Avast Cleanup Review

Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup is a PC cleaning tool that frees up space, removes broken shortcuts and outdated apps, as well as speeding up your computer.

Customize the Maintenance scan to include or exclude specific file categories. Furthermore, Avast Cleanup Premium lets you determine how long cookies and browser data should remain stored before offering to clean them during a Free up disk space scan.

Free up disk space

Avast Cleanup is one of the most efficient tools available to computer users who are seeking to address serious issues and free up space. The program enables users to locate any unnecessary duplicate files and folders and delete them without losing important data or slowing down their system. Furthermore, this program offers a feature to remove bloatware which often builds up over time on PCs or Macs.

The program works by performing a scan to detect unneeded programs such as trial versions of apps or toolbars installed from third parties as well as preinstalled software that came with your device when purchased. A cloud-based reputation system then rates each program, helping you decide which ones to remove before reorganizing files and folders to make them more easily accessible thereby speeding up and optimizing system efficiency.

Avast Cleanup will identify files taking up unnecessary space, reduce their size and remove old cookies from browsers. Users can set how long Avast Cleanup keeps browser data before offering to delete it; also they can add websites they never want deleted from being considered for removal. Furthermore, Avast Cleanup includes an option that sleeps tools using too many resources while defragmenting disk space to improve performance levels.

Avast Cleanup Premium also comes equipped with an additional Shortcut Cleaner which will detect and delete obsolete shortcuts from desktop and applications, scan the registry to optimize it and reduce invalid entries that cause slowdowns, as well as work with any Windows OS, including its latest version. It is possible to use Avast Cleanup with all modern versions of Windows OS.

This comprehensive PC maintenance and optimisation tool is loaded with features designed to make your machine run faster, fix issues more quickly, extend battery life further, free up disk space faster and increase overall stability. Designed for PCs, Macs or Android devices running at peak performance with minimum effort on your part – offering both free trials and paid subscription plans, its intuitive user interface ensures an enjoyable user experience.

Clean up browsers

As our browsers don’t take care of themselves, Avast Cleanup comes equipped with tools to remove cookies, cached data and other files left behind by them. Through an effective scan process, this program can clean up gigabytes of junk. Compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge as well as Android devices; customized to remove specific categories of data or specify when backups will be deleted from storage devices.

This program can also identify and uninstall unwanted toolbars or preinstalled software without interfering with its normal operation of your computer. Furthermore, it monitors apps to inform you when they’re consuming too many computing resources; you can then set them to sleep to free up more space for other programs and services – an invaluable way to keep an eye on performance monitoring as well as identify any slow processes or apps that might cause crashes on your PC.

Avast Cleanup includes a disk cleaner that rearranges and optimizes disk files to speed access while improving performance, potentially freeing up gigabytes of space instantly and making your PC much more responsive and speedy. Furthermore, Avast Cleanup comes equipped with an antivirus which offers protection from malware such as viruses, spyware, adware and rootkits.

Another time-saving feature is the search utility, which helps you quickly identify duplicate files on your PC such as photos, documents, videos and more. This saves considerable time as it negates having to manually sort through or copy-paste these items between folders manually; plus it automatically deletes duplicated images for you!

Avast software is easy to install and use, with an extensive help manual included. Avast offers 24/7 customer support via email, phone callbacks and live chat; FAQs and community forums also offer helpful assistance. Detection/fixing issues before they cause significant crashes/freezes is another benefit offered by Avast; additionally they have multiple language versions as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Put to sleep apps

Programs running in the background that consume system resources can slow your computer. Avast Cleanup makes life easier by placing these applications to sleep; this allows them to run when necessary but prevents them from using up valuable CPU and memory resources.

The program detects and deletes any bloatware found on your computer, such as expired trial software and preinstalled toolbars that take up space and slow it down. Furthermore, it cleans out junk files to help reclaim gigabytes of disk space reclaimed through deletion. Furthermore, its easy interface provides real-time notifications if there is anything amiss with your device.

Avast Cleanup stands out from its competition in that it can detect and disable unnecessary startup and background programs that run silently in the background, slowing down PC performance and Windows boot time. This feature marks an invaluable improvement over its competitors.

As soon as Avast Cleanup is launched, it instantly begins scanning your entire system for any programs wasting CPU and memory, which you can choose to ignore, put to sleep or remove altogether in order to free up disk space and enhance performance – although some essential applications may no longer function correctly as a result of this feature.

If you choose to ignore these programs, Avast will automatically revert them back to their original states after the scan finishes. To restore an individual program manually, click the button labelled “Wake up”. Additionally, Avast Cleanup Premium allows for further personalization by enabling language and notification settings changes as well as tailoring which data is collected by and shared with its developer, and how this information should be utilized by the program. Avast Cleanup is an invaluable program that lets you set and alter passwords and sign-in preferences, helping make your device faster and more efficient – yet its price can make users question whether its worth it; there are cheaper alternatives like CCleaner and MacBooster that provide similar services at lower costs.

Remove bloatware

This app can identify bloatware, the software preinstalled onto devices when new devices are purchased, and remove unwanted preloaded apps, junk files and duplicate files to free up gigabytes of storage space and increase device performance. Furthermore, unused applications can be put to sleep to reduce resource use while speeding up device startup time; additionally the program automatically updates programs to reduce security risks and fix bugs, as well as cleaning disks to increase file access speed.

Avast Cleanup Premium provides users with several features designed to optimize the operating system, such as Registry and Shortcut Cleaners, Disk Cleaner, Disk Doctor and Tuning Dashboard. In addition, Avast Cleanup can scan for outdated applications to eliminate vulnerabilities, while its PC Health Checker detects and fixes issues which cause OS slowdown such as fragmented files, hard drive errors or missing files – it even offers features to clear cached data or recover deleted files!

Adware, which displays advertisements on your computer, can also be identified and removed with Avast Cleanup. Though potentially useful, adware has the ability to slow down operating systems and cause crashes as well as collect personal information and sell it for advertising purposes – both of which pose real threats that require protection against online threats. Avast Cleanup can eliminate such ads quickly while protecting against them as well.

Manual removal methods may make deleting bloatware difficult, so Avast Cleanup makes the task simpler by identifying and eliminating ads, preloaded applications, expired trials, and any other junk files clogging up the operating system. In addition, it deletes registry files to reduce clutter accumulation over time.

Avast Cleanup is one of the premier programs for clearing away bloatware, junk files and obsolete programs from your computer without compromising privacy. It can even remove browsing traces and cookies to free up gigabytes of storage space while improving device performance. Plus its user interface makes this an easy choice to help maximize performance on any system while protecting privacy!

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