Auslogics Registry Cleaner Review

Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner frees system resources by clearing away redundant or obsolete information from Windows registry, improving overall PC performance and providing backups for added safety. The user-friendly program makes this task straightforward.

This program may offer to download and install additional applications during installation, however if desired these requests can be declined. It can also create a portable version which runs without installation or license activation.

Easy to use

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is an intuitive program that makes cleaning Windows registry simple. Additionally, it backs up before making changes so reverting back is possible should any problems arise; plus it lets you select which areas of registry need fixing more effectively while decreasing risk.

Search the Registry is another useful feature, allowing you to identify common errors quickly and fix them efficiently. Furthermore, you can customize program settings, view a list of ignored items, and change interface languages – this tool runs efficiently using minimal system resources so it doesn’t slow down your computer and doesn’t cause errors or crashes during tests – quickly scanning was performed as well!

This program also allows users to defragment their registry, which reorganizes data so that it becomes more compact and contiguous, thus speeding access times and improving system performance and stability. With scheduling options that automate this process at specified intervals, this tool offers ease-of-use for those who’d rather forget manually about defragmenting their system themselves.

As well as its registry cleaner and defragger features, this program also serves to remove junk files from your system as well as clean up entries created by apps and software such as media codecs, device drivers, antivirus programs, etc.

This software comes in both portable and installed forms; both can be copied onto a USB drive and run on any PC without installing them, providing businesses with an efficient way of optimizing computers while on the move. However, portability comes at the cost of advanced scanning and fixing algorithms being unavailable.


The Windows Registry is the central database that stores configuration settings for hardware, software and user preferences. Over time it becomes cluttered with obsolete or corrupted entries which lead to system errors, crashes and slowdowns. Auslogics Registry Cleaner was developed specifically to keep the Registry in great shape; by eliminating errors while increasing speed and restoring stability.

The program does not contain any ads or malicious code, making it safe to use and recommended by PC manufacturers. Furthermore, multiple independent labs conducted rigorous tests, with accolades from leading IT resources like Lifewire, CNET and Softonic for its quality of performance.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner creates a backup copy of your Registry before making any modifications, giving you peace of mind in case something goes wrong. Furthermore, this program alerts you of potentially harmful modifications and allows you to select which entries should remain intact manually.

After conducting a comprehensive scan, Auslogics Registry Cleaner will present you with a list of entries found. From here you can review them and choose any that are unnecessary before selecting and deleting them. It is also important to keep in mind that before making changes you must ensure none are used by other programs or applications – this prevents accidentally deleting essential system files or altering system settings that might compromise your computer.

If any of the suggested deletions don’t suit you, use the “Ignore Lists” feature to bypass them during subsequent scans. In addition to providing detailed reports for your reference in “Reports”, this program offers load charts displaying disk, processor, network and memory status at present.

Under “Ask a Question”, you can browse technical support issues submitted by other users and their resolutions. However, the number of incidents appears sporadic as the company appears to have invested more time and energy into optimizing other PC optimization tools such as BoostSpeed, Duplicate File Finder and Windows Slimmer than its Registry cleaner product itself. Still, this tool should be considered if you want a reliable way of improving PC performance: easy installation process with an intuitive user interface compatible with all versions of Windows.


Auslogics does not contain any spyware, adware, malware or any other unwanted features – making it safe to run and tested by independent software labs. Furthermore, Auslogics won’t make changes to your registry without your approval; should anything go awry you can always undo them with its Rescue Center feature which automatically creates backup copies prior to initiating any changes and can easily restore them back into their previous state.

An intuitive interface makes this program user-friendly for those of all skill levels to utilize, with various search filters providing users with options to scan specific areas of the registry quickly and efficiently. By fixing only important entries quickly, this program saves both time and effort by prioritizing fixing important entries over others.

Once the scanning process is completed, a list of errors will be displayed for review by the user. He/She can choose which ones pertain specifically to his/her PC and click them directly in order to repair them. This program uses low-to-moderate system resources efficiently while performing quickly – no crashes or freezes have ever occurred during our tests!

Auslogics’ Registry Cleaner offers features not found in competitive software packages. From its Settings menu, you can set additional scanning parameters and select which folders are scanned; enable or disable ‘Delete File and Folders When Cleaning’ option; create an ignore list; change interface language etc. Additionally, Auslogics includes a graphical display that illustrates your computer’s CPU, disk, network and memory performance!

The main shortcoming of this program is that it does not defragment Registry Hive Files, which could significantly improve computer speed and stability by decreasing resources used to access the registry. Although this will likely not be a deal breaker for most users, we would have liked for developers to include this functionality within their software.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is a great tool that is widely praised by experts, boasting an intuitive user experience to keep PCs fast and stable. As its price tag remains free for both home and commercial use, Auslogics Registry Cleaner makes for an attractive choice.


The system registry is an essential database that stores information to configure your PC, making its integrity essential for optimal performance. When your Windows OS can’t read correct values from the registry, its performance may suffer severely or even stop altogether – from improper uninstalled programs and system errors, to your browser activity preventing accessing registry information stored there. Auslogics Registry Cleaner helps maintain an error-free registry to optimize PC performance and speed up performance.

This software features an automatic backup feature to help ensure any changes made to the registry are easily undone. Additionally, a Registry Defragmenter helps make registry smaller and more efficient – an invaluable asset if dealing with large volumes of junk files.

As with CCleaner, this program can help free up disk space by deleting duplicate files. Additionally, it detects and removes potentially malicious entries from your computer; fixes system errors; clears privacy records and optimizes system performance; is portable so can be used across devices without having to install on each one individually;

Auslogics Registry Cleaner stands out by being simple and intuitive for users of all experience levels, with its user-friendly interface making it accessible even to novice users. It offers automatic scanning to identify errors and problems across your entire system or specific areas and fix them to enhance computer performance, with dispensable entries easily being identified and manually deleted – something particularly helpful if your use your computer for work such as part-time IT administration at non-profit organizations.

Although a great registry cleaner, this program lacks some of the more advanced features like defragmenting hard drives or eliminating junk files that make PC optimization suites such as Glarysoft stand out. Still, if all you need is something to clean your registry and speed up your PC then this software is certainly worth consideration.

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