Ashampoo Movie Studio Review

Ashampoo Movie Studio

Download and install Ashampoo Movie Studio free on your PC to experience its many features and advantages! Learn all you can about video editing!

Visual aids make precise cuts and subtitle addition a snap even for novice users. Fine tune colors with adjustable Gamma, Contrast and Saturation settings or add effects such as Sepia or Old Movie to customize the experience further.

Precision cuts

Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 3 stands out as an enjoyable video editing experience. With clearly structured workflows and user-friendly guides that help beginners without prior knowledge complete their first successful projects. For advanced users seeking more advanced functionality can utilize expert mode for expanding upon existing abilities or developing more sophisticated works of art. Both modes provide access to every feature available on this program as well as conversion into high-quality DVDs/Blu-rays.

With support for 4K resolutions and Dolby 5.1 sound, creating movies of cinematic quality should not be difficult. The new cutting section offers maximum clarity and precision to help cut clips precisely onto their timeline, seamlessly joining one another. You can even add opening and closing credits, edit text or effects for a truly cinematic experience!

Audio editing tools also offer many possibilities to enhance your videos, such as easily removing unwanted trailers or ads from films, adjusting their volume, or using green screen to remove any background and replace it with whatever is desired – the options are practically limitless!

Image optimization with the software is also made easy; simply adjust brightness, contrast and saturation settings with one click! Resharpen scenes for enhanced results as well as taking advantage of its gamma correction feature to achieve your ideal look in little time at all!

Ashampoo Movie Studio supports multiple popular output formats and can convert videos for mobile playback on iPhones, Android devices and other portable media players such as MP3 players. Upload your videos directly to Facebook or YouTube and share with friends! Its easy functionality also makes removing advertisements easy while splitting movies into multiple segments for easy watching.

High-resolution videos

Ashampoo Movie Studio provides an array of tools for creating high-resolution videos, such as editing tools for cutting and trimming clips, splitting them up into individual scenes, joining them together seamlessly, fine-tuning audio (volume adjustment and adding effects), as well as visual effects like fade-in/fade-out transitions between clips, green screen effects and fade-out/fade out transitions between clips as well as visual transitions between clips and fades outs/fade ins/fades outs/fades outs/transitions between clips/clips/scenes/film/music video files/audio/film files/files/media library where users can select video/audio files to access them; Ashampoo Movie Studio allows users to edit video/audio files/files with ease; this software offers video/audio editors as well as tools for cutting/triming clips to join together seamlessly in one seamless video productions/editoring tools that facilitate editing/trimmer adjusting volume/add audio effects/fine tune audio effects/volume adjustments or adjust volume/add effects/etc; users may fine tune audio in video files/etc; adjust volume or add effects, fine tune audio effects while adding/audio effects/visuals etc… Additionally it features built-in media library that allows browsing/audio files/esacd or even select them easily!

This software offers users several output formats for high-resolution videos, including WMV and MPEG-4 formats. Users can select among five output quality levels ranging from HD quality for computer monitors all the way through DVD resolution and TV quality for broadcast television broadcast. Furthermore, this tool can create videos suitable for mobile phones such as iPhones or Android phones.

Ashampoo Movie Studio stands out with its ability to remove video background noise. The software automatically detects and eliminates background noise in videos, creating cleaner, more professional-looking final products – an invaluable feature for anyone wanting to produce videos with a professional aesthetic.

Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro is an advanced yet intuitive video editing suite featuring both mouse and keyboard navigation for optimal use. The suite provides many advanced tools, such as support for 4K video and Dolby 5.1 surround sound playback as well as powerful visual effects, with fast rendering times provided by GPU acceleration capabilities and video conversion features. Furthermore, Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro’s user-friendly interface and intuitive features make the program user-friendly as well as providing GPU-accelerated acceleration to speed rendering times even further.

Ashampoo Movie Studio features many advanced features, such as being able to seamlessly replace backgrounds with images or videos, add effects such as blurring and tilt-shift, as well as opening/closing credits as well as informative captions.

Disc authoring

Ashampoo Movie Studio excels at disc authoring. This software converts videos into DVD format that can be played in retail players as well as providing options for mobile devices. Use high-resolution videos with subtitles and individual fade-ins, adjust music and sounds accordingly and add opening and closing credits for an authentic cinematic experience.

Ashampoo Movie Studio makes creating professional-looking videos for online distribution easy and fast. Your finished films can be uploaded directly to YouTube or Facebook for easy sharing, while animated templates add visual appeal that enhances them further. Plus you can insert intro/outro videos as well as text overlays to effectively convey important details about your films.

This software’s timeline-based work area makes video editing effortless. Equipped with powerful tools to remove ads and advanced sliders for optimizing video quality, this program is suitable for beginners as well as experienced professionals alike.

Ashampoo Movie Studio comes equipped with an easy media library that gives instantaneous access to project assets, so finding files quickly will never be an issue. Furthermore, smart visual aids make positioning cut marks and inserting subtitles with millisecond accuracy much simpler; so even complete beginners will have no trouble creating visually striking videos quickly using this software.

Ashampoo Movie Studio excels at turning photos into video clips, thanks to Ken Burns filters that can be adjusted for optimal effect. Furthermore, Ashampoo Movie Studio includes several image adjustment tools like brightness, contrast and saturation as well as video effects like Sepia or Old Movie to further customize your movie clips.

Ashampoo Movie Studio can be downloaded free from its official website and comes equipped with a 30-day trial version that provides full functionality of this tool. After this timeframe has elapsed, users must purchase a license in order to continue using Ashampoo Movie Studio – unlike many similar programs it requires minimal system resources to run smoothly.


Ashampoo Cinemagraph is an easy way to immortalize special moments through stylish semi-still photographs with subtle motion that will make your social media profile truly stand out. These animated photographs will appear as though magically brought to life; thanks to this easy-to-use software you can quickly convert videos into these captivating animated photos with minimal effort required; just select specific image portions that should continue animating or stop moving at specific intervals!

Cinemagraphs make for captivating video covers for Facebook or YouTube videos or as an eye-catching background on your computer. Furthermore, cinemagraphs can also be added into home movies for an engaging viewing experience; their versatile program comes equipped with various animation styles so you have full creative control to capture that special moment.

Furthermore, this program makes it simple and effortless to enhance the quality of your videos. By quickly fine-tuning shots’ colors by adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation or exposure settings you can quickly make adjustments that ensure each shot remains in focus and offers optimal visuals. By taking advantage of these features you can ensure that each of your videos remains perfectly in focus and features optimal visuals!

Additionally, this program comes equipped with numerous additional features that allow you to further polish your videos. These features include adding opening and closing credits easily or applying transition effects between scenes; rotating, cropping or transforming videos according to different aspect ratios; as well as rotating effects or text overlays for visually interesting results.

Finally, this software features cutting-edge video stabilization, providing smooth and lifelike footage. This feature is especially helpful for videos shot handheld or with cellphone cameras; the program automatically detects and removes camera shakes bringing your videos to life! Furthermore, the program supports various video formats and resolutions for maximum compatibility.

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