Avast Free Antivirus Review

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus is an efficient antivirus with an intuitive user interface, offering easy access to every feature with just a few clicks. In addition, Avast provides access to its knowledge base and community forum for added support.

This program can create a rescue disk to restore infected computers, as well as provide a secure browser for online banking and shopping. Furthermore, its privacy features include ad-free browsing and advanced anti-tracking protection.

Free version

Avast Free Antivirus is an antivirus software program that protects users against various threats, from viruses to ransomware and hacking attempts. As one of the world’s most widely-used antivirus solutions, Avast provides complete computer protection from threats such as viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware as well as hacking attempts and potential theft of personal information from your PC. Furthermore, this popular product also comes equipped with a password manager which works seamlessly on Android devices.

Avast employs an innovative security system that combines signature-based detection, heuristic analysis and behavior monitoring to detect malicious programs like Trojans. Sandbox testing ensures that unknown files do not impact on other parts of your device. Furthermore, Avast prevents hackers from hijacking devices as part of botnets; and can detect passwords linked to email accounts to alert if they have been compromised.

Note: Avast Free Edition does not provide as comprehensive a level of protection as Avast Pro’s paid version, which offers additional peripheral features. Still, it should provide sufficient security against most forms of malware for most home users – plus its easily downloaded from Avast’s official website is available in 50 different languages!

Once installed, Avast’s free version is easy and intuitive for any user to navigate. The interface is clear and user-friendly with all major functions conveniently grouped in one central place – making it simple to adjust scanning sensitivity as necessary and turn components on or off as necessary. Avast also takes great pride in protecting user privacy; you have the option not allowing it to collect any information regarding computer activity on your behalf.

Avast’s free version does not feature its premium security features such as VPN or PC speedup; however, AVG provides an antivirus product with these functions already included – plus their 30-day money back guarantee is also an added benefit of buying Avast products!

Premium version

The Avast Premium version is an antispyware program with extra security features. In addition to traditional antivirus and antispyware protection, it includes password managers, browser add-ons, USB and network scanners, PC cleanup tools and VPN technology that helps users remain anonymous online and avoid hackers. Plus, Avast’s 24/7 support team stands behind this software!

User interface of Avast Mobile Security Pro is very clean and user-friendly, featuring a main screen displaying your current protection status as well as offering one-click smart scan capability. All other features can be found on a left-hand panel which includes protection, privacy, and performance sections.

Contrary to its free counterpart, this premium program provides real-time protection from all types of threats. Utilizing machine learning algorithms and cloud protection services, this premium version detects most threats quickly and removes them quickly from your device. Furthermore, this tool includes a tool for creating bootable recovery disks to assist recovering infected systems.

Avast’s antivirus software relies on the world’s largest community of users reporting threats as they emerge, which allows it to recognize and prevent them before they spread to other users. Avast also stands out from competitors with other features such as ransomware shielding, running suspicious programs in a virtualized sandbox environment and virtual keyboard support.

Smart and strict modes work in tandem for ransomware protection. Smart mode uses a list of trusted apps to identify which can modify files on your devices and will notify you if anything outside this list attempts to do so. Strict mode requires entering either a PIN number or fingerprint scan in order to unlock protected folders.

Avast’s premium versions come equipped with features like Camera Trap, which takes secret pictures of anyone trying to steal your phone, and PIN Security which requires a unique pin number or fingerprint scan to unlock applications on your device. Furthermore, Avast includes remote access and GPS capabilities allowing users to monitor and control their computer from any location as long as there’s Wi-Fi available.

Business version

Avast Business antivirus software offers an all-in-one solution for protecting employees’ computers and digital documents, with features that include password manager, sandboxing for suspicious apps and an internet security feature that detects web vulnerabilities. In addition, its management console makes monitoring all devices easy from one convenient place.

Avast’s business version is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux and features an easy-to-use user interface with multiple shields and layers of protection against malware threats – firewall protection can prevent data theft and phishing attacks while its advanced malware detection technology stands among the industry leaders; furthermore it blocks access to files for ransomware protection.

Avast Business’s free version can be easily downloaded from its website, with an easy setup wizard that detects and guides you through installation process for macOS and Windows versions up to 10.13. Designed primarily for home use but suitable for business networks too; basic version includes basic VPN service; premium includes extra features like auto update feature; malware scanner.

Behavior Shield can detect new threats by monitoring software behavior and what it attempts to do; File Shield scans all incoming and outgoing files for potential corruption while Mail Shield checks for malicious attachments and links in email traffic; Device Lock locks down computers when not being used; password manager provides security; sandbox protection can isolate suspicious apps for testing.

Avast’s business version also provides patch management, which is a tool designed to identify and address vulnerabilities in third-party apps and programs, along with Wi-Fi Inspector, which detects security weak spots within networks, Wi-Fi Inspector for wireless connections and game mode for improved gaming performance.


Avast Free Antivirus is a renowned antivirus program that safeguards Windows computers against malware and other online threats, including ransomware attacks. This popular security suite comes equipped with many useful security features – an unlimited password manager and Wi-Fi network scanner being among them – including blocking calls or messages from spammers and blocking attacks before they occur. Furthermore, Avast also detects and prevents ransomware attacks via its advanced protection features to block them before they take place.

Once the installation process has concluded, Avast will initiate its scanning process to look for potential threats on your system. You can monitor its progress on your computer screen while waiting. Afterward, once complete, Avast will provide an overview of its findings; any identified threats will prompt users to take necessary actions; otherwise they can reach out for assistance from Avast’s customer support team.

Avast’s website will detect your operating system automatically and download the appropriate version of software. When installing it, you will be asked to agree to their Privacy Policy and End User Licence Agreement; if not agreeing can skip through and start using Avast immediately.

After installation is complete, Avast can be easily accessed either through its desktop icon or search results in the Start menu. When opening Avast for the first time, click “Menu” at the top-right corner to launch its main dashboard and customize its settings according to your personal needs. In addition, explore Avast’s other categories on its left-side dashboard and expand upon its functionality further.

For most users, the default settings provide an ideal starting point; however, you can easily tailor them to meet your own unique requirements. For example, you may wish to adjust real-time scanning, email protection and other aspects of the program; additionally, you can create your own list of suspicious files to monitor.

Avast’s security features stand out among other antivirus programs, but some may find its data collection policies concerning. Avast collects information about your computer and network and shares this with third parties – this was once possible to opt out of, but recently Avast changed their terms of service; regardless, Avast remains one of the premier free antivirus options.

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