Avant Browser Review

Avant Browser adds many useful new features to Internet Explorer engine. Most are easily configurable and work as intended, while some can be more complicated to set up and operate properly.

Avant supports three rendering engines – Trident, Gecko and Webkit (used by Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome respectively) which users can choose between using the Options menu.

Faster Browsing

Avant Browser leverages the rendering engine power of Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox to enable web pages to load faster on high trafficked sites. Furthermore, Avant Browser comes equipped with an ad blocker which helps make browsing much more pleasant and secure.

Avant Browser’s Multi-Processing design ensures a reliable browsing experience without any unexpected crashes. Avant can isolate crashed pages to individual tabs to prevent whole programs from slowing down due to crashes.

Avant offers many features to enhance user convenience, such as AutoFills, Online Profile Storage, RSS Reader, Safe Recovery and an Integrated Cleaner. Furthermore, Avant’s innovative dynamic multi-processing technology significantly accelerates browsing speed, saves memory and reduces CPU utilization compared to its counterparts.

Simply block unwanted flash files to save bandwidth and speed up page loading with one click. Avant also supports full-expanded mode to maximize browsing efficiency over low-speed connections such as GPRS/3G.

Avant’s customizable interface layout enables users to arrange multiple web pages into split views for convenient browsing. In this way, they can watch YouTube videos while working on other applications or chat with friends while browsing the web. Furthermore, Avant offers the functionality of detaching individual tab buttons from its tab bar for viewing content simultaneously or detaching an entire browser window entirely.

Avant’s advanced security is of vital importance, safeguarding your privacy by automatically clearing typing history and ads when you close the browser. Furthermore, Avant allows for private browsing mode so as to prevent third parties from accessing personal data stored in the computer and protecting personal information from being misused by others.

Adblock Browser is a great option for anyone searching for a quick, reliable browser alternative to more popular options. Specifically valuable if sharing a computer with multiple users as it can automatically restore all open web pages and files upon rebooting. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface feels somewhat outdated while some parts of its layout seem counterintuitive; nevertheless its ad-block functionality stands out amongst its competition as making this browser worthy of consideration.

Memory Leak Free

Avant Browser’s user-friendly interface adds clarity and efficiency to your browsing experience, with its multi-processing design providing an uninterrupted, crash-free, lockup-free, memory leak-free browsing experience with high reliability. Plus, unlike most web browsers, Avant doesn’t freeze up when one tab crashes!

Avant Browser also supports full-screen mode, meaning when you click on a hyperlink to open it in a new window, the entire page is shown without toolbars or other distractions. Plus, Avant can log you in automatically at startup saving you both time and effort!

Avant Browser stands out from its rivals by using only a fraction of their resources; this means it won’t eat up all of your available memory as some rival programs might. Furthermore, Avant can run smoothly on 64-bit Windows systems compared to most competitors.

Avant Browser offers more than performance alone – its other features make it a strong contender. For example, it can detect videos on any webpage and allow for their download with just one click; detect ads and block it effectively; as well as offering split view browsing to allow accessing multiple websites at the same time.

Avant Browser offers you the chance to create and customize the look and feel of your browser with its Skin Factory or choose from its selection of available skins. Furthermore, Avant can also be customized for specific screen resolutions which is especially helpful with very high-resolution monitors; optimizing its speed for slower connections; including password management features as well as autofill/bookmark encryption features for security.

Portable versions that don’t require installation are also available and can be stored on a USB flash drive to use at any computer, making this program perfect for users on the move. Furthermore, it’s free and doesn’t contain any ads or spyware, making it perfectly safe to use both at work and home computers.

Online Bookmarks Service

Avant Browser is a feature-packed web browser, offering users many unrivaled benefits not found elsewhere. Users can customize its interface with various skins, save web pages as HTML or text files, import/export bookmarks, enable private browsing sessions and enable autoplay features like RSS feed readers and pop-up blockers that prevent advertisers from tracking user habits.

Avant Browser’s new dynamic multi-processing technology enables it to significantly accelerate browsing speed while decreasing memory usage, as well as solves the memory leak problem prevalent among many other web browsers. Furthermore, Avant can automatically release any occupied memory after closing a tab in browser tabs.

Avant comes equipped with both Yahoo and Google search engines for searching websites, images, groups, directories and news. Full IE compatibility enables users to easily import bookmarks from IE into Avant. Furthermore, Avant features a comprehensive records cleaner designed to protect privacy by deleting Typed Addresses, Auto-Complete Passwords, Cookies and the History of Visited Web Sites from being saved onto users’ computers.

Avant Browser’s other features include an inbuilt translator to break language barriers and mouse gesture support for easy program control with just clicks. Furthermore, its full-screen mode autohides all toolbars for distraction-free web page browsing; its multiple installation support makes this solution especially helpful for frequent switchers between computers.

Avant Browser also features a portable version, enabling users to take their preferences and settings with them when switching computers. While it does lack certain features found in its desktop counterpart – like automatic form filler – its ease of use makes it an invaluable asset when accessing the internet on-the-go. Although minor bugs exist – like not working logout feature or occasional glitches with Ctrl+F functionality – Avant’s developers actively address such issues through updates so it remains reliable and fast web browser.


Avant Browser is a fast, stable and versatile tabbed web browser. It features multi-processor support without hindering system performance; video downloader; anti-freeze capabilities and private browsing features are included with private browsing as well as an integrated cleaner to keep systems clean while protecting users’ privacy.

Avant makes use of multiple rendering engines to optimize page load time, with users choosing their default engine or switching among engines on an as-needed basis. Furthermore, Avant comes equipped with an ad blocker for removal of intrusive advertisements on the Internet.

Avant browser allows its users to securely store their personal data online for easy access from any computer, so bookmarks, RSS feeds, configuration settings or passwords can all be kept securely stored online and passwords automatically logged into websites using AutoFill; saving both time and effort!

Avant Browser’s multi-threaded download manager is another useful feature; it allows multiple files to download at once for faster page loads and reduced bandwidth usage. Furthermore, Avant’s Flash animation filter blocks up to 85% of flash files on web pages from downloading automatically for even greater savings and faster page loads.

Avant Browser stands out from other standard browsers by offering an auto-refresh function that automatically refreshes web pages at specified intervals, as well as disabling video and audio annoyances. In addition, its full-screen mode autohides toolbars and window edges, leaving only your webspace visible.

Avant Browser stands out with its ease of use and powerful functionality, offering clarity and efficiency when browsing online. Upgrades have gradually strengthened its reliability while not offering as many extensions or plug-ins; nonetheless these issues should not detract from its quality features; Avant is highly recommended as an effective alternative to Internet Explorer on Windows platforms; further information can be found by visiting its official website.

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