Auslogics Anti Malware Review

Auslogics Anti Malware

Auslogics Anti Malware helps defend against malware threats that could infiltrate your system and steal private information, quickly detecting new and existing threats and quickly eliminating them from your PC. It quarantines suspicious files allowing for later restore if necessary.

Easy for any PC owner to use, Norton Security works seamlessly alongside your current antivirus software to detect threats other programs may miss. Its user-friendly interface makes this security software simple yet effective in protecting PCs from threats that other programs may miss.

Free version

Auslogics Anti Malware is an application designed to keep Windows-powered PCs free from malware. It detects harmful programs, registry entries, cookies tracking activities and browser extensions among many other threats, enabling users to run scans whenever desired or scheduled regularly – as well as move items detected to quarantine. Additionally, Auslogics Anti Malware blocks malicious websites for greater personal protection or financial loss prevention.

Installing and using this application are straightforward processes, with its main window providing users with access to three standard scan types (quick, deep or custom). Furthermore, users may specify whether they would like to analyze system memory, Internet cookies, registry files, task schedulers or task calendars.

Notable features include Auslogics’ ability to quarantine dangerous files and its flexible scheduler that automatically checks for new threats without disrupting other activities on your system. Furthermore, Auslogics alerts users about any unusual system changes which could indicate malware activity on their PC.

However, the program is far from perfect; its on-demand scanner uses both Avira’s signatures and its own to detect tracking cookies; however, not all are captured; additionally it cannot scan specific folders; therefore not detecting all files in downloads folder for example. Furthermore, any detected tracking cookies are listed with moderate threat levels, possibly to encourage users to purchase the full version in order to remove them.

Auslogics Anti-Malware is an excellent solution for protecting Windows-powered computers from various threats, with its lightweight nature not consuming too many system resources or creating conflicts with primary antivirus software. Furthermore, its database updates regularly to be prepared against new vulnerabilities – making this an excellent alternative to more traditional malware removal tools.

Pro version

Auslogics Anti Malware is a lightweight and user-friendly protection software solution. It guards your PC from malware, theft, loss of personal information and tracking of online activities – including malware infections! With various scan modes to determine authenticity of files on the PC as well as regular malware database updates to provide ongoing protection, Auslogics Anti Malware offers users an affordable alternative to expensive antivirus solutions.

This application can search your system for malicious items that could harm it, such as worms, Trojan horses, spyware, rootkits and adware. It detects threats that otherwise remain hidden within system memory, registry entries and auto-start locations; additionally it monitors background applications that access the Internet in order to block accessing potentially harmful add-ons and websites that pose identity theft or financial loss risks.

User-friendly graphics user interface designed for beginners and non-technical people make this program easy to navigate for beginners and non-technical individuals alike. Furthermore, the program can automatically download and install updates so it always has the latest security fixes and improvements. Customizable scans meet individual needs; Ignore Lists allow for exclusions during scanning.

Auslogics Anti Malware offers a free trial version that enables you to evaluate if the application meets your needs, with its full version offering great value at an extremely affordable price. Furthermore, Auslogics Pro version provides powerful protection from malicious threats on Windows PCs; therefore it should be an essential tool in every user’s arsenal against infections and threats. Invest in it; you won’t regret it. Make sure you purchase from reputable vendors to ensure maximum protection for your computer!

Trial version

Auslogics Anti Malware’s Trial Version is an effective program to safeguard your computer against malware. It detects common spots where hackers hide on your system such as hard drive, memory and registry scans as well as harmful apps, tracking cookies and Task Scheduler entries analyzed to detect potential security risks that help remove any identified malicious files quickly and safely. Furthermore, useful tools like disk defragmenter or driver updaters are included to further help keep you protected against potential security risks on the Internet.

The program’s interface is very user-friendly, requiring no advanced technical knowledge to use effectively. Each threat is displayed individually in its own category so you can choose what action are needed against each threat. You can further personalize its scans by specifying specific locations to scan. Furthermore, regular updates of its malware database ensure it stays up-to-date.

Features of Advanced Malware Protection software include a quarantine feature to isolate suspicious files in an isolated environment and protect them from harm, while still permitting later recovery if required. Furthermore, the program can be set to automatically run quick, deep or custom scans at specified intervals; and can even be configured to ignore certain folders or files for maximum system optimization.

Auslogics Anti Malware is designed for ease of use and fast performance without conflict with existing antivirus programs. This software should be considered an excellent solution for anyone wanting an extra layer of PC protection without taking up too many resources – an especially good choice for users with limited system resources.

This application’s primary function is to protect users against malware threats such as spyware, adware, viruses and any potentially unwanted software. It can detect tracking cookies used by websites to collect personal information as well as unsafe registry entries and auto-start items that pose security threats. Furthermore, the program monitors browser extensions/add-ons to ensure they do not pose a security threat.

Final Words

Auslogics Anti Malware is an ideal tool to use for protecting your PC against both old and new viruses, trojans and malware threats. It uses minimal system resources and won’t slow down PC performance – and is easy to use too – providing maximum protection. Plus it comes equipped with plenty of features designed to keep it safe.

Driver Updater, from this company, can find outdated drivers and easily upgrade them to the most up-to-date manufacturer-recommended version for seamless hardware operation and to prevent device conflicts. Furthermore, this program will scan for missing or faulty drivers automatically and provide a list of updates available to you.

Privacy Control of this program offers another useful feature, blocking spyware, keyloggers and other tools used to thieve personal information from you. It will alert you if an application attempts to access the Internet without your knowledge, while it can even detect suspicious employee activity that could lead to data theft – saving time and money by eliminating theft in the workplace altogether. It comes standard in its full version!

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