AudioGrail Review


AudioGrail is a complete solution for everything related to MP3 and other audio file types (MPC, OGG…). It allows you to rename music files automatically (tag: artist name, album title, track title etc), find album covers quickly and efficiently organize files on your system; perform searches and analyze quality, search – it all can be achieved automatically!

This software comes with a free trial version. Furthermore, it features technical support and is compatible with Windows operating systems.

Free version

AudioGrail is an exceptional program for managing MP3 and other compressed audio formats, including AAC and FLAC files. The program’s extensive collection of tools enables users to efficiently manage their music libraries, including renaming files and editing tags; organizing by genre or album; supporting numerous popular audio formats (OGG, MPC, APE, FLAC and WavPack); automatically renaming/tagging/analyzing quality/sorting files automatically and many features that help find duplicate songs/fix audio data issues – among many others!

AudioGrail’s free version is an effective audio tool, yet has a few limitations that limit what it can do compared with its paid counterpart. For instance, only 30 files can be edited simultaneously and certain features do not support all functions offered in its paid counterpart; yet still worth testing out; it comes equipped with all basic features of an effective audio manager and is straightforward and user-friendly.

AudioGrail (formerly K-MP3) is an indispensable solution for all your audio file needs (MPC, MP3 OGG…). It can rename and tag files automatically while also analysing quality metrics, sorting your system files efficiently and finding duplicated ones – improving your everyday audio experience along the way!

AudioGrail boasts an intuitive user interface, making it accessible and user-friendly for computer users of all kinds. Support for multiple languages is offered along with tag editors, playlist creators and analyzers and internalization support – available both for Windows and MAC operating systems.

Download KC Softwares’ full and free version of their software from their website to use for both personal and non-commercial purposes. It measures up at 1.9MB and works across most Windows operating systems; please be aware that its full version comes packaged with Relevant Knowledge tracking your internet activity to send to their servers for market research purposes.

Although most people do not view this as a bother, others may prefer not to share any data they don’t want with AudioGrail. To combat this issue, either check the privacy settings in your browser or install a separate program to delete this information from AudioGrail’s database; AppCleaner offers a safe solution – check with them today if this sounds like something you would be interested in doing!

Paid version

AudioGrail from KC Softwares is an impressive music management application that allows users to rename and tag (with info such as artist name, album title and track title) their files easily. Furthermore, AudioGrail helps analyze quality, organize files on their system efficiently, find duplicate files quickly and enhance everyday audio experiences – it supports formats including MP3, OGG, MPC, APE AAC FLAC WavPack files.

This program is easy to use, offering an intuitive user interface suitable for beginners as well as experts. Furthermore, the software comes complete with a detailed user manual for optimal use by novices as well as experts alike. Furthermore, purchasing it from its developer’s website includes a 30-day trial period. Compatible with Windows operating systems it requires at minimum 512MB RAM, 50MB hard disk space free space and an x86 compatible CPU to work properly.

AudioGrail stands out from similar programs by listing songs alphabetically by name, album and artist without needing an external plugin – saving both time and money! Furthermore, this program can normalize names for playlist creation as well as burn directly onto CD – it even supports SQL, XML raw listing and comma separated values lists!

This program can be especially helpful to music collectors with an extensive collection. It helps organize your files by albums, artists and genres for easy browsing, while simultaneously scanning for duplicates on your computer and automatically removing them. Available for both Mac and Windows computers alike with functionality comparable to iTunes.

AudioGrail’s paid version is well worth its investment, providing many features not available in its free counterpart. But AudioGrail alone cannot meet every need; other programs provide more comprehensive solutions – Helium Music Manager, MediaMonkey and iTunes all come to mind as more comprehensive options. Helium Music Manager and MediaMonkey both cost more than Audiograil but provide advanced features – beyond renaming and tagging they also create playlists, analyze quality levels and organize music libraries – as well as providing album artwork and lyrics support!

Compatible with Windows

AudioGrail (formerly K-MP3) is an indispensable solution for handling MP3 and other audio files (MPC, OGG…). With AudioGrail at your side, renaming and tagging files quickly and efficiently is now simpler than ever, as is organizing them onto your system, discovering duplicated files quickly, and improving everyday audio experience.

AudioGrail stands out from similar software by offering unique editing styles not found anywhere else, such as standardizing file names and tags to achieve uniformity across your files – this can be especially helpful if you have many pieces of music to tag correctly.

It also supports multiple languages and is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 as well as laptops – even you can use it! Its user interface is extremely straightforward – simply use its file browser or drag and drop tracks directly into the program to add tracks directly. Furthermore, iTunes and Winamp music files can also be imported directly.

This program also features an audio database, which makes searching for specific tracks by name or album much simpler. You can view details such as bitrate and sample frequency rate of any file displayed here, creating playlists or finding duplicate songs much quicker – saving both time and energy spent searching through folders!

Renaming files with this program offers various options, including merging multiple spaces together and adding prefix or suffix characters. Furthermore, duplicate files can be removed while organizing them into albums and missing tags are detected automatically; furthermore it analyses quality of your files to recommend optimal settings.

Users are invited to download and try the free trial version of KC Softwares’ software available now for Windows OSes, including those running 64-bit OSs such as Vista. It requires at least 512MB RAM and 50MB of free hard disk space as well as an x86 compatible CPU to operate properly. 63 users of UpdateStar verified its updates last month!


AudioGrail is an ideal solution if you have a large library of MP3 files and need to organize them efficiently. This software automatically renames files and edits their metadata, finding duplicates while analyzing quality as well as easily connecting with most devices and operating systems.

This free program makes managing and editing one’s music collection easy, from renaming files and editing metadata, to analyzing audio quality. Furthermore, this application features a built-in media player capable of supporting various file formats and includes duplicate file detection capability – perfect for album organizing! Plus, its user interface makes this program user-friendly for both novices and experts.

Software available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems; can also run on mobile devices with USB storage device support; can transfer files between USB storage device and computer, create playlists and analyze sound quality of files;

KC Softwares designed this program to make music management simpler for its users. Compatible with iTunes, and suitable for commercial purposes as well, the program comes complete with an in-depth user manual and online support, along with search functions for ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags, database server support and online user manual support.

There are certain requirements for this program, such as memory and hard drive space requirements. At minimum, 512 MB of RAM is needed, along with a processor compatible with 64-bit Windows and graphics compatible with DirectX 10. While home users can make free use of this software without licensing restrictions or restrictions on businesses and organizations.

If your library is small, AudioGrail might not provide enough power. Consider Helium Music Manager and MediaMonkey instead as excellent options that work across Windows and iOS.

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