AVG AntiVirus Review

AVG Free does an adequate job at protecting against malware. Scans typically run quickly and don’t drain resources excessively.

Avg offers several premium options for users seeking additional security features, including VPN and tuneup tools. Internet Security further expands upon these with webcam and ransomware protection as well as email shield technology and data shredding capability.


AVG AntiVirus is a highly efficient free antivirus software program, boasting an array of cybersecurity tools both online and off. Installation is easy, with an intuitive user interface for optimal usability.

AVG’s malware scanner uses heuristic analysis and machine learning to stay abreast of emerging threats, supplemented by an online database which records known malware. Our lab tests revealed that AVG blocked all malicious downloads, while Kaspersky and Norton each blocked 91% (AVG blocked 100%!). Furthermore, its antiphishing protection and link scanner provide extra safeguards.

Other features offered by AVG AntiVirus Free include a password manager, Wi-Fi guard and toolbar cleaner. A privacy policy outlines its collection and use of personal data. Furthermore, AVG’s real-time protection feature prevents malware from even having the chance to download into its system – one key advantage it holds over traditional antivirus solutions.

AVG provides numerous security features for mobile devices, such as webcam protection and anti-theft functionality. Their antivirus software is available both for Android and iOS platforms; in addition, AVG’s performance tuneup tools speed up computers while improving battery life; its internet security suite enables VPN connection for enhanced protection online; performance tuneup features also optimize PC performance while performance tuneup features offer speed boost.

AVG stands out as an exceptional antivirus provider by offering comprehensive customer support options, such as email, knowledge base articles, community forums and live chat support. Their staff are friendly and responsive – although responses may take some time depending on their workload.

AVG is an excellent solution for businesses that want to secure their servers, networks, and employees’ computers. With advanced artificial intelligence protecting against new and emerging threats as well as a firewall that blocks unwanted traffic from entering the network. Plus, AVG comes equipped with mobile security apps designed specifically to safeguard iOS and Android devices against ransomware attacks and other cyber risks – perfect for protecting businesses against potential data breach risks!

AVG Antivirus Pro for Business is a top-rated antivirus solution with extensive features, an impressive malware detection rate and comprehensive security suite – at an extremely competitive price point – making it the perfect choice to safeguard their entire fleet of computers and devices.


As an anti-virus service, AVG provides numerous features to ensure digital security. Their AV-Test scores are outstanding and their pricing and installation process is straightforward and user friendly.

AVG’s free version of antivirus provides basic protection from malware. Its lightweight nature ensures minimal impact on system speed. Premium plans offer more comprehensive protection with additional tools like device optimization and VPN access – though these feel somewhat unnecessary compared to offerings from top competitors.

AVG excels at providing privacy protection. Their Secure Browser features automatic ad blocking, HTTPS encryption by force and tracking script protection as well as an inbuilt add-on marketplace – an impressive set of features which don’t quite match up to those offered by competing solutions like Norton and Bitdefender which offer much more refined and comprehensive secure browsers.

AVG AntiVirus App for Mobile is impressively straightforward to use. Both its iOS and Android apps have earned top ratings on Apple App Store and Google Play respectively, boasting clean user interface that’s both functional and appealing in its simplicity.

AVG provides comprehensive product support options, from email and phone assistance, through an active community forum with an expansive knowledge base. Unfortunately, however, the company doesn’t provide 24/7 live chat support – which could prove disappointing to some customers.

AVG’s biggest challenge lies in its history of selling user data. In 2023, AVG was caught selling Google searches, Map data, YouTube views, and YouPorn views of millions of users to third parties – this raises serious doubts as to whether I trust this brand with my sensitive information. Ultimately though, you must decide for yourself whether AVG fits with your privacy preferences; its main benefits include strong malware protection with minimal impact on performance as well as decent privacy features; premium packages offer extra bonuses but may not match up against best competitors by 2023.


AVG Antivirus is one of the world’s most renowned antivirus software programs, employing cutting-edge technology to detect and remove threats to your computer such as malware, spyware, phishing attacks and more. Its malware scanner uses heuristic analysis and machine learning techniques to find emerging threats quickly; additionally it features an efficient password manager and file shredder to safeguard sensitive files from prying eyes.

Installation is relatively straightforward with AVG AntiVirus Free’s relatively small setup file compared to other free antivirus programs; thus accelerating download and installation processes considerably. Furthermore, its low resource usage enables the user to continue working while the program runs in the background; further minimizing alerts, alarms and software compatibility messages.

Once the installer file has been downloaded, you can start installing AVG antivirus software onto your PC. Before beginning installation, ensure there is no other antivirus or security software already present on your system – to do this press Windows key-R to open Run dialog box; type in “%programfiles%” then “OK.” Alternatively, download AVG Offline Installer file which enables you to take it with you to computers without internet connectivity and install on them via USB flash drive.

Once the installation process is completed, you can proceed with activation and license management. To do this, log in using your email address and password created when purchasing the product. From here on out you can manage AVG Antivirus, Internet Security and PC TuneUp products through AVG Management Console.

My tests demonstrated that AVG had one of the highest malware detection rates. Its combination of heuristics, machine learning, and an online malware database enabled it to quickly recognize new forms of malware and rootkits. Furthermore, its web protection offered more customization than competing antiviruses yet it was less successful at identifying potentially unsafe websites than competing products.


AVG stands out as an all-inclusive choice for malware protection on the market, boasting an impressive feature package and reliable detection rates for viruses. Not only can users benefit from free product versions but AVG offers great value to those needing to protect multiple gadgets at once.

AVG’s malware scanner uses machine learning and heuristic analysis to quickly and efficiently identify threats attempting to invade your system. The scan takes relatively less resources while providing enough files scanned (it took 35 minutes and examined 430,167 different ones in full).

Premium packages provide real-time ransomware protection that works to stop any changes to your important files, while an effective firewall deters against network attacks and anti-phishing technology helps block malicious emails that might come your way. AVG even features an easy password manager so you can manage all your online accounts from a single place, decreasing the risk of having your private information stolen.

The suite also comes equipped with a network inspector that allows you to monitor the safety of your home Wi-Fi network and identify any vulnerabilities. Fake website and phishing shields protect users from visiting fake shopping or payment sites that lure people into making fraudulent payments.

For those requiring extra support, AVG provides an extensive knowledge base and community forum for any issues you may encounter. Their phone support service also is only offered in English; filling out a form before speaking with one of their technicians may also be required.

AVG also offers mobile applications for both Android and iOS that make it possible to track, remotely lock and erase devices if they become lost or stolen. Their privacy policy is fairly standard but mentions how AVG may share personal data with third parties for marketing and research purposes without your prior approval.

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