Auslogics Registry Cleaner Review

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is a safe, free registry cleaner without spyware, Trojans or any other form of malware. Trusted by many PC manufacturers and experts alike, its safety has been verified through independent tests.

Remove traces of previously installed software to speed up your PC. It’s very straightforward and safe, with no unwanted side effects or inconveniences.


The Windows Registry is an essential database that stores key settings and options for the entire operating system, serving as the central hub for information related to user profiles, installed programs and hardware devices. Without regular maintenance it can become unruly quickly – that’s why Auslogics Registry Cleaner exists: it aims to fix errors and crashes to restore smooth and stable operation on PCs.

The program includes a comprehensive selection of utilities to assist in optimizing and repairing the registry as well as maintain it in good shape. These utilities can help remove unused entries, optimize performance by cleaning temporary files and eliminating redundant information, remove bloatware that slows PC start-up time and block invalid shortcuts from entering the system, as well as prevent invalid shortcuts from getting onto PCs.

When it comes to scanning and fixing the registry, this tool stands out. Using low to moderate system resources, it quickly scans and repairs items without causing any errors or freezes during our tests.

Scanning and fixing the registry requires only a few mouse clicks, with results displayed in an easy-to-read window. Furthermore, this application creates backup copies of any changed entries, so they can be reversed if their changes are no longer necessary. Moreover, users have the ability to choose whether to ignore certain items, copy them onto their clipboard or study reports with found/deleted entries as well as reveal an entry’s position within Registry Editor.

Rescue Center is another helpful feature, offering backup and restoration capabilities when necessary. In case something goes amiss with your work, this feature can even revert the Registry back to previous checkpoints for quick recovery of data.

This tool works on all versions of Windows from 2000 through the current OS version 8.1 and features both an installed edition as well as a portable edition for those who prefer not to install software directly onto their computers but instead use removable storage units like USB drives to instantly scan Registry on any computer; simply open its interface and choose from its list to use this method of scanning Registry data.


Auslogics Registry Cleaner is a reliable and effective software tool designed to optimize Windows computers by cleaning their Registry. Specifically tailored for Microsoft’s operating system and compatible with Windows 10, this program features many handy functions – including an automatic Registry backup feature – while also fixing issues related to shortcuts, files, software and systems itself.

This program offers a free trial version that gives you an opportunity to evaluate its product before making your final decision. However, keep in mind that this version only offers limited functionality; to get maximum use out of it and maximize results it’s recommended you purchase Pro version which offers advanced scanning and cleanup algorithms as well as increased stability improvement.

Apart from being one of the best-selling registry cleaners on the market, Registry Cleaner Pro is also widely considered to be safe and easy to use, due to not deleting any unsafe entries and employing safe cleaning techniques. Furthermore, this tool can repair damaged and corrupted registry keys which cause computer errors.

Notably, the program does not contain any adware or other unwanted programs, which is especially crucial if privacy is important to you; many such programs can install additional software without your knowledge or consent, while some are known for being intrusive enough to steal personal information from your computer.

Though there are various registry cleaners on the market, selecting one with exceptional customer support is crucial to ensure your problems are solved quickly and efficiently. A great customer support team will also help explain each feature’s technical details as well as answer your queries about its functionality.

Selecting an effective registry cleaner is essential to optimizing PC performance. To select an effective program, look for one tested by independent laboratories and widely recommended by experts, read user reviews and ratings before making your selection, ensure it works on your operating system, and has an intuitive user interface.


The Windows Registry is the primary access and error-prone component of your system. As software is installed and uninstalled, outdated and corrupted entries become lodged therein, leading to system errors and crashes as well as slowing down performance and stopping proper functioning of your computer. Auslogics Registry Cleaner is an invaluable tool designed to quickly and safely improve this vital part of the operating system; recommended by experts, PC manufacturers, Lifewire. CNET. Softonic and other websites.

This tool scans your Registry to locate invalid entries and incorrect settings, and repairs them – making your computer run as smoothly as before! In addition, it features a backup feature to restore its state in case something goes amiss with it.

Another outstanding feature of this tool is its capability of clearing away leftover entries left by other applications when they’re uninstalled, which can greatly enhance PC performance by freeing up space and eliminating clutter. Unfortunately, many similar tools don’t offer this capability – making this an excellent feature to have but be wary of making any drastic deletions without double-checking first!

Other features include creating backups of the Registry prior to making any changes, searching and repairing individual items that need attention, selecting multiple entries for repair/move to ignore lists/etc, changing interface language as well as setting custom locations, desktop icon creation and toolbar customization options.

Not only does this tool offer outstanding features, but its customer support and active user community are unparalleled. Several major antivirus engines have tested it with positive results and it has not caused any harm to a computer when used according to instructions for setup. It comes equipped with an installer log file so troubleshooting problems is simple.


Auslogics Registry Cleaner is an efficient way of cleaning Windows registry entries and eliminating errors and crashes while improving system and application performance by removing obsolete entries from the system. Its easy use comes complete with a backup feature to quickly restore any changes made if needed; and, it supports multiple Windows versions while creating a comprehensive report upon scanning completion.

During our testing, the program ran seamlessly on our computer without causing it to hang or crash. It quickly scanned through our registry without leaving behind any unnecessary files; and it did not produce any error messages in our system logs. Overall, we found it user-friendly enough for both novices and advanced users.

This program boasts an intuitive, user-friendly interface with clearly labeled buttons for use when scanning or fixing errors within your registry. Once complete, scan results are presented either in basic or detailed formats on screen as well as saved as files for future reference. In addition to repair capabilities, the software also can remove duplicate entries and clear junk files from your system.

Another incredible feature of this program is its capability of backing up the registry prior to performing repairs, which could come in handy should any unexpected issues arise post-repairs. Most similar programs don’t provide this additional protection feature – making this software truly stand out.

Overall, Auslogics Registry Cleaner is an unquestionably trustworthy program backed by its developer. Most antivirus engines do not consider it malware; neither does it attempt to install additional products or redirect users to suspicious websites. However, through the main window options it does promote other products within Auslogics; some users might view this practice as advertisingware.

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