClipFinder HD not only improves with age – it remains completely free.

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD was developed and released for Windows by ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG on 26 September 2023 as a part of their Video Tools category on 26 September 2023, receiving four out of five star user ratings from users.

Easy to use

Ashampoo ClipFinder offers an intuitive user experience, letting you search videos across a wide variety of video portals with one search term and retrieving all matching clips automatically from a 3D video wall. Once done, select either just one or all portals and search videos directly through Ashampoo ClipFinder if desired, as well as download them directly. Downloaded videos will be stored in their own separate folder in Ashampoo ClipFinder; flag favorite videos as favorites or add them directly into playlists of your own, plus playback while conversion occurs!

Ashampoo Video Converter allows users to improve video quality. Select from a range of presets for different devices to ensure that your video will play well on all screens, creating slideshows with your favorite videos as well as multilingual subtitles. In addition, Ashampoo ClipFinder HD stands out among similar software programs with features that make it unique.

Users can quickly access various functions via the menu bar and customize its appearance, while searching up to 15 video portals at once using multiple search engines simultaneously. In addition, all videos from one portal can be conveniently found and displayed as separate tabs; and users may even resize their interface for viewing more previews at once.

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD is an innovative program that makes searching, downloading and playing internet video much simpler. Featuring an appealing tabbed interface with various beautiful skin options available to customize its aesthetic to any screen size, Ashampoo ClipFinder HD also comes equipped with its own video player for fullscreen or thumbnail mode viewing of videos.

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD is free and compatible with most Windows operating systems. However, please be aware that this software is registerware; therefore supplying a valid email address in order to receive a key (and be added to Ashampoo’s newsletter mailing list) will get you one free key and ensure its usage.

Easy to download

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD is an intuitive software program that makes searching online videos across several video portals, such as YouTube and Dailymotion, effortless. The program boasts an attractive 3D user interface for an enjoyable browsing experience; playback can occur directly within its mainframe without needing an external media player; URLs can be copied directly, visited portal websites directly, playlists created, favorite lists curated and converted files converted to different formats – among many other useful functions!

This program enables users to search up to 15 video portals at once and display results as thumbnails in a 3D Video Wall. Furthermore, users can download multiple videos simultaneously onto their hard drives in any desired format for later playback on televisions. Furthermore, high definition conversion allows for viewing them with crisp image clarity on screens of all sizes.

Another outstanding benefit of this program is that it allows users to quickly and effortlessly edit screenshots and videos using advanced OCR technology, which converts images to editable text automatically. Furthermore, audio can also be edited with this program to remove background noise or increase or decrease volume – facilitating professional-grade video and audio content creation for users.

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD not only offers video editing capabilities, but can also organize uploaded media into categories by simply clicking on the “My Videos” tab at the top of the screen. Once this task is done, uploaded media can quickly and easily be shared via email, URL, QR Codes or social networks.

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD is an invaluable tool for any internet user who loves watching or creating videos, free for personal use on any Windows operating system with at least 2GB RAM and compatible video card, along with internet access. Installation takes only minutes; multiple computers may also use this application at the same time and supports Windows 7 or later operating systems.

Easy to manage

Ashampoo ClipFinder features an elegant and user-friendly interface that makes searching the internet for videos enjoyable. It scans all major video portals at a click and provides visually clear 3D navigation (classic list view is also supported) of search results – making video playback possible directly within Ashampoo ClipFinder or download for later use.

This program supports multiple tabs and parallel searching to allow users to quickly access multiple search results. Once these have been returned, a convenient pop-up menu enables them to play or download them, with added options for My Videos at the top of their screen for easy tracking of them all.

Once a screenshot or video capture task has been completed, sharing them is also made very straightforward using Ashampoo Web’s built-in cloud sharing service, supporting uploading, linking, and QR codes – this makes completing any workflow faster and simpler than ever!

Ashampoo ClipFinder can be trialed free for 10 days; however, full functionality requires registration with Ashampoo. Upon startup, a smart screen asks users if they would like “Get full version” or “Join community”, when clicked one will receive an e-mail containing a registration code from Ashampoo and can continue using the software indefinitely thereafter. Registration with Ashampoo is straightforward and does not involve creating accounts or entering personal details – though occasional promotional e-mails from Ashampoo may occur after clicking either option!

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