Ashampoo ClipFinder

Ashampoo ClipFinder

Ashampoo ClipFinder is a free video application available on Windows PC that has become one of the most sought-after applications, along with MotionCaster, CCCP, and Free Cam.

This software gives you access to search all popular video portals and display their results as a 3D Video Wall. Search selectively or just in all portals – or decide whether just one or none should be searched.

Searching for videos

Ashampoo ClipFinder is an intuitive video program designed to quickly search, download, organize, and watch online videos from multiple sources. It’s even possible to watch them without an internet connection via its built-in viewer! Plus its powerful search engine quickly locates clips based on criteria such as theme, length, review scores or popularity; plus it saves your favorites on your computer screen so they’re available whenever needed!

ClipFinder was an impressive newcomer among web video utilities, but its HD counterpart is even better. Search up to fifteen portals simultaneously or selectively; watch videos directly within the application; convert and save them directly onto your hard disk – nothing makes searching, viewing, downloading and managing online videos simpler!

The program searches multiple portals for video clips and displays them on a 3D video wall, providing an enjoyable browsing experience with playback capability of videos within the program itself. You may even download your desired clips offline and build playlists of them!

It supports all popular video formats and can convert them to another format. Furthermore, it allows for downloading and saving a video in full quality with reduced file sizes for easy uploading to Facebook or YouTube. Furthermore, you can even make use of it to make a ringtone from one particular video or music track so as to remind yourself about something important!

There are numerous other features that make this program indispensable to online video fans, including auto detection of when you visit certain websites and opening the page that relates to what you’re searching for, searching similar clips if the title you entered wasn’t right, searching similar titles if the wrong title was entered, searching similar videos in order to quickly locate what you need and searching specific keywords within a video for faster search results.

Viewing videos

Ashampoo ClipFinder provides you with an effortless way to browse and download web videos onto your computer. It allows you to locate the perfect video from various online portals like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, SevenLoad and MyVideo easily; create playlists and favorites lists; convert MP4, FLV, MP3 3GP or AVI videos between extensions easily; or simply switch between them altogether!

This program features a 3-D Video Wall that displays search results from up to 15 video portals, with the result lists displayed as thumbnails and their websites accessible with one click. Filters allow for focused searching of certain portals, multiple searches at once or selecting specific portals; plus you can watch and download videos directly from search results or directly from websites.

Downloaded videos can be watched within the program and full-screen mode can provide an enjoyable viewing experience. In addition, this program enables you to copy and paste video URLs directly into other applications or browsers; save videos directly onto your hard drive or visit video websites – and create playlists or favorite lists of videos!

Download multiple clips at once to save both time and effort, while expanding the application with additional video portal support in the future through its update feature.

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD is a free-to-use Windows application designed to quickly find and view internet videos easily. Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems, Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG’s ClipFinder is developed in Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Byelorussian Bulgarian Czech Danish Dutch Estonian Greek Hebrew Hungarian Italian Latvian Lithuanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovene Spanish Swedish Turkish languages as well as for mobile phones such as smartphones or tablets from their official website Ashampoo ClipFinder HD is now also available in multiple language versions (Alban a minimum requirement of 2GB storage space for usage), as well as being accessible through their official Ashampoo website download link for use!

Downloading videos

Internet provides us with endless sources of entertainment and information, including videos to download. Ashampoo ClipFinder is a free program that makes this task simpler by searching YouTube and Vimeo videos and downloading them quickly – then automatically converting them to be compatible with Windows PCs. Using it saves both time and effort!

Ashampoo ClipFinder searches multiple video portals simultaneously to provide the best search results for your query. Once it finds a clip that fits, Ashampoo ClipFinder displays it in thumbnail form and lets you play or download directly; additionally, the program supports hard disk transferring so you can watch offline videos. In addition, Ashampoo ClipFinder displays additional details relevant to each film such as length and rating from user reviews.

Ashampoo ClipFinder is an innovative and user-friendly program designed to make searching for and watching videos online easier than ever. Fast and versatile enough to handle various formats including MP4, WMV, AVI and FLV files – as well as searching specific parts of a video clip and saving multiple copies at the same time – Ashampoo ClipFinder makes building up your collection of clips easy!

Searching videos using this software’s search engine is extremely powerful, allowing you to locate even the rarest ones quickly and efficiently. It searches movies, sports events and television shows among many other categories; its user-friendly interface supports various languages while its built-in browser makes web surfing quick and simple.

Ashampoo ClipFinder is one of the leading video editing programs, alongside MotionCaster and CCCP. This lightweight application offers many useful features ideal for both novices and professionals, including an update function which enables them to receive new features as needed. Registration is not necessary but free use is only valid for 10 days before further consideration is necessary.

Organizing videos

Ashampoo ClipFinder provides an exceptional solution for searching, viewing, downloading and managing online video clips. This software saves clips from various video hosting sites to your desktop for later organizing into categories such as sports, movies and TV shows – sharing them easily with family and friends as well as offering different interactive skins that give this program its unique appearance.

Ashampoo ClipFinder HD allows you to search up to 15 video portals simultaneously and display the results directly within Ashampoo ClipFinder HD without visiting individual websites. Downloading videos from particular websites has never been faster, unrivaled by similar programs. With advanced search and the “My Videos” feature you can further narrow your results; while its quick retrieval ensures quick video retrieval as well.

It supports multiple video formats and lets you search and download video files up to 5MB in size. In addition, this app has an unique feature allowing you to save full-screen versions of videos from YouTube or other popular video websites – ideal for people who wish to save their favorite clips as favorites for future viewing pleasure!

Ashampoo ClipFinder can also save time and effort by automatically detecting what video format a website supports and converting it automatically – giving you peace of mind to watch video clips without hassles! This saves both time and energy as no need to manually change formats is involved.

Overall, Ashampoo ClipFinder HD is an invaluable tool for finding and downloading web video clips, as well as saving them onto your PC in high definition quality. Installation and use are straightforward with any Windows system; however it may have certain restrictions and additional programs may be needed to convert certain formats.

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