AVG AntiVirus Review

AVG AntiVirus Free stands up well in AV-Test’s protection tests against 0-day malware attacks, featuring data shredder and privacy enhancement features as well as offering a money-back guarantee.

AVG’s intelligent scan scans downloaded files for any signs of malware. Other features include web and email protection, ID protection that monitors for leaked passwords and performance scans that optimize system performance.


With all that we do online these days, a strong antivirus solution such as AVG AntiVirus has never been more important to ensuring digital security. AVG offers outstanding malware protection with additional features to simplify security protection.

This malware scanner utilizes machine learning and heuristic analysis combined with an online malware database to quickly detect emerging and known threats. My smart scan was somewhat underwhelming in terms of detection; however, its deep scan provided a 100% malware detection rate!

AVG provides real-time protection to safeguard both computers and mobile devices against cyberthreats. Running in the background, AVG scans files, emails and links for possible threats that might include ransomware or phishing attacks and blocks dangerous websites; its privacy settings can also be tailored specifically for each app accessing location data or contacts.

AVG’s Enhanced Firewall is another valuable feature, monitoring both inbound and outbound network traffic to protect you against hackers accessing your private files, photos and passwords stored in browsers. Furthermore, this helps prevent “blocked” applications from reading, changing or deleting personal data without your knowledge.

Wi-Fi Guard, for instance, will warn you when connecting to an unsecure public network and detect and remove potential malicious browser toolbars and extensions. Furthermore, AVG Virus Vault automatically uploads files for online analysis that helps safeguard against threats known and unknown.

The user interface (UI) of our software is straightforward and user-friendly, featuring clearly labeled features with easy accessibility. The main dashboard gives a clear snapshot of your current status and allows you to make decisions for next steps. Our menu allows for customization of general software settings as well as configuration of more advanced options like data shredding and subscription information.

AVG provides an extensive support page, including articles, FAQs, and community advice, in addition to technical phone support. Updates for virus definitions and the app itself run automatically; however, you may choose to manually trigger updates if desired; notifications can also be turned off altogether or set so they only remind you when updates become available. AVG Internet Security plans come equipped with additional features, including enhanced firewall protection and Network Inspector, along with an ad blocker designed to block ads from being displayed on devices.


AVG AntiVirus is one of the best-selling antivirus solutions on the market, providing excellent malware protection with an intuitive user interface and performing well in independent tests by detecting and blocking most threats. Unfortunately, AVG does have some drawbacks, including its performance-impactful scanning and its potential resource encroachment issues; if these concerns concern you further then another solution might be more suitable.

AVG provides a free version of their software that is highly effective at protecting against malware and other forms of online threats, providing basic antivirus, firewall and web/email protection – an excellent choice for those who do not require more costly products with advanced features.

AVG Internet Security plans expand upon the free version by offering additional features, including password management and identity theft scanning. They also protect against zero-day attacks – threats exploiting vulnerabilities in Windows that have not yet been patched by Microsoft – an invaluable feature since zero-day attacks can often go undetected until too late to stop.

Additionally, this plan offers extra security features like a secure VPN and anti-tracking tool, an enhanced firewall and network inspector that work effectively – features that might seem like extravagances at first, but actually play a vital role in strengthening cybersecurity.

When considering AVG, always compare its pricing against that of its rivals. Bitdefender may cost slightly more, but offers more features and superior malware protection; furthermore it has an intuitive user interface and phone support services.

AVG also offers a PC Cleaner which is free and can help remove junk files from your device, making AVG an invaluable resource. However, unlike its rivals it doesn’t clean as thoroughly and can sometimes lead to false positives.


AVG provides comprehensive protection from viruses, ransomware and other cyber threats. It automatically scans for malware on your computer and warns you of potentially hazardous links in emails and websites; blocking sites trying to steal personal information; monitoring Wi-Fi connections for possible compromised networks; helping uninstall unwanted browser extensions and toolbars; protecting you against hacker access to private files and photos while stopping changes or deletion; monitoring Wi-Fi networks to alert of potentially compromised networks – these features provide AVG with an impressive array of features designed to keep you safe against these cyber threats!

AVG’s user interface for both Windows and Mac computers is clean and user-friendly. The front panel displays an overview of your protection (including payments and web browsing), as well as options to conduct basic scans or change settings and schedule more advanced ones.

If you want to conduct a comprehensive scan on your PC, AVG’s dashboard allows you to choose what files and areas of it you would like scanned – from boot time and USB/DVD drives through boot up time and booting times – including boot-time scans and bootup time scannings. Unfortunately, some features found in other cybersecurity products such as password managers and parental controls were absent here.

The company’s malware scanner uses machine learning and heuristic analysis in combination with an online malware database to detect both known and emerging threats. Our tests found it performed very well; its smart scan had an excellent detection rate while its deep scan didn’t fare so well.

No doubt AVG has seen its share of controversy, yet their current reputation remains strong. Their antivirus is highly effective, and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee should you not be completely satisfied. In addition, their premium plans offer other great security features like device optimization tools and VPN connectivity; its firewall was one of our favorites as it provided reliable ransomware defense too! AVG has been around for over two decades while continuously developing their malware scanning technology.


AVG’s interface is straightforward and user-friendly, with clearly labeled sections for computer, web & email protection and hacker attack protection. Each area displays a summary of what is protected and how well its working. Clicking any section reveals more detail – for instance when choosing computer protection you can view more about its Smart Scan, which scans for malware as well as vulnerabilities (like passwords that aren’t encrypted) while AVG’s dashboard informs you if virus definitions are up-to-date!

My tests of AVG’s malware scanner confirmed its ability to quickly and effectively locate and delete viruses and other forms of malicious programs, such as trojans and rootkits. AVG uses machine learning, heuristic analysis, and an online database to detect trojans, worms, rootkits, cryptojackers and other threats such as trojans. Furthermore, their real-time protection works effectively – should it detect malware on your PC it can stop the program running before sending it off for analysis at AVG headquarters for further examination or alert you should it detect suspicious files such as download histories or visiting potentially unsafe websites.

CyberCapture, AVG’s automated upload feature that safeguards against new threats by uploading files for further analysis, was tested in my tests successfully – successfully intercepting all the malware samples I sent it. Furthermore, AVG includes Identity Guard to alert you of potentially hazardous links in social media posts as well as protect you from websites attempting to harvest personal information for their own gain.

If you experience issues with AVG software, AVG provides 24/7 live chat and telephone support options as well as an active user community where users can share answers to commonly asked questions from others.

AVG AntiVirus Free (AVG) is an excellent choice for anyone who requires reliable protection from viruses, malware and other digital threats. With top-of-the-line malware detection rates and features such as identity theft protection and remote control tools that let you lock or erase contents remotely when needed – AVG makes using antivirus easy while running efficiently! Plus it’s intuitively user friendly.

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