Avant Browser Review

Avant Browser is a free web browser that serves as an alternative front end to Internet Explorer. It supports Trident layout engine while also featuring Gecko for compatibility with modern websites.

Avant’s developer has dedicated time and resources to adding features requested by users, such as popup blocking and advertising server blockers. There is also an UltraLite version with reduced installation size available.

New Ajax Technology

Avant Browser strives to be a new type of web browser: fast, stable, and customizable. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy getting used to its interface: parts seem outdated and unintuitive while some tools such as the page refresh button may not be readily apparent and other crucial settings might be hidden away in long menus.

Avant utilizes Trident as its default rendering engine, which is popular among Microsoft browsers. In addition, Gecko, XUL, and Webkit (used by Firefox and Chrome respectively) are included – you can switch among them freely or select an engine for each website through the Options menu.

Multi-Processing Designs Offer Crash-Free Internet Browsing Experience And Extreme Reliability When one tab crashes, it won’t freeze the browser or bring other pages down with it.

Another useful feature is the option to save online bookmarks, forms, and data in an encrypted format – meaning anyone using the same computer won’t be able to gain access to your personal information and you can work with one set of bookmarks no matter where you go.

Avant is equipped with many useful features, including form auto-fill functionality, RSS reader and the capability of blocking popups, banner ads and potentially unsafe sites with just one click. Furthermore, Avant supports multiple languages – it can even be translated to more than 100 – and displays web pages full screen mode – useful when your monitor doesn’t allow enough room for multiple browser windows’ toolbars.

New Dynamic Multi-processing Technology

Avant Browser offers a different approach to Web browsing. While using an Internet Explorer rendering engine, its design more closely mimics that of an independent small company than Microsoft. Custom skins and modular toolbars make customizing and hiding various aspects of its interface easy; two dozen similar-looking search engines such as Yahoo are preloaded as Avantfind; Avant Browser is fast enough and offers an effective ad blocker as well.

Avant is designed to synchronize bookmarks, feeds, autofills and settings with a server for easier use on multiple computers or pausing and restarting browsing sessions on another PC. Avant also features full screen mode which removes toolbars and menu bars so that only your Webspace is displayed.

Avant is user-friendly but the interface feels outdated, with parts being counterintuitive and many useful features buried deep within its settings folder. One advantage is having a built-in multithreaded download manager; another benefit is being able to detach a browser window so you can watch videos while reading news content online simultaneously. There’s also popup stopper functionality, advanced mouse gesture support and compatibility for Internet Explorer toolbars and add-ins.

New Memory Leak Technology

Avant Browser is one of the Windows platform’s lowest memory user browsers. With its multi-process design and crash-free browsing experience, its multi-process design provides reliable internet browsing with no crashes to interfere with other pages or the browser as a whole. Furthermore, Avant detects videos on web pages and makes downloading them one click easy!

This browser comes equipped with many useful features, including support for Internet Explorer toolbars and add-ins, 21 themes to customize its appearance, RSS reader support, AutoFiller that memorizes passwords and fills web forms automatically and much more. Furthermore, there’s even a private mode which keeps bookmarks and settings separated from operating system files – great for sharing computers.

Avant Browser’s speed can be attributed to its Internet Explorer engine, yet unlike Windows’ default browser it doesn’t present security vulnerabilities. Furthermore, Avant is completely free to use and contains no ads or spyware; its help and support section includes FAQs, user forums and an email address for direct assistance; unfortunately though there are no parental controls; also it does not sync across devices/computers so bookmarks and settings won’t sync across machines – something other similar programs require before being allowed synchronization occurs – both significant drawbacks in Avant’s favor!


Avant Browser is a highly configurable alternative to Internet Explorer that utilizes its Trident engine but adds features such as video sniffer, autofill for web forms and synchronized bookmark, feed and settings storage. This makes Avant an excellent choice for users who wish to take advantage of Chrome or Firefox features while maintaining control over their own browser.

Autofill, a popular feature in browsers, fills website form fields with previously entered information from you – saving you time when entering personal or financial data such as names and addresses, credit card details or any other confidential details. Furthermore, this feature protects this data with password security to make sure only authorized parties can access it.

This program is user-friendly, offering several additional features that can enhance your browsing experience – such as an RSS reader and 21 themes to customize its appearance; there’s even a built-in translation function! Furthermore, it can detect videos on a website page and allow you to download them with one click!

Avant Browser now features a handy new feature to divide the screen into two parts and view different web pages side-by-side, perfect for reading different perspectives of an article or reading foreign-language versions of Wikipedia articles side-by-side. Furthermore, Avant can automatically log you in using its AutoFill feature upon startup and “stay on top” floating tabs to keep interactive applications at the forefront.

Mouse Gesture

Avant Browser’s mouse gesture technology enables you to navigate with just a series of mouse clicks. Use the right button to move back or forward one page; use left button clicks for rewinding an individual page for a set number of seconds.

New features in Avant include the ability to save bookmarks online and synchronize them across Avant installations on different computers, as well as support for Internet Options that allows direct control over Trident engine settings. Furthermore, there’s also an RSS reader, auto-fill feature, and other handy functions included within this program.

Multiprocessing technology used by this program utilizes far fewer CPU and memory resources than Microsoft Internet Explorer does, making it perfect for PCs with limited processing power or low graphics capabilities. Furthermore, it offers additional security features like anti-freezing protection and no memory leaks.

The program supports Windows 8, 7, and Vista operating systems; an older Trident engine required by Internet Explorer version 8 may not work with this version of IE. Although freeware, donations to support future version development can be made. Simply visit their website to download it quickly onto your computer – don’t worry about taking it everywhere with you on USB drives; the program’s portable nature makes it ideal for use anywhere!

AD/Popup Blocker

Avant Browser includes an AD/Popup Blocker to automatically block annoying AD banners and pop-up pages with one click, saving bandwidth while protecting privacy. Furthermore, its generic image replacement feature saves bandwidth while protecting privacy by replacing blocked AD images with generic versions – saving bandwidth while protecting privacy.

Built-in multithreaded downloaders allow for faster file downloads and easier file management, including options to automatically save downloaded files in specified folders.

Avant Browser users have created numerous extensions and tools to expand functionality and increase performance, and support for various search engines with Avantfind as its default search engine (Yahoo!-renamed Avantfind with custom visuals). Instructions on how to alter this are found within the Options menu.

Avant Browser’s innovative feature of splitting web pages into vertical or horizontal panels gives you more freedom when viewing multiple pages at once, such as viewing videos online or reading news online. This can come in particularly handy when watching web videos or reading news updates online.

Avant Browser safeguards your privacy by clearing away all traces of browsing when closing the program, such as Typed Addresses, Auto-Complete Passwords, Cookies, History of Visited Web Sites and Temporary Internet Files. In addition, Avant Browser offers session saving which enables users to pause web browsing sessions on one computer and resume them later without losing data or anything that was open before. Furthermore, Avant Browser automatically saves open pages at startup time in their original state for subsequent launches of Avant Browser – saving all open web pages back to their original state upon subsequent launches.

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