Avast Internet Security Review

avast Internet Security

Avast Internet Security protects against viruses, ransomware, spyware and more with an integrated VPN and identity protection solution.

Antivirus Defender has proven itself in independent lab tests as an outstanding antivirus product with minimal impact on computer speed.

Its premium version offers many features, such as webcam and file-sharing protection as well as stopping spoofing sites and alerting you of unsafe ones.


Avast, established in 1988, boasts one of the largest user bases among antivirus software solutions. Home users will often opt for it and its plans cover 1 to 999 devices; business customers may prefer more robust plans that feature monitoring USB ports to avoid unsecure storage devices and protect against malware infections.

Avast’s malware detection engine consistently scores well in independent lab tests, yet the program performed less well in real-life online tests conducted by AV-Comparative in February-March 2022; stopping only 99.3% of malware out of 1200 samples detected, trailing behind Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and Microsoft products.

Avast Internet Security offers a solid selection of basic features for free, such as malware protection and performance scan. If you upgrade to more expensive tiers, additional features like secure browser and password manager become available as well as multi-device licenses and additional privacy tools such as ad-free browsing, webcam protection and VPN are added – with Avast’s initial prices comparable to midrange packages however their costs quickly skyrocket post-introductory period.


Avast Anti-spyware offers industry-leading spyware detection and removal capabilities, powered by the world’s largest threat-detection network and machine learning technology. It even protects against malware downloads even when your OS is out-of-date (Microsoft no longer provides security updates for Windows 7 and earlier).

Anti-Ransomware Shields for PCs, Macs and Android Devices from This product offers anti-ransomware shields to protect files from being locked by malicious software and comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on paid plans.

Avast Internet Security offers complete antivirus, antispyware, and antispam protection complemented with new hybrid cloud technologies such as Avast! Sandbox and SafeZone. Avast! Sandbox lets you run suspicious programs virtually and isolates them from potentially causing harm to your computer; SafeZone creates a private virtual desktop for browsing the web securely or chatting with friends via social networks and instant messenger services without being targeted by hackers; its spam filter blocks phishing attacks to keep email clean of unwanted messages while its firewall helps secure personal data and online privacy by detecting vulnerabilities within Wi-Fi connections – providing complete coverage against hackers!


Avast Internet Security offers an effective two-way firewall feature to safeguard against online dangers and offers many other useful features, including file shredding that permanently deletes sensitive documents. Furthermore, its firewall can be turned on or off as needed and set to automatically decide whether certain incoming or outgoing programs are allowed or blocked based on specific criteria.

Firewalls provide network activity control to prevent hackers from accessing your data and can detect viruses and other threats. Avast’s premium firewall suite stands out, blocking 100% of malware encountered online in tests conducted by AV Test; additionally its products feature ARP spoofing detection and port scan alerts as additional features.

Simply click the arrow next to an application you would like to unblock and select Allow in order for it to connect to the internet or other networks. Depending on which app it is, you can customize its rules per app by clicking Show app details or Show app rules, while Trusted networks offer greater security than Untrusted ones.


If you want a truly advanced firewall solution, Avast could be an ideal option. Their SafeZone feature isolates programs and files in a virtual environment – providing extra protection from malicious programs that have limited access to system files – keeping both your personal information as well as system files safer than ever. Plus, our Virus Lab researchers can use it safely test new malware!

Avast boasts an intuitive user experience with easy access to its core features – be it scanning or connecting with VPN – all within just a few clicks. Plus, Avast boasts extensive security features including ransomware protection and antiphishing.

The software’s premium plan offers advanced security features, including a customizable firewall and sandbox for testing unfamiliar files, password manager and an anti-theft tool that helps locate lost devices. Furthermore, a remote access shield blocks unwanted connections from outside your network while its Wi-Fi inspector alerts you of weaknesses like weak passwords and open ports in your Wi-Fi network.

Password manager

Avast Security, with over two billion cyber attacks thwarted each month, offers its Password Manager as an essential password management program that securely stores login credentials for online services and applications. AES256 encryption technology protects user data while master passwords provide extra layer of protection.

Saving credit card details allows users to reduce time spent online shopping and automatically filling forms with this data. Furthermore, this program offers users secure password storage solutions as well as creating strong passwords for new online accounts. Though this app has some drawbacks – including no 2-factor authentication feature or security audit reports – it should still be given serious consideration.

Secure synching across multiple devices and plugins for most popular web browsers make this app convenient, while several smartphone applications make password access simple and safe. Furthermore, its vault is backed up for quick restore in case lost data needs to be restored quickly; its website features useful resources for users and its support team is available round-the-clock to address inquiries from customers.

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