AVG Internet Security Review

AVG Internet Security provides comprehensive computer and online protection from malware, scams and phishing emails – even shielding personal files from potential thieves.

According to AV-Test results, Avast Free Antivirus boasts an outstanding malware detection rate while not hindering PC performance like many other security solutions do.


AVG is a trusted name in cybersecurity, known for providing solid protection from threats such as malware and viruses. Though not as feature-packed as other providers, its antivirus and internet security software still offer reliable protection from such dangers as they arise.

The software’s primary dashboard is intuitively designed for maximum ease-of-use, providing you with an accurate overview of the status of your device. The dashboard displays when it was last scanned as well as any updates that have recently been installed – providing quick and convenient solutions should something arise unexpectedly.

Real-time functionality of the software includes all the basics expected from modern antivirus and security programs, including a smart scanner to search for malware and vulnerabilities on your PC, boot-time scanning, USB/DVD scans, performance evaluation, sending suspicious files directly to AVG lab for further analysis, fixing infected files when possible and providing quarantine storage capabilities to keep them out of reach.

AVG provides protection from malicious websites, scan emails for viruses, and monitor leaked passwords. While the free plan offers some functionality, users will want to upgrade to premium for additional features like unlimited identity and photo vault features as well as secure VPN service.

AVG stands out as one of the more lightweight security programs, taking up minimal memory space when running and not impacting internet speed. Unfortunately, however, its presence does slow down computer boot times and has an adverse impact on file transfer speeds within local networks – yet still being one of the top options available to users looking for effortless online security protection.


AVG Internet Security suite is straightforward to set up and user friendly. With its clear user interface that displays each feature’s status and gives reassurance of security for your device. In addition, this suite offers various free and paid tools that help clean Android devices, tune PCs or access premium technical support at additional costs.

AVG provides an effective malware scanner, using machine learning and heuristic analysis along with its online database to detect emerging threats. Furthermore, AVG’s firewall offers both standard and advanced features: its basic plan offers all necessary protections while its premium package boasts advanced features like VPN access and device optimization tool functionality.

The firewall can identify when you connect to either a private or public network and apply an appropriate level of security checks. It can also block both inbound and outbound data from applications like email clients and social media websites that may try to steal your personal data or passwords, and set rules against specific apps you do not wish to run.

AVG CyberCapture, which sends files proactively for analysis by the company in order to detect new malware samples and add them quickly to its antivirus databases, helps protect against new attacks more rapidly than traditional detection methods.

AVG provides an expansive support hub, with forums, articles, and community advice available to users of their software to assist them with any difficulties they may be having in using it. Unfortunately, however, AVG doesn’t offer direct technical support via phone number; only via its support hub.

Password Protection

AVG used to put undue strain on your computer’s performance, but has made great strides toward decreasing its impact. While not the fastest security suite around, AVG no longer slows your computer so significantly that you might consider turning it off altogether. Furthermore, unlike many other suites it doesn’t nag you about buying anti-virus removal software or tune-up packages – all while continuing its efforts at upselling products or services they sell you incessantly.

AVG Security Tools include an email shield to stop phishing attacks, a toolbar remover to get rid of unwanted software that’s been added to your browser or applications, a Wi-Fi guard which warns if you connect to an unsafe Wi-Fi network, as well as password protection suite which checks all stored browser passwords for their level of security before notifying you if any are considered insecure and needs changing.

AVG Internet Security 2023 not only boasts improved firewall and web protection, but it also adds an additional layer of protection. AVG’s Password Protection tool protects Google Chrome and Firefox passwords as well as identifying weak ones that need changing; additionally, AVG’s privacy section features an anti-snooper sensitive data shield to stop spyware from accessing your private documents stored on PC.

The suite also includes a Fake Website Shield to prevent you from being misled to fake sites by DNS attacks and an anti-theft payments section which detects attempts at stealing banking details or personal data from you. All together this makes this one of the best full-featured security suites you’ll find today.

Webcam Protection

AVG Internet Security’s webcam-blocking capability helps protect you from hackers who want to spy on you and ensures only trusted programs use it, or strict mode requires your permission before any program can gain access to it. With premium versions of AVG you can add even greater protection with Sensitive Data Shield which ensures only selected files can be seen by your webcam.

AVG AntiTrack, one of the features included with its Premium version, provides another way of protecting privacy on Windows and Mac computers by giving trackers false signals to avoid gathering too much personal data about you. You can use it to prevent companies from collecting sensitive information about you.

If you want to boost your protection one step further, AVG provides a plan that incorporates all their software. This package called the AVG Ultimate includes Internet Security, Secure VPN, TuneUp and AntiTrack protection as well as up to 10 device protection. Although its price may seem higher than others on the market, this comprehensive offering delivers world-class protection at an unbeatably comprehensive package price.

AVG has long been known for being fast and reliable, but before you sign up it’s essential to review its laboratory test results. SE-Labs’ July-November 2018 report placed AVG fifth out of 21 products; only Bitdefender, F-Secure, and Trend Micro outranked it; this is an impressive result and leaves many competitors behind digitally.

Data Shredder

AVG Internet Security keeps you protected from malware while making shopping and banking online easier than ever. Advanced antivirus scanning combines behavior detection, heuristic analysis, and massive online malware databases to detect new threats quickly and block them quickly. CyberCapture automatically uploads suspicious files for further analysis while other features such as “Password Protection,” which helps secure passwords, and “Webcam Protection,” which prevents unauthorized access to webcams are also included in its feature set. AVG also alerts you if it detects dangerous links while its Link Scanner tool assists in helping avoid unreliable websites altogether!

Data Shredder (formerly File Shredder) is an essential feature that allows you to securely delete files, folders or entire drives irreversibly by repeatedly overwriting them with meaningless data and then erasing them from memory – particularly handy if selling or donating your PC/hard drive.

After an easy setup and login process, the software is intuitive to use and understand. After viewing a primary dashboard that outlines what threats your protection suite is protecting you against, clicking Run Smart Scan reveals additional scan options, such as deep, file/folder/boot-time/USB/DVD performance scans as well as deep.

At an additional cost, AVG software offers add-on functions such as VPN access and TuneUp tools; premium users can upgrade for additional functionality such as password managers and premium technical support. AVG Business Edition features full endpoint antimalware protection for small and midsized businesses as well as email and web solutions with customizable firewalls to prevent threats such as viruses and spyware; spam filtering protection blocks virus attachments while web protection blocks phishing sites as well.

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