Atomi ActivePresenter Review


ActivePresenter is an all-in-one screen recording and video editor suitable for eLearning professionals, featuring user-friendly navigation and flexible options that make this versatile software particularly valuable.

This program can be used to produce all sorts of educational content, from tutorial videos and software demonstrations to gameplay videos and conference materials. Furthermore, it is an ideal way of creating interactive assessments and quizzes.

eLearning authoring

ActivePresenter’s powerful eLearning authoring capabilities make it the ideal solution for eLearning professionals, instructional designers and trainers alike. Its user-friendly interface enables easy creation of engaging eLearning content while offering interactive simulations and quizzes as well as support for SCORM and xAPI standards that make integration with Learning Management Systems straightforward.

This software offers users an array of interactive output formats, including image slides, PDF documents, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and video files. With powerful multimedia tools to capture live video and record audio narrations as well as software simulations that mimic real-world scenarios and import external audio and video files for more content – as well as import existing PowerPoint presentations and add text captions – this program delivers interactive output formats at their fingertips for their user.

One of the hallmarks of ActivePresenter is its support for multiple languages, making it particularly valuable for organizations with a multilingual workforce and need to address various language requirements. Furthermore, there is a large selection of templates and samples to assist new users get going; its user-friendly interface also includes features like an appealing dark theme to help improve efficiency during low light conditions.

This program’s eLearning editing tools offer many features similar to popular eLearning authoring applications such as Adobe Captivate, Storyline, and Lectora – such as variables, conditional actions and advanced interactions; shuffled question answers; 3D models; tables; charts etc – similar to Adobe Captivate Storyline Lectora etc. Furthermore, its interface is intuitive and well organized, with clearly labeled tabs and buttons for creating or editing content.

The software offers an extensive library of templates and samples to help you quickly create engaging eLearning courses from scratch. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools let you add interactivity and animation quickly, edit audio/video files quickly, record narration directly into microphone/webcam for narration purposes, as well as record narration directly onto computer microphone/webcam microphone for narration recording, create visually compelling and synchronized content which improves learner retention rates.

Screen recording

Screen recording is an indispensable way for creating engaging eLearning content, and ActivePresenter makes this easy with high-quality recording and editing features such as recording video and audio from their computer to make stunning presentations. Output formats supported include HTML slideshows, PDF documents, MP4 video files (AVI / WMV), as well as Smart Screen Capture Technology that makes recording applications effortless on desktop devices.

The program features advanced video editing features such as Chroma Key, Blur Moving Objects, Picture in Picture Zoom-n-pan and Split Screen editing tools. In addition, its user-friendly interface and built-in media library make finding and using its video editing tools much quicker; additionally it comes with a toolbar containing all essential editing tools which reduces clicks needed to complete tasks.

ActivePresenter is one of the premier eLearning authoring tools available, providing users with all of the tools required to produce professional videos and eLearning materials. Its intuitive interface enables users to produce visually-appealing courses that engage their target audiences while meeting instructional goals with text boxes, callouts and animations – among others features.

Apart from recording and editing videos, this program also lets users create software simulations and quizzes using its SCORM-compliant output, making them compatible with any Learning Management System (LMS). There are two versions available – free (limited functionality without watermarks) and paid versions; with the latter offering more advanced features.

Once you open the program, a dialogue box will present two options for recording: Full Screen Record and Custom. Full Screen is intended to record everything that happens on your desktop PC while Custom allows for specificity over screen size. Once you’ve chosen your settings and pressed Recording Button to begin filming your video.

Once your project is complete, you can choose whether to discard or re-capture it. Discarding will close your recording session and delete everything recorded; while recapturing will reopen it with all previously saved settings intact.

Video editing

Atomi ActivePresenter is an impressive software designed for educational and training professionals that serves multiple purposes. The tool features screen recording, video editing and slide creation tools for interactive presentations and eLearning materials as well as flip classroom and interactive assessments utilizing 13 question types, slide pools and randomization features – not forgetting compatibility with Learning Content Management Systems (LCMSs). Furthermore, Atomi ActivePresenter allows educators and training professionals to capture multiple sources including screen captures, microphone audio and system audio, along with webcam recordings simultaneously for enhanced productions and presentations!

This program offers various video editing capabilities, including splitting and merging clips as well as the addition of captions or annotations. Furthermore, users are able to change length of clips, slow them down or speed them up for visual effects and export videos using various file formats.

Its intuitive interface is designed for ease of use by novice users as well as experts alike. Menu bar and toolbar labels are clearly labeled, making it simple to find what you need quickly. Plus, this program has a built-in search feature for finding and using features quickly.

In creating videos, it may be necessary to obscure certain parts of the footage in order to protect sensitive information. One method for doing this is using Insert Freeze Frame: this command allows users to add pauses for clarity as well as effectively hide moving objects.

Another feature of the software that’s great for video recordings is the ability to reduce background noise from recordings. This can come in handy in situations when a presenter isn’t on stage, or when their background does not fit the content being recorded. Furthermore, the program can remove green screen videos, commonly found in movies, weather forecasts and other video projects.

Utilizing this application, you can craft professional presentations that are sure to captivate and excite audiences. Choose from various templates, slides and visual effects – plus export the results as a SCORM-compliant format suitable for any LMS.

Interactive simulations and quizzes

ActivePresenter is an outstanding screen recording software application designed for eLearning content creation. Featuring quiz and software simulation creation tools as well as an interactive video editor, its streamlined user interface and high-quality graphics make ActivePresenter the ideal choice for educators, trainers, or anyone else seeking to craft engaging interactive eLearning courses.

Atomi’s Active Presenter offers various export options, including images, videos, PDF documents and HTML5 files – making it a versatile option for users seeking to generate e-learning content efficiently. If editing videos is your main priority however, an alternative may be more suitable than Atomi.

ActivePresenter stands out from its competition in one way by its ability to add interactivity and branching features to quizzes. Learners can interact with objects via their mouse buttons (clicking an area or selecting checkboxes or radio buttons) or keyboard (pressing key combinations or combinations of keys) which enables learners to engage with them using any question type in your online quiz. These interactions can also be used with interactive presentations.

ActivePresenter allows you to set a maximum time limit for quizzes as well as pass/fail conditions for students, and choose how you mark correct answers for every question, making grading quizzes created in ActivePresenter simple and efficient.

ActivePresenter allows you to easily customize your questions by adding events-actions. This enables you to add interactivity and enhance the eLearning experiences, such as adding an event-action that validates text entered when pressing any key. For instance, fill in Text Entry or Select Dropdown questions can benefit from adding events-actions that validates entered text when they press any key.

ActivePresenter boasts more than the features listed above; it also boasts many additional beneficial functions that are sure to come in handy for software simulations, voiceover recording and callout/annotation insertion – it even helps record gameplay videos and conference presentations! Furthermore, this program is compatible with an extensive array of LCMSs.

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