AVG Ultimate Review

AVG Ultimate equips your devices with an impressive array of security, privacy and performance tools. The suite unifies three premium AVG solutions — Internet Security, Secure VPN and TuneUp — into a single subscription for maximum protection and optimal performance.

Advanced antivirus features a behavioral shield to detect suspicious activity, AI detection and CyberCapture to automatically upload threats for analysis. Other useful tools include Startup Optimizer and Battery Profile.

Real-time Threat Detection

AVG Ultimate goes further than traditional antivirus software by using cloud technology and crowd intelligence to quickly protect against new malware variants or outbreaks as soon as they emerge. In addition, its special file protection system creates a virtual protective wall around all of your files to guard them against ransomware or unknown programs altering or deleting them against your will. You can manage all devices via one central dashboard while setting and changing various protection settings across devices.

AVG Ultimate contains an efficient VPN to mask and protect your online activity and encrypt data to shield it from cybercriminals, and includes an added feature that blocks unsafe Wi-Fi networks to ensure you never accidentally land on fake or malicious sites. Furthermore, AVG Ultimate’s software monitors software running on your PC in order to detect zero-day threats that bypass traditional detection methods, and its Enhanced Firewall controls all incoming and outgoing connections, keeping hackers away from accessing personal files or photos as well as remotely connecting with webcam or microphones.

Software Analyzer: this security tool uses software installed on your device to identify suspicious behavior by analysing every program installed there, from keyloggers that capture passwords and banking details as you type them online, to keyloggers which snare passwords when typing forms onto forms on websites, including keyloggers which swat away passwords and banking details in real-time; it then blacklists or sends such programs for further examination by AVG’s lab. AVG also offers Smart Photo Cleaner which removes duplicate or poor-quality images which frees up space while improving battery performance to reduce processing lag during gaming sessions by AVG offering battery profiles specifically tailored for enhanced gaming performance or reduced processing lag during gaming sessions – just to give some examples.

AVG is an established cybersecurity provider with 200 million global users and 100 million on mobile, making up approximately 70% of total users globally. Antivirus comparison websites often praise AVG highly; our own tests showed it performed admirably too, scoring 100% for malware detection and advanced threat detection categories while failing only slightly when dealing with fileless attacks, where some samples missed were detected by other higher performing rivals. AVG shares user data with third parties as detailed on their privacy policy page.

Ransomware & Webcam Protection

AVG Ultimate brings together four world-class programs into one comprehensive solution, AVG Internet Security, AVG Secure VPN, AntiTrack and TuneUP. In addition, there’s also an impressive firewall and malware scanning function – with real time updates to safeguard you against emerging malware threats – making installation simple on up to 10 devices for free with an optional free trial period and reasonable one year plan discounts making this an affordable solution option.

AVG software is widely praised for its ease of use and features an intuitive user interface with an easily navigable dashboard with options for antivirus protection, PC tune up and password manager – plus scheduling updates and notifications with complete control over its use! Plus its light resource consumption makes it perfect for computers running older hardware systems.

AVG also boasts an effective ad blocker to help users browse without ads and trackers, while providing webcam protection to prevent it from being hijacked by hackers and force untrusted apps to request permission before accessing your webcam. Furthermore, AVG’s data shredder permanently deletes files and folders so they cannot be recovered later on.

In our tests, AVG detected all threats including ransomware and malware. Their malware detection was also validated by independent testing organizations like AV-Test and AV-Comparatives; their anti-phishing and anti-malware protection capabilities are outstanding as well.

TotalAV and AVG both provide reliable malware protection; however, both lack features found elsewhere. TotalAV offers superior phishing protection while AVG only covers select phishing attacks. Both provide solid selections of tools for protecting PC and online privacy but it’s important to take a moment and consider your specific needs before selecting a service.

Remote Access Shield

AVG Ultimate equips macOS, iOS, Windows and Android users with a comprehensive suite of security, cleaning and performance tools – an antivirus suite with VPN connectivity as well as system optimization features all in one bundled solution.

AVG Suite’s malware scanner employs machine learning and heuristic analysis in tandem with an online database to quickly detect emerging and known threats such as Trojans, worms, rootkits, cryptojackers and ransomware. I found it performed very well during my tests while remaining light on system resources. AntiTrack features help protect privacy by blocking tracking attempts and fingerprinting attempts; additionally it scans downloaded files before proactively deleting cookies that might have been collected by unintended applications or websites that collected them proactively deleting cookies or browser data collected by unintended applications or malicious websites.

SafeGuard is an invaluable security feature, safeguarding passwords and credit card data while also protecting personal files from being accessed by strangers or lost on infected devices. The user-friendly mobile app makes using SafeGuard even simpler while the dashboard makes managing protection across devices from anywhere easier.

Whenever you need extra speed and privacy when browsing, AVG Secure VPN can connect to servers all around the globe and hide your IP address by masking real location information. AVG also claims this feature can save money when shopping online by connecting to remote servers that offer better deals than local ones.

AVG Ultimate’s roster of features goes beyond those already mentioned; they include Startup Optimizer, Battery Profile and Payment Protection. These three functions work to speed up PC and mobile computers by disabling programs running in the background without your knowledge and delaying startup time; Battery Profile can change settings to maximize battery life while Payment Protection protects from being tracked via GPS on devices or public WiFi networks.

AVG Ultimate is an outstanding package for protecting computers, phones, and tablets from malicious threats. The malware detection rates are outstanding while its user-friendly interface makes for simple navigation. Unfortunately, however, AVG lacks a dedicated phone support line; rather relying on online forums and support pages instead for most customers’ technical issues.


AVG Ultimate is an all-in-one security and optimization solution, providing world-class antivirus, VPN security and system optimization tools at an unbeatably affordable price. Additionally, this suite offers anti-theft features suitable for both mobile devices and desktop PCs – saving users time from purchasing multiple solutions separately.

This suite’s security features include automatically updating virus definitions in real time, password management for online accounts and a link scanner that warns of potentially hazardous sites before clicking them. Furthermore, an email shield helps prevent malware attachments while its toolbar remover will help remove any unnecessary toolbars on your browser; and Wi-Fi Guard helps safeguard data against being stolen via rogue routers by making sure only you can gain entry to your private network.

Performance wise, AVG has an outstanding track record when it comes to protecting against ransomware and other forms of malware. Furthermore, its firewall keeps unauthorised apps from accessing your data while simultaneously blocking hackers from invading your PC – not forgetting its advanced features like leak protection and port scan alerts!

As for the rest of the suite, its Smart Photo Cleaner can free up space on your devices by removing duplicate and low-quality photos, finding and erasing unnecessary junk files that could be stealing data or slowing down PC performance, as well as its Anti-Theft tool utilizing device locks, GPS tracking capabilities and other features to help locate thieves if your device ever becomes missing.

AVG provides customer support through email forms, live chat and forums; forums may be especially helpful if you require quick answers to frequently asked questions. In case an issue cannot be resolved on its own, AVG provides an attractive money-back guarantee policy.

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