Auslogics BitReplica Review

Auslogics BitReplica is an application that helps ensure all of your photos, videos and documents remain safe in case your hard drive crashes unexpectedly or other disaster strikes your computer. With it you can set backup profiles that automatically save copies of specific files at scheduled intervals – providing peace of mind if something unexpected should arise that affects them all at once.

Easy to use

Auslogics BitReplica is an intuitive backup solution designed to quickly save and protect the important documents, photos, music videos, and videos that matter most in life – from documents and photos to music and videos – from hard drive crashes or malware attacks. Plus it makes recovering lost files simple! Perfect for Windows users who use multiple storage drives.

This tool offers various means for backing up and restoring files, including creating separate profiles for work files, personal files and other important items – and then backing them all up or restoring them easily with just the click of a button. If desired, encrypted backups can also be encrypted for added protection.

Auslogics BitReplica allows you to choose from various file backup types. For instance, mirror backup copies your files exactly as they exist in their source folder; differential backup only copies any changes made since the last backup; or you can schedule backups at certain times of day or week.

One of the key advantages of this software is that it enables you to back up files to local, external and network drives – including cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive – as well as synchronize between computers or between desktops and laptops.

Auslogics BitReplica is shareware software, so it allows you to try the product for three days before deciding to purchase. Furthermore, Auslogics offers a money-back guarantee should it not meet your expectations and offers subscription plans that provide free updates and support at discounted rates.

Easy to set up

Auslogics BitReplica is an intuitive software program that makes backup easy. It can backup to local drives, external storage devices and cloud services and offers features such as incremental backup and version control for easy file restoration in the event of data loss or corruption. Furthermore, Auslogics BitReplica synchronizes files across multiple computers.

Profile Wizard provides an intuitive solution that is highly configurable, and you can even create separate profiles for different file types like photos and documents. With its help you can choose which files and folders need backing up with different backup schedules for each profile and specify advanced options like how often certain files change or apps launch.

Once you’ve created a profile, backing up your files can begin instantly with just one click. Our backup process is fast and reliable; additionally, pause or resume it whenever necessary. Furthermore, encrypted backups offer added protection.

Software like Backblaze can help protect your music, photos and documents in case of hard drive failure or virus attack; additionally it protects from theft by protecting data on external drives like USB or NAS or cloud storage services like Amazon S3, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Auslogics’ software is free and can be downloaded directly from their website, including multilingual support and a help manual. With minimal impact on CPU and RAM usage and user-friendly navigation features, Auslogics makes computer assistance accessible to people of all experience levels.

Multiple backup options

Auslogics BitReplica is an effective backup program designed to safeguard files on external storage devices or cloud services, synchronize folders between computers, and protect important information against flooding, fires or any natural calamities that might threaten it. Furthermore, Auslogics BitReplica can encrypt backups for secure protection from unintended access.

This software is simple and offers multiple backup options, including incremental backups which capture only changes since your last backup, an advanced feature which enables you to exclude specific files or applications, and compression that helps save space by compressing backups.

Backups can be stored to local drives, network drives, and external hard drives; manually or automatically created on an hourly, daily, or weekly schedule. Furthermore, BitReplica encrypts backups for added protection against any unauthorized access.

Another impressive aspect of this software is its ability to quickly restore files from an archive backup in case of accidental file deletion or loss, providing peace of mind when working with large files. The restoration process is seamless, making this an ideal option for those who wish to ensure their work never goes awry.

However, this backup software has some drawbacks that should be considered before purchasing or using it. First off, it does not offer free technical support and cannot support all operating systems; nevertheless it remains an excellent solution for those needing to backup and sync files between Windows computers.

Encryption feature

Auslogics BitReplica is a free program that will protect your photos, music and documents against hard drive failure, virus attacks and accidental deletion. This software creates copies of your files on another storage drive or the Internet and makes them easily recoverable later.

This program boasts an intuitive interface and many options for creating backups, from full to incremental or differential backup engines that save disk space. Furthermore, recovery of saved data is made straightforward: browse your backup folder like any regular folder to select individual items to restore.

Your backup profiles can be tailored to meet your individual needs and preferences, including file filters, alternate data streams, security details and additional options such as exclusion files from backups and verifying files after they complete (verifying files before or after backup is optional) along with starting programs before or after backing up (delay times can also be set up). Plus the program supports various cloud storage services!

Encryption functionality makes it easy to secure your backups against unauthorised access, which is particularly essential when protecting sensitive files. Furthermore, it supports various backup media formats – from optical discs to flash drives – while you can even use this program to synchronize data across two locations – ideal for those working across multiple computers simultaneously.

As with any software, it is generally safe and reliable, however as is recommended with any piece of software, keep up to date with bug fixes and security patches for optimal use. Furthermore, always download from reputable sources to avoid viruses or malware on your PC.


Auslogics BitReplica is an excellent program to use if you want to safeguard photos, music files and other valuable files against hard drive failure or viruses. Additionally, this versatile solution makes an excellent addition for working with multiple hard drives on their computer or network; plus it is simple and can save both time and money should a system crash occur.

This software is extremely reliable, boasting an extensive feature set. Its user-friendly interface enables users to quickly create backups with just a few clicks and schedule automated backups; its encryption features help prevent unauthorized access to backed up files; plus it is compatible with cloud storage services for added protection and accessibility.

Another key feature of this software is its ability to back up and restore all types of files – from digital photos and music files, school projects and important work documents, as well as to automatically back up any changes made to original data. You can download this freeware data replication tool directly from its official website to safeguard against potential data loss due to hard drive failure or malware attack.

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