Avast Clear Review

Avast Clear

Avast Clear is an utility designed to uninstall antivirus programs when standard methods such as the Control Panel cannot. Additionally, it deletes junk data and updates software automatically.

Full scan took only 6 minutes and 50 seconds, which is an impressively fast time considering this program can find trojan horses and other malware files that target devices and hold personal files hostage for ransom payments.


Avast Clear is a specialized utility designed to locate any remnants left by antivirus software on a computer system and clean them away, along with unneeded programs like Add/Remove Programs in Windows. By leveraging Avast Clear you can completely uninstall everything without leaving behind any trace.

Professional-grade tools make Uninstaller Pro an indispensable asset when it comes to uninstalling stubborn and problematic programs that cannot be removed using Windows’ standard uninstallation process. Features of this utility include the ability to delete user settings, cache files, signatures and any traces left after uninstalling programs – as well as correct broken registry entries and prevent future issues related to similar types of software.

As opposed to similar utilities, this utility was specifically created not only to remove Avast from your computer but also third-party programs no longer needed. It provides a safe, reliable removal process while simultaneously cleaning up your system by clearing away unused data that might be taking up valuable space on the hard disk drive. Furthermore, it can restore damaged Windows installations to their original state for enhanced system recovery.

Avast antivirus is compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac, and can be downloaded for free from the official website. In addition, trial versions are also available so that you can test before purchasing a license for Avast software to run on multiple computers. Once purchased, Avast can be installed and run smoothly without issues – simply upgrade your license as necessary if running multiple computers is your goal!

Avast Clear can be installed alongside other antivirus software or as a standalone program, but its Self-Defense feature must first be disabled via the Windows Security app’s Virus & Threat Protection tab and via its Settings menu. Also be sure to turn off real-time malware defence via the Settings menu for proper functioning.

Once installed, this program will create a shortcut on your desktop and run in the background to protect against malicious software and secure your data. It is suitable for both personal and commercial use with an intuitive user interface that makes updates simple if threats emerge.


Not only does this program uninstall apps, it offers other functions to keep your PC clean besides app uninstallation: junk file cleaner and system cleanup tool; duplicate file detector and deleter, system clean-up utility and dead shortcut/history list cleaner all come into play here.

Cleaner can also find and delete temporary browser files, freeing up space on your PC. Select which file categories (system junk and browser data, for instance) you wish to delete as well as how often (daily, weekly or monthly) to clean.

Another useful feature of this app is its ability to identify any bloatware, plugins or preinstalled programs which may be slowing down your device and remove them to enhance performance. Furthermore, this application can identify apps running in the background which consume resources by simply placing them to sleep to conserve resources.

The software can also help to scan and clean up your PC’s registry, which may become overflowing with outdated and unnecessary entries. Furthermore, it can help clear away Windows cache to release extra space on your hard drive; detect dead shortcuts/history lists/profiles to help speed up its boot time; as well as detect dead shortcuts/history lists to speed up boot up time for maximum PC performance.

Avast Clear also features a disk defragmenter to increase hard drive performance by eliminating fragmentation. Furthermore, Avast Clear’s registry error fixer and file restorer can restore any missing files to make PC use faster and smoother, and its scanner will locate corrupted files to keep your system from unexpectedly shutting down or crashing unexpectedly.

While Avast Cleanup Premium may provide some helpful features for optimizing and cleaning up your computer, other similar programs offer additional capabilities and user-friendliness compared to Avast. One such popular alternative is CCleaner which boasts more features and usability over Avast. However, please remember this program is not meant to replace antivirus protection, and so should still install one if required.

System optimization

Avast Clear’s system optimization feature assists with fixing issues that slow down devices, freeing up disk space. Additionally, this feature removes third-party programs, cleans cache files and updates apps automatically – plus can remove junk files or bloatware from system memory! Available both for Windows and Mac platforms.

Especially useful for users with limited hard drive space, this feature helps save valuable space by deleting junk and duplicate files, thus freeing up space for more files. Defragmentation also speeds up startup times while improving performance; and finally it has an optional boost function which temporarily increases computer performance until turned off or disabled again.

Along with its cleaning and tuneup functions, this program also monitors power usage to provide tips on extending battery life. Furthermore, this software performs automatic updates of programs to minimize security threats and bugs; additionally it cleans desktop shortcuts, deletes browser history, and uninstalls unused files – among other useful tasks.

Avast acquired Piriform before developing their program CCleaner Pro as another similar solution in 2017. It is a system optimization tool which offers comprehensive system optimization features, such as uninstalling bloatware and junk files, optimizing performance, cleaning up broken shortcuts and clearing away broken links – similar to Avast Cleanup Premium but without some of its more robust features such as usage monitoring or bloatware removal; unfortunately it is also unsuitable for older OS versions; nonetheless it remains an excellent choice for home users looking to maximize PC performance!


Avast stands out as one of the premier names in antivirus, boasting exceptional malware detection rates at competitive pricing and providing premium features such as VPN/webcam protection and antispam functionality. Unfortunately, its free version lags behind competitors when it comes to clean-up functions.

Avast Clear is an excellent solution to help users delete any traces of their software even if they cannot delete it with standard methods. Free to download, this utility does not require installation – making it ideal for switching antivirus programs or encountering issues with existing software.

Avast Clear can be downloaded directly from the company website as an uninstaller of antivirus programs, designed for all versions of Windows, including legacy versions. It will efficiently delete all components of a security suite such as leftover files and registry entries from your system – perfect for computers with limited memory or processing power! Its lightweight nature and low resource requirements also makes it ideal.

Avast’s paid version includes additional security features like a password manager and dark web monitoring, which warns if any personal information about you is exposed through data breaches. A sandbox allows for running suspect files in a virtual environment where they won’t cause real damage; further advanced features include webcam shielding to stop hackers from spying on you and an email scanner that inspects incoming and outgoing emails for viruses.

While antivirus companies often collect and sell user data, Avast takes an aggressive stance against this practice. Their encrypted systems protect personal information securely, following EU-U.S. Privacy Shield standards which have become widely accepted data protection standards. They even offer 30-day money-back guarantees on all their products! Those concerned about their privacy should ask any antivirus company they’re considering how it plans on protecting it before making their purchase decision.

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