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Ashampoo Snap

Ashampoo Snap is designed to capture any content visible on your screen as images or videos, with multiple post-processing functions to enhance them with graphics, texts, effects and other elements for maximum visual impact. Ideal for webinar recordings, tutorials or illustrated explanations.

As well as offering regular capture capabilities of application windows or fixed regions, the program also supports timed recordings and scrolling recordings. Convenience features like automatic numbering or image editing help further increase efficiency.

Capture anything on your screen

Ashampoo Snap is your one-stop solution for capturing and editing images, videos and text. Whether you need an instructional tutorial, documentary or simply need a quick explanation on your PC, Ashampoo Snap makes creating and editing these media easier than ever with intuitive handling and smart settings that enable pixel-perfect screenshots, full screen recordings and scrolling web captures with just a click. Add texts, drawings or voice narration directly into your captures while using flood fills or flood lights to highlight critical portions for better comprehension – making your point!

Snap also comes equipped with an innovative video capture function that lets you quickly record any part of your computer screen or a window with just one click – from single monitors (if supported) up to multiple displays (if supported by your system).

The toolbar on the left of your screen gives you access to an assortment of elements, such as shapes, arrows, markers, spotlights and comments in various colors and styles. Cropping screenshots or editing image parts with various tools or even adding visual effects such as blurring or fading can all be accomplished easily and quickly with this built-in editor compatible with Ashampoo Webspace or Ashampoo’s proprietary file formats means your creations can quickly be published online!

Ashampoo Snap’s other great feature is its ability to extract text from images and videos captured with it, making it particularly useful for document creation, presentations or tutorials. Furthermore, Ashampoo Snap supports multiple file formats and recognizes and automatically translates scanned documents.

Snap is available free of charge and can be controlled via a floating toolbar that can be placed anywhere on the screen, via system tray icon and keyboard shortcuts. Designed to be unobtrusive and light on system resources, Snap’s “magic eye” feature identifies windows and menus instantly for quicker captures; and its built-in capture timer lets you schedule automatic captures at certain intervals or times; perfect for documenting changes and timelapse recordings.

Edit your captures

Ashampoo Snap makes capturing images and videos easier than ever with less complexity, an optimized workflow, and enhanced sharing capabilities that turn it into the ideal image and video capture program.

Snap’s magic eye automatically recognizes all elements under your mouse pointer (browser windows, program menus, images and more) for instant 1-click pixel precision capturing. Choose between preset sizes like 1:1 or custom window sizes; scrolling screen captures can also be timed captures while making screenshots from multiple screens simultaneously.

Once you confirm your selection, Snap will open the captured result in its built-in editor automatically and allow you to freely edit, crop, modify and add text, shapes or clipart to your screenshots. Furthermore, you can use various effects to add extra depth and character to your shots, as well as various filters for adding character and dimension to your work.

Once your screenshot is ready, you have several options for saving it: saving directly into a specific folder or copying and pasting into the system clipboard will provide instantaneous use; or using the right toolbar button immediately emailing it (supports most email programs and allows attachments or embedding screenshots within text messages).

Your screenshots can either be stored locally in an output folder, uploaded online to Ashampoo Webspace, or edited using the built-in video editor to easily cut and merge the videos that have been captured – then shared across any platform or saved separately as separate files.

Snagit has long been the go-to solution for Windows screen capture, but Ashampoo Snap is an impressive competitor that packs plenty of useful functions at an attractive price point. We especially appreciated its ability to capture and edit video — something Snagit currently lacks. Unfortunately, stability issues and no Mac support prevent Snap from becoming the top pick; nevertheless it remains an excellent way to quickly convey complex ideas quickly and efficiently.

Share your creations

Ashampoo Snap provides efficient screen capture and editing capabilities to home users, business professionals, content creators and educators. You can use Ashampoo Snap to easily create video tutorials, ad campaigns or other informative visuals without needing expensive hardware or a steep learning curve. Plus it supports many image and video formats including PNG, JPG and BMP screenshots and WMV for videos!

Capturing web pages, selections or entire desktops quickly and effortlessly with the convenient snap bar is now easier than ever! Utilizing its built-in picture editor, you can modify and optimize your creations using automatic image resizing, rotation and other effects – including shapes, comments and clipart to your images as well as animating objects to produce eye-catching graphics.

Ashampoo Snap’s magic eye instantly detects and captures elements below your mouse cursor with pinpoint precision, and allows for scrolling content capture by simply dragging your mouse across the screen. In addition, multiple-language OCR is supported, turning image-based text into editable computer text with just the press of a button.

Once complete, your creations can easily be shared online via networks, clouds or email. Furthermore, animated GIFs and videos can be created using the built-in video editor; additionally if working on PC with multiple people at once then direct messaging allows for exchanges of snapshots and videos between each of you.

Ashampoo Snap’s intuitive and user-friendly interface was designed to make capturing, editing and sharing easy for anyone – no prior knowledge is necessary! Ashampoo Snap is also lightweight with a customizable and intuitive toolbar providing quick access to essential functions during capture.

To uninstall Ashampoo Snap, move it to your Windows start menu/charm bar and right-click. Choose “Uninstall” and follow on-screen instructions. Alternatively, visit Control Panel> Programs> and locate Ashampoo Snap in its list before clicking Uninstall button in Control Panel to confirm its removal in confirmation window.

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Ashampoo Snap is an effective and efficient way to quickly illustrate, communicate, and share experiences online. Version 7 features less complexity and smarter workflow, improved performance and new sharing options. Using it you can take screenshots with pixel precision while embellishing them with texts, comments, arrows, shapes or stamps; even video clips can be edited before sharing via popular cloud services.

The program’s magic eye automatically detects elements beneath the mouse pointer and captures them with pixel precision. You can choose to capture fixed regions (rectangles, ellipses and circles) or free-size areas such as scrolling content or entire websites! Plus it comes equipped with powerful image editing tools for resizing, cropping and rotating images as well as blurring effects like blurring filters special effects like blurring filters special effects; text highlights and shapes are easily added with its built-in multilingual Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR supports seven world languages to convert image based text into computer editable text within just one click!

Ashampoo Snap allows you to store your creations as PNG, JPG, BMP or PDF images or as WMV videos. Furthermore, this program enables uploads them directly onto Ashampoo Webspace so they can be embedded into other websites or sent by email – including sending screenshots and videos by email!

Ashampoo Snap’s advanced features allow more experienced users to create layers within images for individual editing, animated GIF creation from any part of a screen, mirroring effects and much more. Ashampoo Snap can either be purchased outright or subscribed for at an annual subscription costing just $13/PS11; the latter option gives access to all major releases and upgrades as they become available.

Ashampoo Snap is not only capable of extensive screen capturing capabilities; it is also an incredible tool for recording desktop PC sessions in high resolution and quality settings, including 4K resolution recordings with its integrated player to instantly view results! This feature will be particularly helpful when creating video tutorials or presentations; additionally, recording can be exported as HTML files for easy integration into websites or blog posts.

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