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Audible is a subscription service offering audiobooks in various genres. Each month, subscribers receive credits (depending on their plan) that they can redeem against an audiobook purchase; once purchased, this title becomes yours to keep permanently while Whispersync allows for seamless reading experience on multiple devices.

Sign up for Audible on either their website or app and take advantage of a free trial, cancelling at any time!

It’s a subscription service

Audible is a subscription service offering users access to audiobooks. They offer various plans with differing options and prices – some plans offer one or two credits as part of a monthly fee (Premium Plan), while others allow unlimited streaming (Audible Plus Plan). In addition to books, they also provide podcasts and original content; their app synchronizes listening progress across devices so users can share their libraries with family and friends.

The app is available across multiple mobile platforms and allows users to stream or download content for offline listening, with Whispersync providing users with a way of continuing where they left off on another device. Furthermore, this tool also serves as a way of managing accounts and accessing customer support.

If a title doesn’t meet your expectations, Audible allows for easy returns. Simply place it in your cart and you’ll be given the option of either paying with existing credits or purchasing it with cash – either way it will become part of your library and will appear under recent purchases.

Audible provides an expansive selection of titles written or read by authors or popular narrators/actors; others may feature in Audible Originals like TED talks and podcasts about real events (such as one about Bernie Madoff or true-crime stories from West Cork Ireland).

This service is ideal for people who enjoy listening to books while driving or exercising, as well as students and businesspeople needing to focus on their work. Listening to a book while cooking or cleaning is also possible thanks to this convenient service – available across laptops, desktops and smartphones.

Audible’s website includes an area for you to manage your membership details. Here you will be able to see an overview of how many credits are currently available, what the monthly bill entails, as well as learn how you can cancel it altogether.

It’s easy to use

If you’re new to audiobooks, Audible makes getting started easy. All it requires is a smartphone or tablet and internet access – plus its app works on both iOS and Android devices! Once registered with an account, titles can be streamed live or downloaded for offline listening; plus you can share your library so your friends and family can listen along too!

Start browsing audiobooks by genre and author or take advantage of recommendations based on your past listening history. Add books to your cart or wish list (which won’t expire!) for future listening pleasure – or give audiobooks as gifts!

No matter your taste in literature or entertainment, Audible has something for you. They boast over one million titles including bestsellers and award winners that you can access anytime – and they keep adding new releases so that you’re up-to-date.

Download or stream an audiobook while traveling, working out, or running errands for an easy listening experience that fits seamlessly into your busy life. However, be mindful that larger titles take up more space on your device; additionally if using your phone with an unlimited data plan you may incur charges for data usage.

One of the best aspects of Audible is their monthly credit rollover policy, meaning any unspent credits will carry forward to next month if not used immediately. You can also cancel your membership at any time should it no longer serve your needs.

Audible was designed for use on your phone or tablet, though you can also access it online or with Alexa devices. Plus, using their WhisperSync feature you can share audiobooks among multiple devices while maintaining your place within each book!

Audible’s library covers an array of genres and is free for those subscribed to its lowest tier subscription plan to explore. Individual books can also be purchased for a small fee if needed; search options allow you to quickly identify something suitable to read.

It’s affordable

If you’re tired of watching television and reading books that feel repetitive, Audible provides an ideal solution. Offering access to thousands of audiobooks and podcasts from around the world, its app synchronizes listening progress across devices while offering customer support – plus Amazon Prime members get free credits with each Audible trial subscription! Downloading is free; monthly subscription plans start as little as $5.00!

Dependent upon your membership plan, each month you’ll receive credits that can be redeemed for audiobooks. One credit usually buys one book; however, daily deals offer titles at up to 80% discounts! Audible also has special promotions during Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day that you should take advantage of!

Most Audible plans allow you to keep your library even after canceling, providing that your credits don’t get used up before purchasing new audiobooks. This makes listening to audiobooks while working, exercising or driving an effective way of taking time for yourself while increasing productivity.

An added perk of Audible is that any title that doesn’t meet your standards can be returned within one year for a refund to use towards another book or service. Many customers appreciate this feature, given how much money is spent on audio books!

As well as books, Audible also produces original content known as Audible Originals. These original offerings range from musical productions of War of the Worlds and lists of interesting facts about 2018 to original podcast series that don’t feature human voices reading them out loud.

If you’re uncertain if Audible is right for you, take advantage of Audible’s 30-day free trial! Prime members receive one credit (and access to Plus catalog), so this is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with their service; especially as it’s much simpler when combined with Amazon Prime membership (and even scores you a free Kindle book!).

It’s convenient

Audible offers one of the easiest and most convenient ways to enjoy audiobooks. Their subscription model enables users to pay a monthly fee and purchase credits that equal one audiobook each. They also have an easy return feature for books they no longer wish to keep as well as mobile app compatibility for listening on-the-go.

The Audible mobile app can be found on most smartphones and tablets. With its search bar and intuitive layout, finding books has never been simpler! Users can download or buy titles through this app; most major audio formats are supported and audio quality rivals CD. Plus, synching across devices means users can start listening on one device before continuing where they left off later!

Audible stands out from other services by not requiring subscribers to commit to long-term contracts, providing subscribers with greater flexibility for those with hectic lifestyles who prefer not committing full time subscriptions. Subscribers can pause and resume membership at any time – something especially helpful for busy travelers or remote workers. Plus, subscribers receive special promotions every now and then to encourage continued listening! Audible even sends regular email promotions offering attractive discounts that encourage listening!

After signing up, Audible provides personalized recommendations based on your past listening and purchasing habits, your mood and genre preferences as well as adding books to your wishlist for future listening. With over 18,000 titles from best sellers to new releases available to sample before purchasing it is sure to have something suitable for everyone!

If you have an Audible membership, the app on your phone or tablet allows you to purchase audiobooks using either existing credit or pay cash – plus, gift cards can also be purchased.

As soon as you’re registered with Audible, you can use it to learn a new language or speed up your reading speed. Listening to audiobooks during long commutes or running errands is also possible using voice command controls on any Apple or Android device – making learning much simpler!

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