Auslogics Anti Malware Review

Auslogics Anti Malware

Auslogics Anti Malware is a robust program that protects your computer against malware, secures your data and keeps personal information safe and confidential. Designed with lightweight footprint and no interference to existing antivirus solutions in mind.

Analyzing cookies, suspicious startup items and scheduled programs, system registry entries, browser extensions that could leak your data and any potential security risks are just a few areas that it examines on a regular basis. You can schedule quick or deep scans as part of an ongoing strategy.

Detects and removes malware

Auslogics Anti Malware is a program specifically designed to defend your computer against malware such as viruses, Trojans, spyware and adware. Furthermore, it protects personal information from identity thieves, phishing apps or any other potentially dangerous programs that lurk online.

This program’s scanning engine relies on multiple technologies that combine to ensure no malware escapes detection. It performs fast and thorough scans, detecting even hidden components of threats before eliminating them all in order to keep your system secure. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface features modern design elements which make the experience user-friendly as well as flexible scheduling so you can set it to run either weekly or monthly according to your own schedule.

Along with regular scans, this program also performs quick and deep analyses on specific areas, including system memory, cookies, system and temporary folders and auto-start items. Furthermore, it checks for suspicious entries in the registry, adware plugins, browser extensions as well as warning you if an unsafe program has been installed before offering to uninstall it if found.

Auslogics Anti Malware’s other great advantage is that it was built to coexist without conflicts or interference with existing antivirus software on your PC, often picking up on suspicious activity that other security solutions miss. As such, millions of users worldwide trust Auslogics Anti Malware as an essential protection suite.

The program is extremely user-friendly, making it accessible for computer users of any skill level. It includes a useful quarantine feature which enables you to save suspicious files into an isolated environment before later retrieving them if required; there’s even an option that enables you to exclude folders from scanning so you can tailor the scanning process exactly how you’d like. Its lightweight nature also makes it ideal for those who want full security protection without slowing their system down too much.

Boosts your PC’s speed

If your computer has become increasingly slow and difficult to use, assistance may be required in speeding it back up. A variety of issues could contribute to its slowdown – junk files accumulation, disk fragmentation, malware infections or outdated programs or drivers being to blame. One effective solution available from Australian software company Auslogics for this problem is their award-winning optimizer tool called Auslogics BoostSpeed which can identify and repair these issues.

This utility is simple to use and delivers exactly as advertised – speeding up your PC and making it run like new again! With tools for system optimization such as cleaning junk files and fixing registry errors to defragmenting disks and optimizing startup items, its user-friendly interface makes this accessible to users of all technical levels and provides safe use through schedule scans that let you control which parts of the system are cleaned up when.

Another key advantage of the application is its ability to detect threats that your antivirus may have missed, including browser hijackers, keylogger viruses and any attempts at stealing passwords or personal data. Furthermore, this software can detect and delete cookies as well as prevent unwarranted browser extensions/add-ons from tracking you around the Internet.

Security features of this application include the ability to control how apps and services launch at startup and keep an eye on everything running on your machine. Furthermore, it provides online privacy protection by clearing away traces and personal data stored online; in addition to stopping apps from using location data to determine what services are available to them.

Auslogics BoostSpeed is loved by its many users for being effortless in terms of setup and installation, running quickly on even older PCs with limited hardware resources. As a great choice to optimize and speed up their Windows systems, Auslogics BoostSpeed has earned rave reviews both by experts and customers alike, and can be read about on review sites such as Trustpilot or SiteJabber.

Detects and removes spyware

Auslogics Anti Malware is one of the best solutions available for protecting yourself against malware. This lightweight program protects you against viruses, spyware, keyloggers, adware, phishing apps and more – programs which could damage or steal confidential data from your PC or steal personal information. Auslogics Anti Malware detects potentially dangerous threats quickly and removes them before any damage or slowdown is caused to your computer; additionally it blocks malicious software from being downloaded in future.

ScanWise features multiple scanning modes that are capable of quickly sweeping over an entire hard disk or just certain folders, checking system memory, scheduled tasks, tracking cookies and many other areas where malicious programs could infiltrate your PC. In addition, its secure quarantine option saves flagged files in an isolated environment for later restoration if required.

This application works perfectly alongside almost any antivirus program you already have installed and often finds issues other security tools miss. With its straightforward user interface, managing every aspect of the program becomes effortless – you can set quick, deep or custom scans at various intervals, running them automatically while you work or play.

One great aspect of the software is its ability to detect even the most sophisticated spyware and malware, regardless of its complexity. To achieve this feat, it performs a scan on both registry entries and files for suspicious entries that serve as indicators for certain forms of malware; additionally it uses advanced algorithms that analyze malware behavior so as to recognize more complex programs which might otherwise pass for legitimate ones.

This program comes in multiple languages with localized menus for ease of use, supporting Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 platforms and being lightweight on your system. Regular updates keep its malware signature database current so it is always able to detect threats as soon as they arise, plus there is a support team you can reach via the Internet or email for any assistance or questions that arise.

Detects and removes rootkits

Auslogics Anti Malware can effectively identify and delete rootkits – malicious programs designed to conceal harmful code on your computer – by scanning your entire system or any selected area for them and then destroying them. Furthermore, quarantining suspicious items allows for easy recovery at any time in the future, with its user-friendly interface making this program accessible for users of all levels of experience.

This program can protect your PC from viruses, spyware, adware, rootkits, Trojans and other forms of malware, while improving PC performance and protecting personal data from unwarranted access. Furthermore, this tool detects and removes threats missed by other antivirus programs, making it an essential addition to your security suite.

This program is very easy to set up and use, and does not require internet connectivity to function. Furthermore, its small size does not impede performance during scans. Furthermore, this tool can assist with registry cleanup as well as junk file deletion causing issues on your computer system; detect suspicious startup list entries; as well as eliminate cookies tracking user activity.

This program also comes equipped with several advanced features, including the capability of scheduling quick, deep or custom scans and quarantining suspect files to prevent damage to your PC. Custom scans can even exclude certain files or folders for optimal control and monitoring attempts by applications to connect to the Internet and reduce infection risk.

Auslogics Anti Malware can protect users against phishing attacks by blocking websites known to host this malicious code, as well as detect and block sites which attempt to gain personal information such as banking credentials or credit card details from you. Furthermore, it prevents your browser from being hijacked remotely by an outside attacker and check all programs installation integrity – and identify rogue programs installed without your knowledge!

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