AVG Internet Security Business Review

AVG Internet Security Business protects businesses against ransomware, malware, hackers and a wide range of other threats, protecting file servers and email systems while also encrypting passwords and providing file server monitoring and backup protection.

It has a low impact on system resources and is easy to deploy and configure, earning high customer satisfaction ratings.


AVG Internet Security Business is an enterprise-grade security suite, designed to defend businesses against data breaches, revenue losses and reputational harm. Utilizing a central management console, AVG delivers essential endpoint protection across all of your computers and devices in your company, while multi-layered detection capabilities keep users protected while adhering to regulations. Furthermore, its anti-malware features protect users against malware attacks such as phishing attempts that seek to gain entry and steal confidential files and sensitive information.

AVG Internet Security Business’s features of protection include:

Advanced anti-malware protection utilizes various detection techniques, including cloud-based outbreak detection, proactive AI detection and file/folder/boot-time scanning to safeguard your business against all the latest viruses, malware and ransomware threats. Furthermore, its firewall protection helps block hackers from accessing your network while its centralized control console makes managing and customizing defenses simple and accessible from a central point.

Easy and intuitive interface makes this program user-friendly, with its dashboard clearly highlighting what’s currently protecting your PC as well as individual systems for scanning. Plus, advanced data shredding features allow for additional in-depth and targeted scans as well as secure deletion of files by protecting against unintended recovery of files deleted using its powerful data shredder technology.

AVG Internet Security Business not only detects threats but also monitors your email for malicious attachments and links. In order to guard against identity theft it keeps tabs on social media activity as well as passwords stored in browsers; additionally it keeps a close watch over webcams and microphones to stop cybercriminals from accessing them remotely.

AVG Internet Security Business was designed to run seamlessly in the background without interrupting users and keep them productive and focused on their work. It accomplishes this through performing regular updates and scans of your device in the background to detect new threats as well as identify any risks or changes made by other apps or programs on your system. Should any problems arise while using AVG, AVG offers support via online support pages and forums.


Cyberattacks can be devastating for small businesses. They can cost revenue, productivity and potentially the entire enterprise a fortune – necessitating effective cybersecurity tools such as AVG Internet Security Business to protect them from such attacks – with top-of-the-line antivirus protection plus additional online safeguards in a user-friendly interface at prices considerably less than competitors charge for antivirus protection alone!

AVG Suite’s features for small businesses also include mobile apps for iOS and Android that are easy to use, PC cleanup tools that work, a cloud management console that oversees devices across an organization, as well as an impressive cloud management console that helps manage them at once. Plus its affordable plan covers 10 devices (versus just one with free or Internet Security plans) while add-ons such as BreachGuard or AVG TuneUp cost almost as much as equivalent competitor solutions on their own.

Only drawbacks include ongoing upsells (which can be frustrating in any product, but especially so for paid ones), as well as minor design flaws like lack of detailed privacy settings and AVG’s Jumpshot log (as noted by Vice’s Motherboard) being problematic for privacy-sensitive users.


AVG stands out as one of the most dependable options on the market, boasting an easy installation and no significant impact when running scans or updating virus definitions.

Advanced malware scanners utilize machine learning and heuristic analysis to quickly identify threats and remove them from a computer, while simultaneously checking for weaknesses in passwords, firewalls, settings on devices and memory for advanced threats like rootkits. Phishing detection works by scanning web pages for domain meta information, suspicious tokens or visual elements that indicate possible fraudulent sites before they attack your device.

AVG software is easy to use and compatible with both wired and wireless networks. With its centralized management feature, administrators can manage it from a central console. Multiple devices can also be scanned simultaneously; alerts will be issued if viruses are identified as well as reports sent out for further analysis. AVG also offers 24/7 customer support with many resources available to them for any issues they encounter.

AVG is one of the world’s leading endpoint security solutions and offers numerous features designed to safeguard small businesses. Their malware scanner is among the best on the market; additional protection includes file shredding for permanent file deletion and firewall protection to stop cyberattacks from harming your organization. Furthermore, you can scan USB drives and mobile phones for viruses or malware using this program.

AVG Internet Security Business is an effective way of safeguarding your business against online threats like ransomware, malware and spam. With an outstanding firewall and comprehensive malware scanner that prevents fileless attacks and helps stop phishing sites. Plus it has a user-friendly interface which loads quickly – but unfortunately lacks parental controls and other advanced security features found in top brands such as Norton; not to mention it displays many ads which could become distracting during use of the software.


AVG Internet Security Business stands out with its user-friendly interface and exceptional protection, blocking both fileless and script-based attacks, acting as a firewall between the company’s network and the internet, blocking email attachments before they reach its system and providing anti-ransomware tools like CyberCapture that scan downloaded files before sending copies back to its Threat Labs for analysis.

Software offers other features to protect users against identity fraud and data theft, including mobile device and cloud storage protection. Businesses can utilize a central management console that enables administrators to install, update, manage and administer antivirus software across multiple systems from one convenient place.

AVG provides customers with various ways to contact customer support. Options include support pages and forums as well as live chat and phone support; support pages are great for quick answers or walkthroughs of various features, while forums are better suited for in-depth troubleshooting. Regardless of which option is chosen, AVG also offers money-back guarantees on most of its products.

Contrary to many of its competitors, AVG does not require IT professionals to set up each computer’s defenses; rather, its powerful policy engine enables administrators to distribute changes and updates with greater ease than ever. This saves IT teams both time and resources while speeding updates; moreover, its software loads faster than competitors–making AVG an ideal choice for busy offices.

Overall, AVG is an excellent choice for small businesses. With excellent user satisfaction ratings and among the highest malware detection rates in its class, its website boasts helpful guides and articles, while phone and live chat support staff are readily available during normal business hours.

However, for more advanced cybersecurity features, Bitdefender may be the better option. Their multi-platform security solution offers greater coverage while their pricing is considerably more reasonable than AVG. In addition, Bitdefender provides both a free trial period and 30-day money-back guarantee to make their offer even more compelling.

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