AVG AntiVirus Review

AVG AntiVirus

AVG AntiVirus is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, offering excellent malware protections and extra features to bolster digital security. With an easy user-friendly interface that quickly accesses settings and additional features, AVG is designed for maximum protection of digital security.

Smart scan detects malware and vulnerabilities on your computer, plus there is an excellent password vault and device optimization tool built-in. Plus there’s even more.


AVG AntiVirus delivers its promise of simplicity while offering a complete set of tools to safeguard your devices. In addition, AVG offers other security and performance features like device optimization tools and VPN security; its malware scanner wasn’t quite as effective compared with some of the other programs we tested; additionally it lacked robust ransomware protection and parental controls.

Antivirus scanning options offered by this program are impressive, incorporating machine learning to identify infections as well as multiple detection methods. Users can utilize either a smart scan (a quick but thorough check of files and folders) or deep scan (which inspects each file on a computer’s memory) or run external storage scans that look for threats on USB flash drives and removable media, plus performance scans which help identify problems affecting PC performance.

Other features include a firewall designed to keep hackers at bay and can be tailored specifically to your own preferences. You can do this by adding trusted networks to minimize risky connections or by specifying guidelines for reliable apps and programs that run in the background without hindering work flow. In addition, the program can block browser extensions and remove toolbars, as well as encrypt passwords to protect against theft.

Users can easily access all these features from a simple menu in the upper-right corner of their screens, which provides them with settings, customer support and other AVG products such as its VPN service. In addition, AVG’s mobile app features an anti-theft feature to locate lost or stolen Android devices quickly while sounding their siren and remotely locking it from another computer.

Users seeking more extensive security options should choose AVG Internet Security, which includes antivirus, device optimizer and VPN features as well as premium technical support and additional tuning tools. AVG’s freeware version still provides solid protection tools as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.


As opposed to some top antivirus programs, AVG Antivirus doesn’t continually prompt users to upgrade to the paid version; however, there may be upsell attempts throughout its app; such as when smart scan encourages people to purchase its premium product each time it runs; this might annoy some users who prefer not being reminded to upgrade every time you run smart scan.

AVG provides both free antivirus software as well as an attractively priced complete Internet security suite that includes firewall and device optimization tools, along with strong malware protection capabilities. My tests show AVG ranks among the best malware protection solutions, yet its parental controls and ransomware defense capabilities fall short of top antivirus solutions.

Customer support of this program can also be inconsistent. Although its website provides answers to frequently asked questions, more in-depth issues may require calling or emailing the company for help – which could prove frustrating for less technically adept computer users who require extensive technical guidance.

AVG’s latest antivirus software utilizes artificial intelligence to combat infections by analyzing suspicious behavior. It blocks access to your webcam and enhances online shopping security, and comes equipped with a robust firewall and malware scanner – meaning multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets can be protected with this free antivirus solution from AVG – with iOS apps boasting an average rating of 4.8 stars in Apple Store and 4.3 in Google Play store respectively.

As an extra feature, AVG Ultimate includes both a password manager and VPN. Furthermore, its “Webcam Protection” blocks unauthorised webcam access while letting you decide which applications can record video. Furthermore, there’s a privacy tool which blocks ads and trackers; making AVG Ultimate an ideal choice for protecting multiple devices simultaneously.

if you would like to cancel your subscription with AVG, customer service is available both by phone and email. Furthermore, its website contains more information on policies and pricing as well as My Account where you can check on its status or update payment details – if you decide to do so within 30 days from when you purchased your original copy of software it must be cancelled before going further with subscription service.


AVG AntiVirus offers an intuitive dashboard to give you a quick snapshot of your protection status, such as whether or not PC, email and web browsing are being protected, whether virus definitions are current and whether or not a manual scan should be run – making this an excellent place to begin when setting up the program for the first time.

AVG’s malware scanner uses machine learning and heuristic analysis alongside an online database of known threats to detect both new and old infections. My tests showed it performed admirably, with its deep scan achieving an outstanding detection rate. In addition, AVG offers network inspection, which performs a thorough scan of your computer and any connections in order to look for threats; additionally there’s also fake website shielding (linked with their cloud database of fake shopping websites), phishing net protection against scam websites that look identical, fake website shielding (also linked with AVG), plus their cloud database of fake shopping websites!

AVG software also features an easy-to-use firewall, with automatic detection of whether you’re on a private or public network and automatically adjusting settings accordingly to protect devices from hackers who might attempt to gain entry via open ports on your computer. AVG’s Enhanced Firewall can block malicious traffic, detect ARM spoofing and inform of data leaks for even further protection of personal information or open ports on computers.

AVG goes beyond providing antivirus and internet security tools with its Secure File Shredder that keeps deleted files from being recovered even after they’ve been erased from your hard drive. In case your device gets lost or stolen, its remote wiping feature enables you to remotely erase its memory. In addition, AVG scans emails sent and received to ensure no viruses come through from strangers.

AVG Antivirus Free Edition (AVG Free) is an ideal solution for users looking for a simple yet effective antivirus solution. While AVG may not provide advanced ransomware and phishing defenses like paid programs do, it still protects home PCs from potential malware infections with its user-friendly interface and quick access to additional features through clicking the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner of your screen.


With so much of our lives online, effective antivirus software is essential to our digital safety. AVG AntiVirus is a popular choice, boasting excellent malware detection rates and extra features designed to strengthen online protection. Plus, it’s free so you can test drive before committing to a subscription plan!

AVG AntiVirus Pro provides comprehensive protection from all types of malware, preventing hackers from exploiting viruses to take control of your computer. Real-time protection scans incoming links and files for suspicious behavior while its firewall offers even further defenses against potential dangers to your device. Furthermore, AVG provides identity theft protection as well as password managers to keep sensitive data secure.

AVG Antivirus Software stands out among competitors with an effective antivirus suite and outstanding performance in laboratory tests, blocking 97% of zero-day attacks – new threats which target vulnerabilities that haven’t yet been patched – according to AV-Test’s results, blocking most of them and protecting against other threats as well.

Though AVG Antivirus offers many strengths, it also has several drawbacks. One such drawback is its slower scan speeds – our tests determined it took 35 minutes to look through 430,167 files – though this wasn’t too bad by any stretch of the imagination. Furthermore, some applications in AVG Ultimate require individual download and installation processes which add steps to setup process and can occupy desktop real estate more than desired.

Another drawback of AVG is its limited customer support options, with email and phone support only being offered to paid subscribers. This could present problems for non-techie individuals needing in-depth technical help or those unfamiliar with computing; competing products, like Bitdefender and Malwarebytes offer greater customer care options.

AVG’s premium software offers a comprehensive suite of anti-theft and cybersecurity tools, such as anti-theft features and password managers. It uses machine learning to detect new malware and recognize patterns in how it acts; additionally, its malware scanner utilizes heuristic analysis and an online database to detect emerging threats; furthermore it features other security features such as app locks, parental controls, and file shredders for added peace of mind.

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