AVG Internet Security Review

AVG Internet Security

AVG Internet Security is an all-in-one protection suite offering effective anti-virus software and malware protection, email scanning and file scanning as well as alerting users of insecure Wi-Fi networks.

The user-friendly interface makes this product intuitive to operate and use, with relatively fast scan times and lightweight software requirements.

Virus Protection

Antivirus protection is one of the cornerstones of any security suite and AVG Internet Security excels on this front. Its malware scanner uses heuristic analysis and machine learning to accurately identify threats in my tests; additionally, the suite offers an exceptional firewall, strong web and email shield protection as well as powerful device optimization features.

Easy and user-friendly, PC Clean Up comes equipped with an intuitive user interface designed for all devices – even smartphones. After quick setup and login, the main dashboard lists what needs protection (Payments or Web Browsing are examples), where basic scans or advanced or scheduled scans can begin automatically or manually by you or with scheduling features; or alternatively the PC Clean Up add-on allows users to remove junk files that could be slowing down your PC.

The software safeguards against ransomware and other forms of malware with its enhanced firewall that blocks hackers from accessing personal files and photos, password protection preventing unauthorized apps from reading or changing passwords and warning you if connecting to insecure Wi-Fi networks – it even shows which devices may not have protection or are at risk of becoming lost!

AVG provides you with a privacy section to safeguard files, folders and pictures from prying eyes; an anti-phishing feature to stop being duped into visiting fake websites via DNS attacks; as well as Payments shield, which protects against scamming online shopping and banking websites that could steal your personal data.

AVG is an excellent all-around Windows security suite in 2023, boasting excellent malware detection. Furthermore, AVG boasts a strong firewall, web and email shield protection, device optimization tools and useful parental control options; although I wish they also offered more reliable ransomware protection.


AVG Internet Security offers a comprehensive package that protects against malware, network threats and hacking as well as anti-spam features and an effective firewall. Unfortunately, however, AVG doesn’t include one of the top password managers or ransomware protection.

AVG provides an intuitive user interface with easily identifiable icons for the most important options. Launch a scan or access advanced settings at any time with just the click of a button; configure automatic updates; manually schedule scans at a specific date/time; or take advantage of AVG’s handy widget which shows you your PC status at all times!

One of the main drawbacks to AVG is that it presents you with features not currently included on your plan – an aggressive form of pressure selling that I find unpleasant. Even if you purchase a premium plan, ads urging you to upgrade and pay more for features like Driver Updater and BreachGuard will appear and require your credit card details for completion.

AVG provides an extensive help center and forum that cover common issues with its suite. In addition, AVG’s website features an interactive chat feature to connect people directly with one of their representatives, while unsatisfactory purchases may be returned within 30 days for refund.

AVG Internet Security is an outstanding antivirus program with an outstanding firewall and web/email scanner, device optimization tools and VPN service; however it lacks parental controls and ransomware protection features.


AVG Internet Security is an excellent choice for computer users seeking a comprehensive suite of antivirus programs to safeguard their devices. The program itself is lightweight, using minimal memory when running. Furthermore, AVG’s reputation speaks for itself with regards to fast and reliable virus protection, even during intensive scanning processes.

This program protects users against malware, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, rootkits and cryptojackers. AVG also helps prevent phishing attacks by detecting potentially hazardous email attachments; and blocks suspicious websites which could steal personal information like credit card numbers and passwords.

In our tests, AVG successfully identified 9 out of 10 malicious file samples. Its real-time protection features block malware while simultaneously monitoring activity on your device to detect changes and notify you accordingly. Furthermore, this program helps clean up hard drives to help them run faster.

AVG’s malware scanner employs machine learning and heuristic analysis to quickly identify emerging threats. Furthermore, smart scans and deep scans help users pinpoint any more serious problems.

AVG boasts an intuitive user interface that is both straightforward and attractive. Available on multiple platforms – Windows, Mac and Android – AVG supports most major browsers and includes remote management features for managing multiple PC devices running AVG software remotely. AVG also offers online support and training resources so users can make the most of this program; installation/updating processes on multiple PC devices is seamless while its central dashboard offers all tools necessary for protecting themselves effectively.


AVG’s antiphishing protection shields you from misleading emails or links designed to persuade you into divulging personal data or downloading harmful malware, and scans websites and downloads as you surf. A suite powered by artificial intelligence uses patterns in meta data, tokens and visual elements on websites to detect phishing scams; AVG claims their system works 99% of the time!

AVG employs several layers of security for its malware protection, starting with traditional viral scanning and machine heuristic scanning to find threats; artificial intelligence then uses advanced machine learning algorithms to recognize these threats and stop them in real time. Our real-world test demonstrated this was accomplished quickly: all pieces of malware we sent its way were stopped without delay by AVG compared with competing suites.

AVG firewalls are exceptionally strong. Utilizing multiple methods to keep out intruders, and easily managed from one central control panel. Plus, gaming modes help prevent your PC from slowing down during high-demand gaming sessions!

AVG provides an online support hub with articles and forums where you can seek assistance and advice, as well as a tool that allows you to manage all your installations from a central location. However, this product does not offer technical telephone support.

Although AVG Internet Security lacks some essential features (parental controls, VPN and anti-ransomware protection), it remains an excellent choice for those who require antivirus technology with antispyware protection and a firewall. Plus its suite footprint was one of the lowest we saw among full-featured security programs; scan times and resource usage were among our highest marks as well.


AVG Internet Security’s firewall is a key part of keeping your PC secure. It monitors incoming and outgoing connections, and works in different modes depending on your needs, such as checking if any programs attempt to connect remotely and block them immediately with instantaneous notification of potential security risks.

Other features in AVG Internet Security include a malware scanner which can locate any rogue programs causing issues on your PC, and system cleaner to free up space on your hard drive. Furthermore, its antivirus can scan for programs which might be stealing passwords or money or sensitive information from you.

AVG software is very straightforward and user-friendly to install and use; simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete setup. Initial set up may take some time; that is typical of antivirus solutions.

Once installed, AVG Internet Security allows you to take full advantage of its features. There are various premium features you can make use of including a boosted firewall, ransomware protection and protection from peeping toms spying on your webcam.

Performance wise, AVG Internet Security excels at not overburdening your computer too much – which is important as too much strain could become annoying and cause you to disable the security program altogether.

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