Atlas VPN Review

Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN boasts an impressive set of features, such as 256-bit AES encryption and no logs policy, but has limited server locations and only provides limited free plans.

Atlas Data Solutions of Delaware is part of the Five Eyes alliance and allows government agencies to request data from it; however, their privacy policies remain unknown.

SafeSwap servers

Atlas VPN may be relatively new to the scene, but it has already made an impressionful first impression with fast speeds and top-of-the-line encryption protocols. Atlas uses ChaCha20 and AES-256 ciphers to protect user information against hackers or any other security risks; its services are compatible with Windows PCs, Macs, iOS devices and Android operating systems.

Its servers are spread around the globe, including streaming servers that can unblock content from popular services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Furthermore, this service also has various other servers to help bypass regional restrictions or geo-blocking issues; its mobile apps work flawlessly while its desktop client can occasionally become glitchy.

Atlas VPN’s free version offers limited functionality and only allows 5GB of monthly data usage, which is insufficient to support video streaming or large downloads. Still, it provides good performance and makes an affordable VPN solution suitable for everyday needs.

Atlas VPN’s MultiHop+ servers feature dynamic IP addressing technology to continuously change your IP address as you connect. Similar to Double VPN or MultiHop services from other leading VPN services, MultiHop+ can be more reliable for sensitive tasks like gaming and banking transactions. Unfortunately, MultiHop+ is only available in select locations unlike SafeSwap; therefore the company doesn’t disclose which countries or cities it has servers located within.

Atlas VPN also features a Tracker Blocker and Data Breach Monitor to identify any breaches to your email that could prove your account has been compromised, an excellent feature not offered by many other VPNs. Furthermore, Atlas does not keep any logs of your online activities or browsing history – instead only collecting basic analytics data necessary for providing its service like device identifiers and technical details for service provisioning purposes.

No-logs policy

Atlas VPN operates under a no-logs policy, meaning they do not store records of your online activity. However, it is worth noting that there has not been an independent audit to validate its no-logs policy as many other VPN providers conduct regular independent audits to demonstrate they do not store user data with third party auditors and publish the results of those audits.

The company maintains it does not collect personal information, although technical details about your device and operating system are collected to provide services and prevent fraud. Email addresses are collected so account notifications may be sent out, and to verify identities when signing in; however, no password or two-factor authentication code are stored by their service.

Atlas VPN goes beyond its no-logs policy by offering additional security features, including its MultiHop+ feature that changes your IP address frequently, making it less likely for someone else to track your activity, SafeSwap servers that make tracking harder for third parties, and Data Breach Monitor that alerts you of possible security breaches in relation to your data.

Atlas VPN’s servers are fast enough for streaming high-quality video without much delay, although their speeds don’t compare favorably with some competitors. Their website is clean and user-friendly; customer support representatives are readily available via email or live chat; helpful resources/comparisons are readily available along with a free trial; users who would like to try the service before purchasing can take advantage of a list of devices recommended to use with their service plan.

30-day money-back guarantee

Atlas VPN offers new customers a 30-day money-back guarantee and high-end data encryption to protect their online privacy. ChaCha20 and AES-256 ciphers encrypt data so no one can read it even if intercepted; while their kill switch provides additional protection from leakage if their VPN connection drops – all available across Windows, macOS and iOS devices.

Atlas VPN’s impressive free plan, long list of features and excellent performance has quickly earned it six million users within just over one year. Due to its immense popularity, Nord Security acquired Atlas in 2021; payment methods now include Google Pay, credit card PayPal and crypto payments – plus its high speed connections are minimally throttled while its no log policy helps protect privacy. It now also features apps for Windows Mac iOS devices ensuring uninterrupted connections.

This app is intuitively designed, covering all the essentials. Connecting to servers requires only a tap, with automatic connectivity when your device boots up. Support for multiple languages and settings include an auto-start option and kill switch; additionally it supports numerous devices using WireGuard protocol for maximum speed.

Atlas VPN’s no-logs policy helps protect your privacy, but they still collect some information regarding their app use such as device identifier and location data. Their headquarters are in the US which has lax privacy laws as well as membership of Five Eyes intelligence alliance.

Used to be possible to access this service without registration, but now requires an email address for use. Logging-in now involves no password and password-less authentication process.

No dedicated IP addresses

Atlas VPN uses industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption to safeguard your information against prying eyes, similar to that used by banks and governments. Their service boasts over 750 servers in 38 countries – free plans provide access to three locations while paid plans give access to five. They even feature a network kill switch for extra peace of mind.

The Atlas VPN app features a straightforward design for effortless use. Its menu offers a kill switch, protocol selection, and auto-connect toggle switch; plus its Settings allow for customizable preferences like language selection and push notification control or sharing your app data for analytics and performance monitoring; but note that it does not collect personal information but instead gathers device identifiers.

MacOS and mobile apps worked equally effectively at unblocking popular streaming services while browsing safely online, though sometimes mobile lag could hinder image scaling capabilities. On the other hand, Linux clients provided more polished experiences – SafeBrowse blocks malware and ads content while IP Rotators protect identities; specialty servers optimized for streaming were available as well as features to detect security breaches.

The Linux version supports both the WireGuard protocol and MultiHop+ server to protect privacy online by changing IP addresses frequently in order to avoid tracking and protect privacy online. Furthermore, its Data Breach Monitor alerts you whenever hackers gain access to your email account.

Unlimited simultaneous connections

Atlas VPN is an affordable virtual private network (VPN) service offering user-friendly apps on Windows, macOS and Android mobile devices at fast speeds with user-friendly prices plans that include fast speeds. New customers also take advantage of a 30-day money back guarantee as well as tracker blocker protection to stop third party trackers from tracking online activities and gathering insight about your online activities.

This service employs the industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption protocol to safeguard your information, so even if hackers manage to gain access to it, their intercepted copy will likely remain scrambled beyond recognition. Furthermore, multi-hop servers help hide your original IP address so no one can easily track or track back.

Kill switches are another incredible feature, which instantly disconnects you if the VPN connection fails – an especially handy safeguard if using public Wi-Fi. In addition, their apps include tracker blockers that prevent advertisements or content from tracking you online.

Atlas boasts over 750 servers located across 38 countries, which enables viewers to bypass geographical restrictions and watch their favorite shows from any device imaginable. They also allow multiple simultaneous connections for families looking for entertainment solutions.

However, this service may not meet all your privacy needs as its parent company is located in the US with laxer data protection laws and participates in Five Eyes intelligence alliance. While its privacy policy claims not to log users’ data, this may be difficult to verify.

Atlas VPN stands out from its competition thanks to several distinct features. For instance, you can select from three SafeSwap servers – making it harder for third parties to track your activity – as well as being tested by VerSprite and MDSec for vulnerabilities that could compromise user privacy. It even has an easy sign-in process without divulging email addresses!

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