Ashampoo Movie Studio Review

Ashampoo Movie Studio

Ashampoo Movie Studio is a comprehensive video editing suite that gives you everything you need to edit, convert and author videos of any format. With Ashampoo Movie Studio you have all of the tools necessary for video creation as well as conversion.

Support for resolutions up to 4K, Dolby 5.1 audio tracks and file conversion with GPU acceleration on NVIDIA cards makes producing high-quality movies quickly possible. Simple yet intuitive handling facilitates impressive results.

Create high-resolution videos

No matter whether it be high-resolution videos, edits or conversions of existing ones into different formats, Ashampoo Movie Studio provides everything needed to turn footage into captivating home movies. Equipped with smart cutting tools, opening and closing credits as well as numerous image effects – Ashampoo Movie Studio will bring your footage to life and bring life back into it!

The program offers many options to those looking to add music or sounds to their video, such as adding soundtracks or using its audio editor for background noise reduction or improving sound quality, or applying effects such as Sepia or Old Movie. Furthermore, DVD/Blu-ray discs can be burned directly within the program or exported as video files from it.

Ashampoo Movie Studio stands out from other video editors with its user-friendly, straightforward interface. Where other programs require users to delve through manuals for guidance, Movie Studio walks them step-by-step through its process – perfect for beginners as well as experts alike. There’s even a basic mode for newcomers with simplified customization options to get you underway quickly with your first project!

One advantage is its support of 4K and Dolby 5.1 video formats, giving your videos even greater impact. Furthermore, its simple user interface allows for removal of annoying trailers or ads and breaking up long videos into shorter segments – plus conversion to formats and resolutions optimized for social media!

Movie Studio’s most recent version has been revised to be more user-friendly than before, with an intuitive user interface and fast access to project assets through its Media Library. Furthermore, over 100 device profiles make sure that films look great no matter where they’re shown.

Though this software offers useful features, it still has some issues that need addressing. For instance, unexpected shutdowns occur occasionally and the timeline/storyboard only displays frame numbers instead of previewing actual video preview. Editing process also appears slow – even simple actions take several seconds before they appear in edit mode.

Edit your videos

Ashampoo Movie Studio makes video editing simple. Support for 4K resolutions, Dolby 5.1 surround sound and lightning-fast conversion times make this an ideal tool for high-end video production. Packed with transitions, effects and music tools allowing for personalisation, it features opening/closing credits plus animated intros/outros to give your creations their own distinctive visual identity.

Movie Studio excels at precise cuts, which can be done quickly with its user-friendly user interface and clearly organized user mode. There’s a simple mode for straightforward projects as well as an expert mode that features advanced options to make you an expert quickly. An integrated timeline provides quick and precise positioning of cut marks with millisecond accuracy, and various formats of output files allow automatic optimization for use on various devices or social media portals.

Audio and music tools provide you with everything you need to enhance the overall audio quality of your videos. Create, adjust and mix audio tracks; add voice comments directly into videos; use equalization to normalize playback volume around a median value and avoid unpleasant jumps in sound; as well as using effects like reverb or echo and selecting soundtracks that perfectly suit any film production.

Ashampoo Movie Studio not only offers advanced users basic editing features, but also has additional functions designed specifically to address their needs, including a video stabilizer to correct shaky footage or an audio booster that reduces background noise. Furthermore, Ashampoo Movie Studio includes an assortment of overlays so you can add text and graphics elements to your movies as well as various filters and color effects such as fade, shadow or highlight effects.

Ashampoo Movie Studio features not only advanced editing features but also an in-depth DVD/Blu-ray authoring engine to burn videos to disc in various formats and resolutions, or convert them into mobile-optimized formats so they can be played back on any device.

Convert your videos

Ashampoo Movie Studio is an all-in-one video solution designed for users of all experience levels to edit, create, and convert videos. This software features an easy user interface designed to avoid the complications typically found in similar programs (it automatically opens a quick-start guide upon first use!).

Ashampoo Movie Studio offers 4K resolutions, Dolby 5.1 audio and lightning-fast conversion for high-end video creation. Enhance clips with background audio or transition or video effects for an enhanced video creation experience; add opening/closing credits and opening/closing credits to give it an elegant professional touch; use built-in profiles to easily optimize videos for a variety of devices including iOS, Android and more!

This software also offers users the capability of quickly and accurately removing commercials from videos with millisecond precision, something which will no doubt delight anyone who’s ever been annoyed by commercials in movies they love. Furthermore, video splitting, cropping and fine-tuning as well as adding music and sound effects is supported.

Filters and exposures are included to further improve your footage, with support for various file formats. Users can adjust color saturation, brightness, contrast and gamma settings as well as resharpen scenes so their videos always maintain top-tier quality.

Notably, Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 does not contain as many advanced tools for motion tracking and 360-degree footage editing as CyberLink PowerDirector; however, this is a small price to pay for an intuitive media solution that quickly helps create cinematic masterpieces of your own.

Ashampoo Movie Studio stands out from other video editors by being user-friendly with clear workflow and straightforward menus and features, making its user interface user-friendly for beginners and experts alike alike. Furthermore, Ashampoo Movie Studio supports GPU-encoding of NVIDIA cards for even quicker file conversion, providing faster performance while its simple and advanced modes help users of all skill levels create professional projects quickly.

Share your videos

Ashampoo Movie Studio is an ideal program for both novice and expert video lovers to use, as it features both simple and expert modes that provide all the editing, enhancing and disc authoring tools you’ll need to turn home videos into professional-looking movies. Support for 4K resolutions and Dolby 5.1 add a bit of extra polish while smart cutting technology enables even simple clips to look amazing while adding text overlays, opening/closing credits creation as well as various effects (like audio/video effects). Finally it can remove annoying ads while also converting them to various formats/resolutions formats/resolutions formats/resolutions formats/resolutions/formats/resolutions!

The program features a clean and intuitive user interface with all essential tools arranged in an intuitive media library for ease of access and faster operation. A large collection of themes and templates are also included for further customization.

Ashampoo Movie Studio includes over two hundred sound effects and music samples to give your videos their own distinctive edge. Adding them is simple, while the program will automatically detect and remove background noise from videos. Furthermore, editing your audio tracks by changing pitch, tempo or volume is possible for further personalisation of videos.

Ashampoo Movie Studio can also help you edit video timelines by dragging and dropping clips to their desired positions, while automatically adjusting clip length to match that of any chosen music track. Furthermore, you have control over whether your video will include subtitles.

Once your project is complete, you can save it in various file formats, such as avi, wmv and mpg. For easier navigation you can burn DVD or Blu-ray discs with menus for the videos to be easily navigated by viewers on devices such as HDTVs. Furthermore, HD quality can also be exported for enhanced viewing experiences on HDTVs; and when on the move it can also be shared online using its built-in uploader or downloaded onto portable devices like iPods and mobile phones for sharing offline.

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