Auslogics Anti Malware Review

Auslogics Anti Malware

Auslogics Anti Malware is an innovative program that detects and eliminates malicious objects in a system, raising device performance while clearing away digital clutter. Users praise this tool as providing peace of mind when browsing online.

Antivirus software alone cannot identify and eradicate every potential threat on a system; antimalware programs fill this role nicely. They scan memory, temporary folders, system registry entries and auto-start items; as well as browser extensions/add-ons for potential security risks.

Anti-Malware Engine

Auslogics Anti Malware offers outstanding malware detection mechanisms and provides all-round PC protection, offering reliable protection from dangerous software that resides online.

This program performs comprehensive analyses in three areas, such as system memory for malicious apps that may be running, cookies that track your activities and collect personal data and system and temporary folders for suspicious files or suspicious entries in them, and browser extensions which might lead to data leakage.

Another excellent feature is the ability to quarantine suspicious files, enabling you to retrieve them later if needed. You can also add objects to the Ignore List so they won’t appear again during scans and cleanups, while customizing scans to run at your convenience and scheduling them accordingly.

Resource-wise, this app is extremely resourceful – meaning it won’t slow down or otherwise impact your computer during a deep scan, nor interfere with antivirus solutions; keeping your favorite security program while protecting against potential threats to the machine.

One thing that bothers me about this program is how often it displays popup windows offering to install its BoostSpeed program to speed up my computer, promising speed increases as a result of installing PC optimizers like this one. Not only are PC optimizers often unnecessary; their presence usually consumes too many resources on my system.

Anti-Spyware Engine

Auslogics Anti Malware detects all these threats on an ongoing basis to keep your PC secure from attacks – viruses, spyware, Trojans, keyloggers, adware, rootkits and phishing apps are just a few. Clicking any malicious website could put your personal information or computer at risk. Auslogics Anti Malware will identify risks to ensure real-time protection of your PC.

The application provides three distinct scan modes, Quick, Deep and Custom. A Quick scan evaluates the most frequent areas targeted by malware threats while Deep and Custom scans offer you greater depth in scanning hard disk, memory, Windows Registry Scheduled Tasks browser extensions cookies and system folders for suspicious objects that should be quarantined for future review. Once detected any potentially hazardous objects will be stored safely.

As part of its service, this application monitors changes in system files, warning of any potential malicious modifications and eliminating junk files to free up disk space and improve PC performance. Furthermore, its simple modern interface requires no complicated configuration settings and works well alongside existing antivirus solutions without conflicting.

Overall, Auslogics Anti Malware is an efficient program that will protect your PC effectively without interfering with daily life activities. Its main advantages are its light footprint and easy setup process as well as scheduled scans that run automatically. This application makes an ideal addition to existing antivirus protection by providing extra safeguards against threats that your antivirus software might miss; additionally it will identify any threats your antivirus software misses while simultaneously catching any bundled parasites that hide as regular programs or add-ons on your PC.

Anti-Adware Engine

Auslogics Anti-Malware is a security program designed to safeguard Windows computers against malware and data leakage, including adware programs which track personal information or activity and steal it. It detects cookies which track online activities; scans the registry for potentially suspicious files/processes/task scheduler entries/scheduled tasks/analyzes browser extensions to identify any potentially malicious add-ons; checks your browser extensions against known lists for potential add-ons that contain harmful code and has an extensive scanning mode which includes rootkit detection capabilities!

Auslogics Anti-Malware stands out from similar products by working without conflict with existing antivirus programs already installed on your Windows machine, finding threats missed by existing protection and providing additional safety and security for your PC.

The program features an easy-to-use, straightforward interface that makes installation simple and straightforward. At 14MB, it only takes minutes for the whole installation process to finish and thereafter, it automatically updates its malware database so as to be up-to-date against new threats; no reboot necessary post installation!

Unfortunately, Auslogics Anti-Malware may be classified by some anti-malware programs as potentially unwanted due to its installer which often bundles extra programs that the user might not want. Furthermore, the program doesn’t detect all related cookies used by adware to track users online – something a more reliable anti-malware application might do more effectively. Luckily though, Auslogics Anti-Malware features an easy uninstaller which will completely delete Auslogics Anti-Malware along with all associated files and settings from your PC!


Auslogics Anti Malware is an all-inclusive security suite, protecting computers from various classes of malware such as spyware, adware, phishing attacks and Trojans. With multiple scan types and an options personalization feature to identify areas to examine. Furthermore, this program has an impressive virus detection rate; even programs which evade antivirus protection have been identified by this security suite. Designed for lightweight use alongside other security apps without hindering performance analysis by your PC during its analysis phase.

Auslogics offers more than the traditional scan options; its real-time protection monitors files and folders for suspicious activities that might compromise PCs, quickly identifying and neutralizing new or unknown threats that might be harmful. Plus, with its flexible scheduler users can schedule automatic scanning on a daily, weekly or monthly basis if desired.

The user interface of this program is organized and intuitive, making it simple to assess your computer’s security status. It features a comprehensive list of detected items with options to quarantine them immediately or restore or delete them directly from its main window. Furthermore, files or folders can be added into an “Ignore” list which will exclude them from future scans and cleanups – making this app perfect for frequent computer users who don’t want their computers scanned every few weeks or so. It should be noted that although trial version provides comprehensive scan results of identified problems and threats without allowing deletion without purchasing full license version of program.

Scheduled Scan

Auslogics Anti Malware is a security software designed to offer protection from malware, theft, data leakage and tracking of your personal information. Intended as an addition to an antivirus program, its lightweight user-friendly design enables multiple modes for protecting against different threats – with compatibility running from Windows XP up to the most recent versions of Windows 10.

This program covers all areas where malicious programs tend to infiltrate: memory, cookies, registry entries, temporary folders, browser extensions and settings as well as file system. Furthermore, it can check security of applications configured to start automatically as well as perform detailed analysis on Task Scheduler apps. Lastly, the program also checks firewall integrity while monitoring attempts at accessing internet ensuring protection from various forms of online attacks.

Another fantastic feature is the option to place suspicious files in quarantine, protecting both you and the system from further harm. Furthermore, the program can also be configured to ignore specific files or directories, providing users with greater flexibility when customizing scanning procedures to optimize performance.

This program boasts a very modern and clean user interface that is simple to navigate, with all key functions organized into a few tabs with quick links to key functions. Scan schedules can be set, with notifications delivered if any problems are found; installation and uninstallation processes are straightforward, with minimal system resources being consumed by this app.

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