Avast Premium Security Review

Avast Premium Security

Avast Premium Security is an outstanding antivirus package with an impressive set of features and an excellent protection score, providing a Stay Safe Virus Guarantee for ultimate peace of mind.

An intuitive home screen makes this scanner simple to use, providing options such as Smart Scan, Deep Scan, Targeted Scan and External Storage Scan – plus there is even a Quarantine to hold files not approved for PC use.

Virus protection

Avast Premium Security provides real-time protection from malware threats. It automatically scans for threats on your computer, guarding against phishing emails, infected attachments and malicious websites that threaten its safety. Protects against hackers taking over and turning your device into part of a botnet, and notifies if passwords linked to email accounts have been compromised. Compatible with Windows PC, Mac OS, Android devices and iPhone/iPad. Stay Safe Virus Guarantee ensures that if your system becomes infected with a virus, a refund will be given back to you. Furthermore, its Driver & Software Updater feature scans and notifies of outdated drivers and apps, helping reduce risks to security as well as increasing performance.

The antivirus features a user-friendly user interface and its settings are simple to navigate. Each setting provides a brief explanation of its function. Furthermore, you can personalize the settings according to your own needs; for instance you may exclude certain files or folders from being scanned by clicking Menu > Settings > General > Exceptions.

Contrary to some competitors, Avast does not provide a free version of their antivirus program; instead it has various paid plans from basic to enterprise that range from basic management platform CloudCare for easy multi-network management as well as Avast’s security tools (such as its antivirus program) as well as extra digital security solutions such as SecureLine VPN and Cleanup Premium.

Ransomware protection

Avast Premium Security provides multiple features to protect you from ransomware attacks. Its antivirus detects and blocks malware before it encrypts data, while its anti-ransomware feature blocks untrustworthy applications from accessing sensitive files and allows you to protect specific folders from being modified, deleted, or encrypted by ransomware. In addition, Avast’s Ransomware Shield feature warns you about suspicious emails as well as prevent access to unsafe USB drives.

Avast’s core shields are always enabled and provide an effective layer of defense for you and your devices. File Shield, Web Shield and Real Site features can help detect fake websites that attempt to access your personal information; block malicious scripts attempting to access it; spot fake domain names which appear similar; block scripts attempting to steal personal data etc; as well as keep an eye on online accounts storing all login details safely in one location – the password manager allows you to keep tabs on them all with one easy view.

Other security features in the suite include Network Inspector, Email Guardian and Bank Mode. Network Inspector enables you to keep tabs on suspicious network activity such as remote access attempts or port scanning activity on your network. This software scans your email inbox for spam, phishing scams and any potentially harmful attachments, while Bank Mode virtual desktop can assist in protecting against banking threats such as keystroke logging and screenshot attempts. Avast Premium Security’s advanced features also enable you to encrypt data and protect banking passwords from being intercepted by hackers. Avast’s multi-device protection suite covers home, work and travel devices against common online threats like Windows malware, Mac malware and Android security – protecting you on both Windows computers as well as Android phones/tablets/phones/iPads and iPhone/iPads!


Firewall protection provides network security by monitoring all incoming and outgoing data traffic and blocking suspicious activity. It prevents malware infections by restricting unauthorized access to removable devices and encrypting internet traffic, running quick analysis on each data packet to determine whether to block or allow it, running advanced rules to shield PC from threats such as port scans, ARP spoofing attacks and more – plus offering single and multi-device options from Avast plans available both at home and small businesses.

Avast Premium Security features additional layers of defense against phishing attacks and ransomware, with Email Guardian providing protection from infected links or attachments that could contain them; USB Port Security scanning to block unapproved access or prevent the spread of malware between devices is another feature available to protect against threats to this software suite.

Your security on public networks can be improved with Leak Protection by preventing your computer from disclosing potentially sensitive information to other networks, such as your username and computer name. Furthermore, ARP spoofing protects against cybercriminals who attempt to intercept and steal network data through man-in-the-middle attacks. Furthermore, its app-specific blocking or allowing feature allows you to customize settings per app to block or allow connections; time periods for either blocking or allowing attempts can also be selected; for technical information about blocked or allowed attempts, just click button in its respective app panel panel!

Webcam protection

Avast Premium Security features webcam protection to safeguard personal and business data against cyber criminals. Along with this webcam shield, Avast Premium Security includes firewall, malware scanner, data shredder and botnet defence services – along with USB protection which prevents unwelcome devices from accessing your PC – though macOS users do not benefit from this feature.

The Webcam Protection feature works by detecting when untrusted applications attempt to gain access to your camera, then automatically blocking them until you grant permission or select specific applications to have full camera access. This is ideal for anyone using their computer at work or home and wanting to ensure only authorized users can gain access to their cameras.

If you’re experiencing problems with Avast webcam shield, temporarily disabling it and see if that solves the issue. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to reach out for further help from Avast’s support. Moreover, always ensure your software is updated for optimal performance as well as checking browser settings to ensure nothing else is blocking your camera.

Privacy protection

Avast Premium Security is an award-winning antivirus solution, combining advanced layers of security and privacy to protect users against various cyber threats. Its tools include email protection which detects scams and phishing emails as well as ransomware/malware, Wi-Fi network weakness scanning, PC optimization and protection from remote access attacks; including hackers from taking control over user PCs remotely.

Software features include a firewall to block unwanted connections from untrusted devices and Real Site for blocking DNS hijacking – particularly useful when it comes to banking and shopping websites that may redirect users to malicious ones that look similar – while its Real App feature checks apps for malicious code which helps reduce security risks and helps ensure they remain legitimate. This feature helps ensure user security on banking and shopping websites as it ensures users stay on legitimate ones instead of being led astray by fake versions that look identical. Additionally, Real App provides app security by scanning apps for malicious code and helping prevent redirecting users into fake versions that appear similar – this feature helps ensure users stay on legitimate banking or shopping websites and reduce security risks by scanning apps for malicious code – particularly useful for banking and shopping websites which utilize them.

Avast provides various privacy features, including the ability to mask personal information online and block web tracking, create virtual desktops to make it harder for attackers to gain control of your computer, protect sensitive files and gain access, as well as Bank Mode – which creates a secure virtual browser designed to keep banking details safe – plus its privacy settings menu gives users control over whether or not their data will be shared with the company.

Data shredder

Use of Avast Premium Security’s Shredder tool will permanently delete files, making them safe from being recovered by hackers or identity thieves. The software securely deletes sensitive information by overwriting it multiple times until recovery becomes impossible – even if regular methods like emptying the trash bin or selecting “Delete Files via Context Menu” are employed for deletion purposes.

Utilizing Windows computer’s built-in feature for hard drive destruction is also possible, making it practically impossible for hackers or malware to recover any information stored on it. This feature can come in particularly handy if you plan to sell or give away your PC.

Avast Premium Security features the industry-leading data shredding tool, with various shredding options and settings such as Gutmann method or default random overwrite to ensure no part of your data can be recovered by hackers or malware.

Avast Antivirus and Cybersecurity Suite offers a complete arsenal of tools designed to keep your device secure from threats. Easy installation and an intuitive user interface help make the program user-friendly; modules include Virus Scans, Core Shields, Traffic Monitor, Network Inspector, Email Guardian Webcam Protection Sensitive Data protection etc. You can manage all your protected devices in one central place as well as find your mobile phones easily!

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