Ashampoo ClipFinder Review

Ashampoo ClipFinder

Ashampoo ClipFinder is an invaluable tool for users who regularly access various video hosting platforms, boasting fast search capabilities and straightforward video management options.

Search results from up to fifteen portals are integrated in an easy 3-D interface for convenient searching and video streaming directly. Selectively filter results, view videos directly and convert or save clips easily.


Ashampoo ClipFinder stands apart from traditional video downloaders by searching several popular portals at once and letting users select which videos to download from. This approach makes it possible to organize downloaded files neatly into folders; an invaluable benefit for users who regularly accumulate large volumes of video content. Furthermore, Ashampoo ClipFinder features categorization capabilities so users can organize clips by genre within My Videos tab of software.

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD makes searching and downloading multiple formats effortless, making video conversion easier after it has already been saved to your computer. Once a video has been located, right-clicking it launches the option for download; its impressive search speed often surpasses that of individual portals!

Users of the program can search up to 15 video portals simultaneously, opening new tabs for each search result. A built-in player provides them with the opportunity to preview videos before downloading, while an easy “Save Clip to Drive” button makes saving their selected clip effortless. Once downloaded, video files can also be renamed or converted onto other file formats on-demand.

Ashampoo ClipFinder features an intuitive 3-D interface, making video browsing and playback an enjoyable experience. In addition, Ashampoo ClipFinder makes use of the program’s built-in YouTube browser so users can quickly and effortlessly watch YouTube videos without ever leaving its search interface.

Ashampoo ClipFinder not only offers extensive video search and download functionality, but it also comes equipped with an in-built media editor. This software enables users to optimize videos by fixing common problems such as shakiness, digital noise or unfavorable contrasts; additionally it can create stunning slow-motion or time lapse effects without lens distortions – offering all these services within one convenient software program!

Ashampoo offers several additional programs, including its powerful video editing suite Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro. This version can import and edit 4K footage, with standard cutting, effects, music tools, Dolby 5.1 surround sound support, slow-mo, graphics acceleration capabilities and much more available to it. However, Editors’ Choice CyberLink PowerDirector does offer more advanced features such as motion tracking and advanced PiP tools which may make editing easier than its competition.


Ashampoo ClipFinder HD is a video search program that enables users to simultaneously access, download and convert videos from up to 15 portals at once. Searches can be performed selectively across portals or all together depending on personal needs.

An intuitive user interface enables users to efficiently and quickly navigate the software, featuring a prominently displayed search bar for queries, a list of portals that support it, and a 3D Video Wall that displays clips as thumbnails – clicking a thumbnail brings up a pop-up menu with options such as playing or saving for later offline viewing/conversion; multiple searches may also be created in different tabs with switching abilities between them.

Search engines are becoming increasingly sophisticated, capable of processing multiple queries simultaneously and returning results within seconds. Their speedy performance also enables quick filtering results for narrowing down videos that might be downloaded or converted, making this software invaluable to users navigating multiple video hosting platforms.

Once a suitable video has been identified, clicking its icon above the video preview initiates the downloading process. A right-click opens up options to add it to ‘My Videos’ for future viewing and downloading – users may even organize and categorize their downloaded videos for easy management and organization.

The program supports many video portals, including YouTube, VideU and Google Video, among others. With its easy-to-use interface and fast search engine as well as comprehensive video download and conversion capabilities, this tool is invaluable for users who consume content across platforms. While batch download video clips might not be possible with it, its speed and simplicity still makes it an attractive option for casual users looking to enhance their online video viewing experience. However, downloading copyrighted material without permission could be illegal depending on where you reside – it would be wiser to consult an experienced legal expert before beginning this journey.


Ashampoo ClipFinder HD brings together the functionality of multiple video portals into one user-friendly application that enables quick searching and downloads of video content. With convenient features and an easy user interface that makes browsing quick, this program offers an enjoyable overall experience; unfortunately it lacks batch downloading capabilities which may compromise its efficiency.

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD makes searching for video clips easy with its 3D view that makes searching results quickly and efficiently. Search up to fifteen portals simultaneously and either watch directly within the program or convert and save them; plus it comes equipped with an inbuilt player that supports most common file formats!

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD stands out by offering the capability of creating personalized categories for video files, making organization intuitively straightforward. This functionality elevates the program from being just another download utility into a comprehensive media management solution.

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD’s one-click download feature makes searching for video clips easier, while its integrated player allows users to instantly save the desired file to their hard drive. Furthermore, Ashampoo’s player makes it simple and efficient for them to watch any clips they have downloaded or saved from their favorite portal.

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD can not only download, play back, view and save web video but can also convert MP3s from various online sources – which makes this application particularly helpful for extracting audio from videos without needing external programs or browsers.

Overall, Ashampoo ClipFinder HD boasts an impressive set of features sure to satisfy any video enthusiast. Its powerful searching abilities and straightforward video management options make it an excellent option for users who collect a significant amount of video content across various video platforms; however, its lack of batch downloading capabilities may reduce overall efficiency.


Ashampoo ClipFinder HD features a comprehensive set of conversion features to assist users in quickly creating customized video files for specific playback and usage needs. Furthermore, Ashampoo ClipFinder HD makes existing videos format change faster without necessitating in-depth knowledge of supported file types or specific device specifications.

The software’s main strength lies in its efficient approach to centralizing web-based content into an easily navigable platform, collating search results from numerous portals such as YouTube, VideU, MyVideo, Dailymotion and sevenload into one centralized interface for easy browsing across multiple portals in order to quickly locate and download video clips.

Once users have located an appropriate clip to download, this program provides fast and accurate searching capabilities to quickly locate its presence online and initiate its download with one click via right-clicking – making this feature very efficient and user-friendly.

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD goes beyond basic search and downloading capabilities to provide video editors with tools they can use to customize clips and movies for their needs. Users are able to trim videos and edit duration, add text/audio/effects/alter image quality/create playlists using its powerful video editing features; plus it enables quick upload of completed projects directly onto popular social media platforms such as YouTube/Facebook!

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD stands out amongst other video editing and conversion applications with its striking design. Featuring an interactive 3D tabbed interface and customizable skins to meet individual preferences, Ashampoo ClipFinder HD stands out among competitors thanks to its eye-catching aesthetic.

Ashampoo ClipFinder is an excellent application designed to offer comprehensive video search and download management functions on Windows-based computers, making it suitable for novice and expert users alike. With its user-friendly interface and vast array of functions, Ashampoo ClipFinder makes an excellent choice.

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