AVG AntiVirus Review

AVG AntiVirus

AVG AntiVirus offers outstanding real-time protection. It scans USBs, DVDs and performance issues while stopping harmful programs from installing.

Protects against phishing attacks, allows users to track stolen devices, and provides advanced firewall features like data leak protection and ARM spoofing alerts. Furthermore, there are plenty of customization options.


AVG Antivirus offers an impressive suite of features to keep your devices and data safe, including an intelligent malware scanner using machine learning and heuristic analysis to quickly identify emerging threats. Furthermore, AVG offers outstanding user experiences as well as outstanding customer support services.

The interface is user-friendly, featuring easily identifiable thumbnails and headings to quickly launch scans or access other key features. A clear message at the top of the screen also reassures users that their devices are secure while providing information about what each feature provides.

AVG Internet Security goes beyond basic security tools to offer features designed to increase online privacy and protect from hackers. These features include a password manager that helps create strong passwords for every website visited, as well as VPN software which keeps browsing anonymous. A web protection feature prevents websites from tracking browsing activity, as well as tools designed to remove personal details from online searches.

Though AVG scans are relatively quick and resource efficient, their scan may not go as deep as some competitors’ versions; therefore some users may still be exposed to malware. You can configure its settings to perform deeper and more in-depth scans; plus AVG’s software automatically updates virus definitions – making life easier for people who want a hands-off approach to antivirus protection.

AVG Internet Security’s free version offers essential protection features, but for maximum value you should upgrade to its paid version for more advanced protection capabilities like identity protection that monitors leaked passwords and photo vault. These advanced features may not be found in the free edition.

AVG’s mobile security features are quite robust, especially its anti-theft protection for Android devices. This feature enables you to track your device, mark it as lost and sound a siren if it becomes misplaced – all features that most other antivirus programs don’t offer, so this one adds another nice layer.


AVG provides consumers with top-of-the-line malware protection. With a free version, easy installation process, user-friendly desktop and mobile applications and superior external security scores. Furthermore, AVG boasts exceptional antimalware features not often seen among antivirus software. Furthermore, AVG features add-ons like tuneup utilities, data shredder and VPN to make their security solution complete.

AVG provides various subscription plans, starting at just $3.89/month for AVG Internet Security on Windows, Mac, iOS devices. This plan offers up to 10 device coverage with full malware detection tools, an enhanced firewall and smart scans for viruses, trojans, rootkits and other threats.

Other features offered by AVG include a password manager, backup tool and anti-tracking feature. Furthermore, its interface is user-friendly, while our real world tests proved its performance quite effectively. Unfortunately it does not provide ransomware protection or parental controls – while these may not be essential features, they’re invaluable tools for those wanting more control of their digital security.

AVG may be more expensive than some of its competitors; however, the company does provide a 30-day free trial and excellent customer support as well as a secure online store to purchase their products.

Although AVG may be ideal for consumers, businesses should look into more advanced solutions offered by providers like Bitdefender or McAfee, including cloud management consoles and network protection solutions as well as malware scanners, anti-phishing tools and remote remediation capabilities.

At the core, AVG should be chosen based on your personal choice and budget. For those who practice safe browsing habits without sharing files with similarly cautious friends, AVG may be overpriced; on the other hand, if you value peace of mind more than cost savings then its additional expense may well be worthwhile – cheap insurance that could protect your data should it become compromised – better to be safe than sorry!


AVG antivirus protection has earned high praise from multiple testing labs. It consistently ranks at the top in AV-Test’s Windows consumer products tests and was named a top pick by Forbes Advisor. AVG boasts one of the most robust packages on the market with features like powerful firewall, reliable ransomware protection and an easy network scanner; but some add-ons like Sensitive Data and Fake Website Shields feel somewhat unnecessary.

Contrary to its competitors, AVG’s malware scanning engine employs both heuristic analysis and machine learning in order to quickly recognize new threats, keeping up with an ever-evolving landscape and blocking attacks other solutions may miss. Furthermore, this real-time functionality provides real benefits by using AI to block phishing sites, detect suspicious tokens on websites, analyze visual elements in real time – providing incredible real-time functionality!

AVG AntiVirus’s user interface is straightforward and user-friendly, featuring easily recognisable thumbnails and headings for scanning or accessing other features. Furthermore, the software’s user dashboard outlines exactly which areas it’s protecting and makes checking subscription status and updates simple.

AVG provides another great feature is the ability to remotely manage your security from any device. This lets you turn on or off protection for specific devices and apps if you share your computer. AVG even comes equipped with a File Shredder tool to securely delete files without leaving behind any traces on your hard drive.

Though AVG provides robust antivirus and cybersecurity features, its price may be more costly than some competitors; however, AVG provides a 30-day free trial as well as a generous money-back guarantee.

AVG provides several products designed to optimize PC performance, such as its AVG SpeedUp solution, DriverUpdater and Battery Saver. AVG also has an extensive security ecosystem which includes AVG VPN to keep browsing safe online as well as tools designed to safeguard mobile devices.


AVG AntiVirus is an increasingly popular choice for home and small business cyber security, boasting a robust set of features and performing well in independent malware protection tests. Unfortunately, however, its scanning performance can sometimes have adverse side effects and it lacks key capabilities such as password managers.

Clean and intuitive user interface; some may find its dark theme and nearly black background unappealing. The main dashboard displays PC status with easily recognizable thumbnails and headings to make scanning or accessing other key functions easy; there are also links for online community advice and technical phone support.

The Malware Scanner uses machine learning and heuristic analysis alongside an online database of malicious code to detect and stop emerging threats like trojans, rootkits, worms, cryptojackers, ransomware and spyware. My tests found its smart scan to be particularly impressive; its deep scan was less impressive; but its file scanner performed admirably, detecting many threats which other antivirus programs missed in my tests.

AVG’s network inspector is an effective way to survey your home network for potential threats. It checks routers for vulnerabilities and flags any non-secure devices; and can even warn when connecting to suspicious Wi-Fi networks. In addition, its firewall detects whether you’re on a private or public network and applies relevant security settings accordingly; plus can block certain services like YouTube and Facebook traffic from entering.

A great feature of AVG’s software is their phishing net, which uses cloud-based data to warn of fake shopping sites that use stolen credit card details to purchase goods online and steal your details. It can also warn of websites trying to trick you into providing passwords or personal information. AVG firewall is another useful feature for home users concerned about hackers breaching their network – it can prevent malware being spread via USB devices and help safeguard PCs against those that could slow down or degrade performance of PCs.

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