Avast Premium Security Review

Avast Premium Security

Avast Premium Security, which excels in malware tests by AV-Test and AV Comparatives, is an impressively feature-packed suite of protective tools. From its robust ransomware protection and core shields to other protective capabilities, Avast stands out from its competition as an exemplary choice.

Faked websites, phishing scams and ransomware attacks can all be intercepted before any damage can occur. Bank Mode also works to prevent hackers from accessing passwords and personal information without your knowledge.

Malware Protection

With Avast Premium Security you are provided with full protection from viruses, ransomware, malware and other online threats. Avast’s signature-based scanning combs through an extensive database compiled from Avast’s 110 million users to detect known threats – this database is regularly updated in response to attacks – while real-time detection also includes behavior monitoring that detects suspicious files early in an attack and stops it before any damage can be done.

Avast Premium Security protects users against fraudulent phishing websites that attempt to look like legitimate shopping and banking portals in order to steal personal data, as well as fake sites created through hacking of a router’s DNS settings to redirect you to fake pages that can display fraudulent content or request banking or credit card details from you. It can also detect spoofed websites created through redirecting IPs resulting in fake pages which display content which contains fraudulent material or ask for your banking or credit card numbers from you.

Smart Scan and real-time protection should be sufficient to ward off most threats; if you need greater control you can also create custom scan types, such as Deep Scan of your entire PC, Targeted Scan for specific files or folders or even Boot-Time Scan that will check before starting up your PC. Priority settings enable you to optimize performance while quarantination management allows you to decide how the program handles files that have been scanned or quarantined by this software.

Avast Antivirus Pro is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to protect themselves from threats at the doorstep, yet its sandbox technology may occasionally slow down your computer as it isolates unknown files in an isolated environment and ransomware protection is sometimes ineffective at blocking attacks. Still, Avast is a solid antivirus suite with paid plans offering generous 30-day money-back guarantees – this makes Avast an appealing choice!


Anti-theft tool in our suite’s anti-theft suite enables remote locking of Android devices, sounding an alarm and wiping their data remotely. It can also locate missing phones on a map to assist with finding them; additionally it scans for unsecured Wi-Fi networks which may be vulnerable to hacking attacks and checks emails for suspicious content to protect against hacking attempts.

Avast Premium Security also helps defend against ransomware by blocking it from accessing and encrypting files, using its file shredder to permanently delete sensitive ones to ensure that hackers can’t recover them, and by scanning for potential infections in other programs and file extensions such as.exe files to avoid reinfection.

Anti-phishing functionality of the suite identifies websites using malicious code to steal your information, including passwords and payment details. This feature is especially important since phishing attacks can often be more straightforward for most people than more complex threats, making phishing an attractive means of violating user privacy.

One added advantage of using software updaters is their automatic scanning for apps in need of updates and installing them with one click, thus lowering the risk of malware infection or hacking attacks on other apps and devices.

Avast’s mobile package for smartphones features an excellent free version with full scanning, App Lock, and Photo Vault to store encrypted photos. Their top-of-the-line Mobile Security Ultimate costs $90 but adds access to Avast SecureLine VPN which costs $24 annually – both packages provide solid malware defense while having minimal impact on performance during scanning or while idle.


Avast’s sophisticated firewall helps secure your business against cyberattacks. By blocking suspicious sites and protecting files and email from malware threats such as ransomware attacks and zero-second threats as well as Wi-Fi network vulnerabilities – Avast helps safeguard against potential breaches.

Installing and using this software was quick and painless; no popups disturbed users during my tests. Furthermore, its malware engine performed brilliantly, quickly detecting every type of malware despite other programs failing to identify it properly. Furthermore, its email protection worked very effectively at blocking out phishing emails from my mailbox.

Other tools in this suite of programs include a password manager for keeping track of login information, an anti-ransomware shield that guards against ransomware attacks and a VPN that secures web browsing and online activities privately. Furthermore, using this software you can even create a Rescue Disk which will restore your system in case it gets infected with malware.

One of the standout features of Avast Premium Security is its two-way firewall, which can automatically decide whether or not an incoming or outgoing program should be allowed or blocked depending on what application it comes from, or you can set it to ask permission before making a decision. You can also select to display or hide basic app info and more advanced application rules.

Your firewall allows you to designate certain networks as Trusted or Untrusted. Selecting Trusted networks provides more protection on that network and makes connecting other devices (printers, speakers or smart home gadgets) simpler. Untrusting networks gives the software more ability to detect suspicious activity on that connection and block it immediately.


Sandboxing differs from traditional antivirus programs in that it encases applications and web content within an isolation environment that won’t harm your PC, providing extra protection from stealthy attacks exploiting unknown software vulnerabilities – also known as zero-day attacks.

Avast Premium Security’s Sandbox feature provides an efficient way to assess questionable programs or software without endangering your device or network systems. Furthermore, this feature can test newly downloaded apps, websites, or files for threats prior to allowing access. Furthermore, Avast can automatically enable this feature so there’s no need to manually activate it yourself.

This browser add-on from the suite features an automatic program updater that can notify and download updates for you, scan links for malicious malware and protect passwords and webcams against hackers – plus has a military grade data shredder so your personal information cannot be recovered again!

Finaly, Avast Suite offers PC cleaning and optimization tools which can free up space, boost system speed and remove unneeded files and programs. There’s also a VPN and advanced tracker blocker to protect privacy, along with VPN connectivity for added protection. Furthermore, premium business plans from Avast include features like patch management as well as endpoint detection and response capabilities if desired.

Avast’s website and installation process were both user-friendly, making the setup experience fast and painless. Once installed, Avast features an intuitive layout with tabs for various protection and security features – such as real-time protections, firewall settings configuration and checking quarantined files – making its interface user friendly without requiring complex menus or additional apps like those of McAfee’s suite.

Remote Access Shield

My tests of this suite’s malware engine revealed an outstanding detection rate, quickly detecting an array of threats that had evaded other antimalware solutions. Web protection proved equally impressive; I caught several phishing sites that bypassed Chrome and Firefox’s default protections. Furthermore, Remote Access Shield added another useful layer – it detects connections made using known vulnerabilities in Microsoft RDP protocol and blocks them – helping protect networks against brute-force hacking by attackers using stolen or commonly used passwords to attempt signing in continuously trying to gain entry using stolen or commonly used passwords to gain entry.

Avast’s Smart Scan utilizes a combination of heuristics and signatures to detect possible malware before files are opened, run or saved on your computer. It can even identify and fix hidden threats not included in its antivirus definitions database. Furthermore, File Shield analyzes programs and files in real time in search of signs of malicious behavior; when it finds any, it automatically halts any potential programs while sending the suspicious file(s) directly to Avast Threat Labs for further examination.

Ransomware is one of the most dangerous types of malware. Cybercriminals encrypt personal files, then demand payment as ransom for access. Avast Premium Security protects devices against harmful ransomware to keep digital extortion at bay.

Software features include an efficient password manager that creates strong, unbreakable passwords that help break bad password habits like saving them in browser or using them across multiple accounts. HTTPS encryption helps keep browsing secure while data shredding permanently deletes sensitive files for safekeeping. Finally, all these services come together into an all-inclusive suite available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS with a full 30-day money-back guarantee!

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