Ashampoo Photo Commander Review

Ashampoo Photo Commander

Ashampoo Photo Commander provides a one-stop solution for viewing, organizing and editing images. It features numerous functions to manage your collection such as the ability to rename files, locate duplicates and generate thumbnail galleries.

The program features an assortment of editing tools and an automatic-optimization feature, and allows for one-click creation of calendars, cards, and slideshows.

Organize your photos

At Ashampoo Photo Commander, novice and pro photographers alike will find tools to organize and enhance their digital photographs. From auto features and batch processing capabilities to creating calendars, cards, slideshows quickly with just a click – Ashampoo Photo Commander offers everything needed for effective photo management.

The program makes it easy to locate and access all the images on your computer quickly. It can automatically scan for and identify duplicates, organize files by name or EXIF/IPTC data and even change image sizes, rotate images, adjust their brightness/contrast levels, add watermarks, remove red-eye, modify colors or eliminate noise with just one command.

Advanced features of this software allow users to utilize multiple filters simultaneously and then apply them in batches, saving both time and effort while significantly decreasing photo batch sizes. In addition, virtual albums can also be quickly created as well as comments being added directly onto files for quick processing.

Photo Commander offers more than just photo conversion and renaming capabilities; it also prints them, creates screensavers and DVDs from them, watches slideshows with its built-in video player and offers various scene transitions, music effects and options to customize presentations further.

Ashampoo Photo Commander’s latest version features an attractive, modern interface that will fit seamlessly into your workflow. Your most commonly-used functions appear in a quick-access menu for easy access at any time; and thanks to AVX support and memory management enhancements, the program runs significantly faster than its predecessors.

Ashampoo Photo Commander now includes a panorama feature to easily create stunning widescreen photos, along with an advanced cropping tool to resize or reshape images in various ways. Furthermore, Ashampoo Photo Commander detects and corrects lens distortions for you ensuring every picture you take will look its best!

Enhance your photos

Ashampoo Photo Commander provides an all-in-one toolkit for anyone with large digital image libraries. Users can organize, optimize and improve their photographs while creating slideshows to upload to the web and creating slideshows through Ashampoo Slideshow Pro. Furthermore, Ashampoo Photo Commander includes other image management and manipulation features like batch conversion, image renaming, finding duplicates scanning screensaver creation as well as DVD slideshow generation to complete its functionality.

This program’s key selling point is its ability to improve photos by eliminating red eyes, blurring backgrounds and eliminating dust spots or other imperfections from pictures. Additionally, the software offers automatic adjustments designed to sharpen and color images – including its “Auto-Optimize” function which analyzes individual pictures to make improvements in contrast, color and brightness – but we did notice it sometimes overemphasized brightness for some images, leading to them looking too washed-out.

Other features allow users to resize, rotate and crop images; add effects; draw text, lines and shapes (rectangle, ellipse and callout); create collages from photos; draw text lines and shapes (rectangle, ellipse and callout); as well as draw rectangles, ellipses and callouts from photographs for collages or contact cards from photos. HTML albums calendars thumbnails as well as several “Create” modes that allow users to quickly and effortlessly create slideshows, video clips containing music videos as well as panorama templates as multi-page files containing multiple pages for creating slideshows slideshows quickly while causing some crashes when playing videos were playing back through.

Ashampoo Photo Commander download can be somewhat chaotic at first, featuring folder menus on the left, previews on the right, and content in the middle. However, its dashboard can be resized for greater user friendliness; its intelligent filter and grouping settings help users keep track of images even with large collections; its automatic location detection turns longitudes and latitudes into usable addresses; plus you can use its powerful video conversion features to turn videos into high-resolution 4K slideshows with appropriate transitions.

Edit your photos

Ashampoo Photo Commander offers a versatile solution to managing and editing photos. Not only is it useful for organizing, but you can also use it to create stylish HTML albums, slideshows and greeting cards with music and images. Plus it features batch processing capabilities which enable it to convert and optimize multiple files at the same time; find and delete duplicate files; rename files as needed; convert PSD/RAW photos into JPG or PNG formats and vice versa; apply special effects; frame images with text/frames etc; remove noise etc from photographs!

This photo suite can be quite powerful yet surprising user-friendly. Users new to the software will find that there is an excellent tutorial available that can get them up and running quickly with their program, while its installer takes care of most of the work for them. Once up and running users will quickly be able to browse their entire photo collection using a powerful thumbnail browser which also enables sorting by name, date or location and creating virtual albums for easy access later. Furthermore, automatic optimisation tools include improved contrast/colour enhancement as well as red eye removal/noise removal features.

The program can also be used to create stunning slideshows, which can then be shared online or burned onto disc. This is an ideal way of showing off your favourite photographs to friends and family quickly, effortlessly creating calendars or cards in no time at all, creating photo collages with ease or adding effects, shapes, text and tilt shift effects to photos – or both at once!

Create slideshows

Ashampoo Photo Commander is an easy and intuitive solution for editing digital images. Users can use this suite to reorganize photo collections, search by tags and ratings and create albums – plus an array of advanced enhancements can make photos look smoother than ever! You can even use Ashampoo Photo Commander to make slideshows and calendars!

This new version of the program boasts an intuitive and modern user interface that adapts to your habits, learning from and catering to them. The toolbar will highlight those functions you use most frequently and position them quickly for quick results; you can resize it to fit any screen size; it can even optimize image files to save on storage space and bandwidth consumption, create video from multiple photos or convert them to GIF animations; another great feature includes its ability to rename files according to file location or date; detect duplicate files automatically delete empty folders; create and modify PDF documents using its capabilities!

The software can also read GPS data stored within images, enabling users to retrace their steps during vacation or revisit any place that holds significant memories for them. This feature can prove especially valuable for travelers looking to preserve these moments as accurately as possible.

Users can take advantage of a new presentation mode to showcase their photos using either their primary or secondary display, controlling and navigating through it with mouse or beamer navigation controls. They can also edit photos in real-time. Furthermore, this software can be used to make calendars and greeting cards.

A newly developed decade view provides greater visual clarity while the panorama function stands out with stunning widescreen images. The software also boasts improved search filters, file selection and card designs with multiple included motifs; additionally it can also be used to create slideshows complete with transition effects and music.

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