Atlas VPN Review

Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN boasts an outstanding security profile and enough features for most users, though its privacy policy could provide more transparency regarding what data is collected.

Mobile applications feature a simplified user experience with four buttons — Home, Assistant, Invite Friends, and Settings — on their home screens. Settings provide access to Kill Switch, Tracker Blocker and Data Breach Monitoring features.


Atlas VPN uses 256-bit encryption to safeguard both your online connection and personal information. It supports Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android platforms and does not record browsing or connection data. Their user-friendly website features clear links for features and pricing on its homepage – with premium users also enjoying customer support via email or live chat.

Mobile applications feature a user-friendly design, prioritizing functionality over flashy graphics. When selecting Connect on mobile, the fastest server will be selected automatically unless otherwise selected by you. Furthermore, users may select specific locations or streaming servers, or even MultiHop or SafeSwap servers for enhanced security purposes.

Our tests of the app’s connection times revealed them to be consistent with what one would expect from a VPN, without any noticeable lag or slowdown. Additionally, we evaluated its kill switch feature which successfully cut off access when VPN connection was lost immediately.

Another feature we appreciated was Tracker Blocker, which blocks third-party tracking cookies from following your activity across websites and sessions. Furthermore, SafeSwap adds another layer of protection by regularly rotating out your IP address – making it more difficult for anyone to follow your activities across multiple websites and sessions.

Atlas VPN apps are tailored for use with popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, as well as numerous video and music sites. Furthermore, its unblocking capability enables it to unblock censored and restricted sites like news websites in China. A single account supports up to 10 devices simultaneously while mobile apps feature split tunneling technology that enables only part of your data to pass through encrypted tunneling while leaving other traffic unprotected.

The company website features an expansive knowledgebase with tutorials covering setup, usage and troubleshooting questions, while their FAQ section addresses topics such as compatible devices, bandwidth constraints and security measures. Furthermore, there are articles providing step-by-step guides on setting up service on various operating systems as well as using free and premium apps.


Atlas VPN is an ideal option for anyone searching for quality VPN service at an economical price. Utilizing industry-standard encryption and protocols as well as an upholding strict privacy policies to protect user data. Adding some great extra features such as split tunneling allowing apps to only run when the VPN is connected and an email breach monitor that notifies you if email accounts have been compromised are just two more features included with Atlas VPN’s quality service that offer fast connections and efficient geo-restricted content unblocking capabilities.

Atlas VPN’s pricing compares favorably to some of the top providers. Their most affordable plan, a three-year subscription that costs less than $4 a month, includes all core Atlas features plus free trials and money back guarantees as well as unlimited devices, streaming support, as well as SafeSwap features that rotate IP addresses to prevent tracking.

The Atlas VPN free version features servers in Amsterdam, New York and Los Angeles and supports an unlimited number of devices simultaneously. Unfortunately, however, its data limit per month is 5GB; furthermore it lacks premium features such as tracker blocking and data breach monitoring as well as customer support via email or live chat.

If you want to experience Atlas VPN first-hand, the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee that covers all plans. Payment can be made using credit/debit card, PayPal and crypto payments – and its website also contains detailed guides for getting started and an FAQ page which answers frequently asked questions.

Atlas VPN works on Windows, macOS and Linux computers as well as Android smartphones and tablets, Amazon Fire Stick & Fire TV and Nvidia Shield TV devices. Additionally, its native client for Android TV looks and behaves just like its desktop equivalent, eliminating any learning curve for users. With an intuitive layout that’s simple to navigate and excellent security features – Atlas VPN makes an excellent option for streaming media onto Smart TV devices!


Atlas VPN offers apps for all major operating systems and built into some devices (Android TV and Firestick are great examples), making it simple and convenient to use across a variety of devices. Plus, we support all major streaming services so that you can watch all your shows or movies without buffering or lags!

Mobile applications feature a clean, minimalist design. A menu in the center provides quick access to server locations and features like Shield and Kill Switch, with quick links provided directly through to settings page with options to enable or disable Atlas VPN on startup and automatically connect to fastest available server.

An impressive feature of the app is its malware detection capability, which scans websites for threats and blocks them from loading. Unfortunately, however, this doesn’t stop ads from showing up if you visit sites with high traffic; therefore it would be prudent to enable this feature when using public Wi-Fi at airports, hotels and other public locations with multiple people online at once.

Free versions of this app are also available, though with limited features. They have three server locations – two within the US in Los Angeles and New York – as well as 5GB data limit per month, though don’t include advanced features like tracker blocking and Data Breach Monitor which are offered with paid versions.

Atlas VPN accepts several payment methods, including Google Pay and cryptocurrency, and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Customer support can be reached via email with fast responses times from email responses.


Atlas VPN secures your online data by changing your IP address, and blocking malware that would otherwise be blocked by your ISP. Furthermore, it unblocks streaming platforms that would otherwise be blocked by local ISPs – making it an excellent choice for people using multiple networked devices simultaneously. Plus its mobile version offers split tunneling so you can choose which apps use the VPN connection versus using regular internet traffic!

The Atlas VPN’s free version can be found on Android, iOS and Windows platforms; however, its desktop app lacks key security features like kill switch and Tracker Blocker that provide advanced protection measures. If more comprehensive protection measures are desired then its premium version offers many more features to protect against hacks and data breaches.

This service features industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption and a stringent no-logs policy, along with the fast WireGuard protocol to maximize speed without sacrificing security. In addition, Threat Protection and Data Breach Monitoring capabilities help detect threats against your data.

Atlas VPN’s premium version provides extra-sophisticated security features designed to meet even the highest security needs, like Tracker Blocker which prevents online trackers from tracking you around and malicious pop-ups from surfacing in your browser. In addition, MultiHop+ enables frequent location changes for increased anonymity online.

Kill switches provide another great layer of security if your VPN disconnects, providing extra peace of mind if someone tries to gain entry through hacking your device while you’re on the move.

Atlas VPN was only released for public consumption in 2020 but already boasts six million subscribers due to its speedy connections and extensive list of features. Recently acquired by Nord Security for further improvements, although its user interface may not match that of competitors; nonetheless it still boasts an ample set of features and an attractive free plan.

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