Avant Browser Review

Avant Browser, created by developer Anderson Che, uses Trident, Gecko and Webkit rendering engines and allows the user to switch between various skins.

Avant Browser features an elegantly simple user interface while offering some standout features, including:-.. an ad/popup blocker and mouse gesture functions to help save bandwidth by blocking flash animations; plus the possibility to eliminate flash animations entirely!

Tabbed Multi-Window Browsing

Avant Browser is an Internet browser with numerous features designed to improve its efficiency and reliability, such as multi-window browsing with multiple tabs for easier website browsing as well as support for drag-and-drop web page management. Furthermore, Avant is resource-light with regular updates making it an incredibly reliable option.

Avant’s browser interface is thoughtfully crafted, offering users a clean and intuitive browsing experience. Highly customizable with multiple skins and features to select, Avant offers its users a wealth of tools such as multi-threaded download manager that handles multiple downloads simultaneously; an ad/popup blocker; mouse gesture support; built-in full screen mode and alternative full desktop mode options; anti-freezing feature; bookmarks online bookmarks among many more features that help make them an excellent browser choice.

Avant’s browser stands out from other options due to its ability to utilize multiple rendering engines for web pages, enabling users to choose their preferred engine for individual websites, with automatic switching if its default browser cannot display them correctly. This feature is especially helpful in cases involving compatibility and security concerns.

The program also features various other useful tools, such as an ad/popup filter that stops annoying pop-up windows from appearing and a Flash animation filter which reduces their size – often accounting for over 85% of website sizes! Saving bandwidth and improving page loading speeds.

Other features include HTML5 video and audio support, an integrated privacy manager to keep sensitive data secure, a built-in RSS reader, as well as the capability of quickly clearing browsing history to prevent accidental disclosure of personal information. Additionally, there is a function available that quickly erases browsing history preventing accidental disclosure of sensitive data.

Avant Browser has many useful features and performs admirably as an alternative to Internet Explorer, however its performance could be improved by including parental controls or synchronization capabilities – this can pose problems if users need accessing their browsing history across multiple computers, and its phishing protection may not be as effective as that offered by other browsers.


Avant Browser is a free web browser equipped with an in-built ad blocker to eliminate annoying advertisements online and protect your privacy by stopping online tracking scripts from tracking you across websites. Avant’s ad blocking technology filters out banner ads, video ads and other forms of content which slow down web pages and consume your data.

Avant’s Ad Blocker operates under similar principles to other software and browser extensions that filter out advertising content. Such programs and extensions compare domain names of elements loading on pages with massive blocklists containing known advertising content; if an element’s domain name appears there, ad-blocking programs prevent it from appearing on user screens.

Ad-blocking tools were first invented shortly after banner advertisements first began appearing online in 1994. AT&T’s initial banner, displayed on HotWired website and garnering 44% click-through rates was one of the earliest such advertisements to go live online; over time more companies entered this field, increasing online ad numbers exponentially.

Ad-blocking tools reduce the number of ads shown on websites, making them more responsive and usable for users. They can also stop annoying pop-up windows from interfering with browsing experience. Unfortunately, some users find these tools intrusive and feel they invade their privacy while some fear they will lead to revenue losses for content creators and platforms online.

Avant Browser offers many additional features that make it an invaluable web browser for businesses and individuals, including anti freezing technology that prevents windows from freezing or pulling off other windows, multiple tabs to surf simultaneously on multiple windows at the same time, RSS feed reader for automatic news and article downloads from select websites, mouse gesture support to draw commands with mouse movements and more.

Users of Avant Browser’s Options feature can use them to tailor nearly every aspect of the program, from homepages and right click context menus to search results language settings and the number and types of search engines available to them. Each category menu offers customizable options on its left side while users may also add or edit search engines by typing their shortcut and entering search terms, or edit an entry to change its URL or shortcut address.

Multiple Skins

Avant Browser offers users an assortment of skins to select from. These skins allow users to change the appearance of toolbars, menus and navigation controls within their browser window as well as alter its color scheme and alter bookmarking from different browsers into the program’s built-in bookmark manager. Furthermore, Avant Browser features an impressive feature that allows bookmarks from other browsers to be imported directly into its built-in bookmark manager allowing for a seamless browsing experience.

This software boasts an impressively advanced set of options and tools not normally found in web browsers, including an impressive built-in pop-up stopper that quickly eliminates annoying ads with one click, as well as options to automatically refresh pages and folders, block downloads of pictures, flash animations, sounds or ActiveX components to limit bandwidth usage and manage bandwidth consumption more efficiently.

One impressive aspect of this program is its ability to detect videos on web pages and allow users to download them with just one click. Furthermore, its multi-threaded downloader significantly speeds up download speeds while making file management much simpler. Furthermore, users can set their preferred download path and favorite websites and customize the default search engine – additional unique features of this software!

Avant Browser offers tabbed browsing capabilities that enable users to move multiple websites around in separate windows for an efficient multitasking environment. Furthermore, Avant Browser’s multitasking environment enables the user to simultaneously watch online videos while reading news articles or listening to radio stations – plus split screens so two web pages are displayed side-by-side!

Avant Browser is straightforward to use, although its interface feels outdated and some of its placement of features counterintuitive. For instance, using an outdated grid of icons seems dated while some features can be hidden away in a crowded icon tray. Aside from these issues, Avant Browser remains fast and stable with support for numerous plugins including Java applets and scripts as well as limited support options that provide sufficient help and assistance options.

Customization Options

Avant Browser offers users various customization options to personalize the program and tailor it specifically to them. This includes 21 different skins from which to choose and the ability to make your own, along with customizable mouse and keyboard shortcuts and window size/font settings that allow for further personalization. It even supports full screen mode which eliminates toolbars altogether while turning any web page into an icon in the task bar!

Avant offers another useful feature by enabling users to sync Avant’s bookmarks, RSS feeds and settings across computers. This enables them to pause a browsing session on one computer before switching over and resume viewing the same pages later. Furthermore, Avant comes equipped with an RSS/ATOM reader so users can view and subscribe to web-based news and information feeds.

Avant Browser provides a wide range of customization options while being quick and efficient in its use of system resources, running multiple websites concurrently without slowing down the system. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface features a clean design with organized folders so it’s simple to find what you need quickly.

Avant Browser comes equipped with many other handy features, including a Flash animation filter for saving bandwidth by automatically eliminating unwanted AD banners and pop-up pages with just a single click. In addition, its download manager allows users to pause, resume and organize downloaded files while blocking ActiveX components and displaying search results in different languages are among its many additional advantages.

Avant can also be set to automatically download and install updates; it will notify you of a new version via pop-up message and prompt you to upgrade if one becomes available, before automatically downloading and installing it if agreed upon by you. Furthermore, Avant can be configured to save any open pages when exiting and open them upon subsequent startup, as well as delete cookies, cache, history etc upon closing down the browser.

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